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Just on blog leave =)

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Hello my dear friends and readers!

I’ve read all your comments and although I wasn’t able to reply to them, I want you to know that I was really touched with the comments you left and I appreciate all your encouraging words. I’m sorry for making you guys panic, sad, or worried because of my last post. I just want to say that I WON’T QUIT ON BLOGGING – well, at least not now. Even though I was really quite affected by the recent event that happened, that won’t be enough reason for me to stop writing and updating you guys with news about our beloved DBSK. So sorry for making you guys worry!

BUT I MIGHT be on blog leave for the next week or two. I would still TRY to update but I’m not promising anything because with my tight schedule the next few weeks, I might not have the time and energy to do so. Work is definitely eating all my time and energy because people in the office just think that I’m some superwoman who can do everything all at the same time. I have to do so much work and what’s worse is I have to do it all at the same time and meet the deadlines. Although the hotlinking and copying without crediting me issues are two of the reasons why I was quite losing my enthusiasm to write, those weren’t the main reasons. I’m kinda losing it because my work has so much to do with writing. Therefore whenever I think of writing anything, my mind almost automatically equates it with work. Plus, my mind is so drained and tired from all the writing I do at work so when I come home and attempt to post a blog entry, I couldn’t come up with sensible things to write or comment about anything anymore. I think my writing is becoming monotonous and nonsensical by the day and I seriously hate that. That’s not what I want. That’s why I guess I need some time to rest and regain my enthusiasm and love for writing again.

I hope you guys would understand that and would continue to visit this blog even if I won’t be able to update it for a couple of days. Now it’s my turn to tell you to please don’t leave me during my short hiatus and hopefully once I come back, you’ll still be there, ok? But promise, I’ll try to update from time to time and come back sooner. =)

Anyway as a way of me TEMPORARILY signing-off, I’ve posted quite a lot of pictures and interview translations today. Sorry if my comments are quite short (I didn’t even have the chance to comment on the boys’ personal interviews). I’m just too drained from a whole week of work and I think all my brain cells have died. Hahaha. Here are the links for my posts today. I figured I would list them and provide links just in case you miss them because they’re too many. LOL.

* DBSK on Bokura no Ongaku

* “The Secret Code” album booklet pictures

* C+Plus magazine April issue: DBSK album interview

* CD Data magazine interview: Junsu

* CD Data magazine interview: Changmin

* CD Data magazine interview: JaeJoong

* CD Data magazine interview: Yunho

* CD Data magazine interview: Yoochun

* JaeJoong on Kindai magazine

* DBSK on Junon magazine

* DBSK on HOMME vol. 6 magazine


* DBSK on Television No. 12

Enjoy the pictures and interview and please leave your comments. I love reading your comments! :D

‘Till my next post! =)


They performed three songs:

Kotoba Ni Dekinai

I’m not sure who’s the original singer of this song but I think the boys did fairly well on this one. Listening to them singing was like listening to a lullaby especially on the “la la la~~~” part. I nearly fell asleep! LOL. But it was good. Add to that, the background was fabulous, too. =)

Lion Heart

This is originally sang by SMAP. I haven’t heard the version of SMAP but I could say that DBSK did justice to this song. It was so beautifully performed by the boys! If I hadn’t known beforehand that it’s a song by SMAP, I would definitely thing it’s their own because they sure owned it. Out of the three songs they performed, this is absolutely my favorite. The setting/stage was perfect, the boys looked goregous (especially JaeJoong who looked so peaceful and angelic), and their voices are just heavenly, My most favorite part is the JaeSu duet towards the end. It’s just amazingly beautiful. <333


They performed the whole song and I think the performance was good but I still like their Music Fair performance better. I just think the accompaniment was too loud that it already overpowered the boys’ voices. But I still think their high notes are great especially the JaeChun duet towards the end. It’s incredibly great. =)

[Video credit: episode901]


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Just one thing: these pictures shows how charismatic DBSK members can be. HOT and GORGEOUS. =)

Interview of the boys about their 4th Japanese album “The Secret Code” from C+Plus magazine April issue.








[Credit: as tagged]

My personal comments:

– Changmin and I love the same song! I’ve fallen in love with the song “Taxi”, too! =)

– Mirotic sure is a memorable song for DBSK so no wonder Junsu chose it as his favorite. I think it’s actually one of the reasons why DBSK had a successful year the past year.

– Yoochun seems to like JaeJoong’s compositions, eh? First it was “Wasuernaide” and now “9095”. Looks like a good songwriter knows how to give credit to others’ good compositions, too. Soulmate pairing perfectly compliment each other! =)

– LOL at JaeJoong for praising his own composition. Jae, confident much? Hahaha!

– All the members have a rap part in the song “Team”? Woah, that’s great! I’m excited to hear it! I want to hear JaeJoong do some rapping again but this time in Japanese and it would also be thrilling to hear Junsu and Changmin rap for the first time (I think?).

– I sure hope they would be able to do a concert at Tokyo Dome, too. It’s been the long time dream of all the members to be able to perform there. I hope it would come true this year. :D





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