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Yes, and these stubborn people are pissing me off big time.

I found out that there are some people who ENTIRELY COPY my entries and post them on their own blogs WITHOUT even crediting me and keeps on HOTLINKING the pictures I post. Wow, how  much nicer can these people get? And if you were wondering how I found out, I told you I have my ways of tracking these annoying people who keeps on doing these annoying things.

If you haven’t noticed yet, I am seriously pissed right now. I mean, who wouldn’t be after seeing your OWN POSTS being used by other people without even minding to give you credit for your effort? Take note, she did not only copy one post but four (4) OF MY SELF-WRITTEN posts and I only got the chance to scan up to the third page of her blog. I don’t know if she copied more than that since I didn’t scan the succeeding pages.

People, how many times have I said that you should always make proper credits when taking out anything from this blog? I mean that’s like a standard procedure for almost all sites and it’s even written on the “rules” section of this blog. Looks like a lot of people are really too lazy to read, huh? But I think it’s also common sense to include credits if you’re taking anything made by other people, right?

This might not be a big deal to you but it is to me (and I’m sure to a lot of writers too). I may not be good at writing but writing is something I love doing. All my written compositions, whether blog entries, essays, school papers, or reflective compositions, are things that I really treasure because I really devote time and effort in writing them. Seeing other people use them as if they’re their own compositions is just irritating and disappointing on my part. It would have been ok if you’re only copying the parts which I quoted and got from other sites and posting them to your own sites without adding me to the credits. That’s totally fine with me since I’m really not the one who wrote those things so I don’t mind not being credited. BUT copying and re-posting a FULL entry, which includes my PERSONAL OPINIONS AND COMMENTS, without crediting me is a different story. Some may find this situation – having other people re-post their works on other sites – flattering but I DON’T. I’m not exerting so much effort in writing and expressing what’s on my mind on this blog just for other people to take it out and claim it as if it’s their own.

Another thing that is seriously annoying me is the fact that people still HOTLINK pictures. For people who insist on hotlinking, which part of PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK don’t you understand? It’s just a simple request right? I’m not even asking you not to copy the pictures and re-upload them anywhere else.  After all, sharing it with you is my purpose for uploading them and posting them here. All I’m asking is for you to NOT HOTLINK meaning SAVE IT ON YOUR COMPUTER AND THEN UPLOAD THEM ON YOUR OWN PHOTOBUCKET, IMAGESHACK, OR WHICHEVER PHOTO HOSTING SITE YOU USE. Very, simple right? But how come many people still can’t follow this simple request? Can’t you just do this simple request as a sign of gratitude to me (and other uploaders out there) who take the time to find these pictures, save them on our computers, and upload them again just to share them with you? It really makes me sad thinking how some people can be so ungrateful and unappreciative of others’ efforts.  I swear if you people do not stop your habit of hotlinking, I will NEVER POST PICTURES again.

SO basically what I’m trying to say (and I hope you read and understood what I have said very well) is to:

1) MAKE PROPER CREDITS WHEN TAKING OUT ANYTHING FROM THIS BLOG ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE RE-POSTING A FULL BLOG ENTRY ON ANOTHER WEBSITE. It wouldn’t take too much effort to write “Credit: lovetohateme@wp” right? If you’re too lazy to do that, then I suggest you just make your own entry by getting the  quoted info/news and stating your own understanding/opinion/comments regarding the topic.


There you go. I just had to say that because if I won’t call the attention of these people, they just might think  thatwhat they’re doing is fine with me. I won’t name names or blogsites because it’s not my style to embarrass people. I just hope whoever those people are, they would stop doing these things because it’s seriously irritating and disapponting on my part. I love blogging and updating so much that I wouldn’t want to come to a point where I have to stop doing what I love just because I had come to my limits due to these stubborn and ungrateful people. Please stop it now and don’t let me be forced to stop writing on this blog just because you refuse to abide by my requests.


The following interview is the second part already. I think I didn’t post the first part since I wasn’t so sure if I could re-post it here. Anyway, a lot of you might have read that part alreeady but if in case you still haven’t, click HERE and read the first part before reading the one below. :D




[Credit: as tagged]

LOL. Looks like Junsu got a lot of complinments from his usual bullies, this time around. Are JaeChunMin trying to make up to our dolphin boy for bullying him too much on shows by compliemnting him big time on this interview? :D

Wow, Yunho’s talent of memorizing dance steps backwards is truly amazing. I mean, it’s so rare for people to be able to do that kind of thing. If I were to do that, I might actually mix up all the steps and end up making the dance a disaster. Hahaha!

The clip is subbed in English but you’ll have to look and read the subs closely since they’re not that visible. :D

[Credit: MINjae]

Hahaha! Junsu is so cute and funny here! He’s so excited with all the presents just like a kid who was given his favorite toy. LOL.

Poor Yoochun, he never won a single game of rock, paper, scissors. Good thing there were three eye pillows so he didn’t go home empty handed.

Changmin and his “nail”! Hahaha. Seriously, it looks more of a gun than a nail. Hahaha!

It’s the Bigeastation version (maybe that means they played the whole song in Bigeastation?). People say it’s the full version but I’m not quite sure about that. The ending seems a bit cut, in my opinion.

It’s such a lovely song! This song certainly makes it to my “favorite DBSK songs” list!

[Credit: lovehero333]

I wasn’t able to update yesterday because I wasn’t feeling well. I began having a flu yesterday at the office and gone done with a fever last night until this morning. I didn’t go to work today since my head is still kinda aching and I chose to take a rest for the day before my condition gets any worse. I took some medicines already and I’m feeling a bit well now compared to yesterday. Maybe I just really need to rest a bit more.

Anyway, here’s a translation of one of DBSK’s staff’s diary. I got it from Soompi since I was checking on DBSK’s thread just now due to lack of better things to do. The title says part 2 but I’m not sure where part 1 is. Hahaha.

[TRANS] Staff Diary ☆ Part 2

All the members are working hard in the promotions ♪
On the other team, which is the Crab team (Sapporo team),
it was so funny when the team called Changmin and telling him all about Crab on the phone making Changmin angry. (laugh)
I know you’re the best changmin! the strongest guy. (laughs)
Changmin is always my favorite!!
I’ll be going after the camera which took the photos of the promotion! The DVD ~ ♪ ♪ We hope to see everyone soon!
And this year is Changmin’s year ♪

Monday, March 23 is the release of 『AERA』 and I’ll be showing everyone officially on my net ☆
It was just amazing!! 23rd is a busy day though~

More Radio Info
March 17(Tue), March 24(Tue) will be broadcasting Love FM’s around the Globe at 20:00 ~ 22:54
Special guests: Changmin, Junsu and Yoochun ☆

March 20 (Fri) 12:00 ~ 12:30 FM Fukuoka, The Love Love Weekend
Special guests: Changmin, Junsu and Yoochun ☆

And today, i received a good news.
On the 21st, Subaru would be on a official press meeting at a public memorial place ☆
It was a long time since I saw Changmin live! (T_T)
Just being in the same space already makes me feel happy, what’s more when they’re going to perform? ♪
I want to watch the movie~

translation: mel@oneTVXQ

LOL. Looks like this staff is a Changmin fan! Hahaha. :D

The “Crab team” (namely JaeJoong, Yoochun, and Yunho) sure are trying to make Changmin jealous by calling him and telling him about the crabs. Bad hyungs! ROFL. :D