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Looks like everybody really loves our dear JaeJoongie… even Spiderman!  One of town’s most popular superhero is a fanboy of DBSK’s Hero, eh? LOL. Below is a picture of JaeJoong with a cute Spiderman stuffed toy clinging to his neck and arm from Toho mobile. Darn, lucky Spiderman for getting a chance to cling on JaeJoong like that! Yah, Spiderman leave Jae alone to us and just go back to MJ, will you?! *I know, I must be crazy for being jealous of a stuffed toy. :\* Hahaha!


Here’s another picture of the boys from Toho mobile. It’s a pic for White Day. :D


Some additional info: Contrary to what was announced earlier about DBSK’s performance at USJ for White Day being cancelled, they actually pushed through with it. They performed at USJ today and sang five songs namely Doushite, Bolero, We Are, Begin, and Summer Dream. The White Day Special Live will be aired on MTV this coming April 15.

Thanks to lolly88@soompi for the pictures and info! =)


Got this bit of info while I was backtracking at DBSK’s thread at Soompi just now. It was shared by kinkie_lass. I find it funny so I thought of sharing it here, too. :D

SNSD Sooyoung tells a story about Jaejoong
I was watching Champagne (a korean talk show) today and SNSD was on. Sooyoung told a funny story about JJ so I thought I should bring it here.

TVXQ and other people were having dinner during the early days of TVXQ’s debut. A person came up to JJ and said, “You look a lot like Youngwoong Jaejoong” and because JJ has a sense of humor and likes to play around, he replied, “yes, I like Youngwoong Jaejoong so much, I got plastic surgery to look like him.” The person took this seriously and replied, “Oh really? But why did you pick Youngwoong Jaejoong instead of Uknow Yunho?”

credits to jooni@lj

LOL @ JaeJoong’s dorkiness and playfulness. :D “Yes, I like Youngwoong JaeJoong so much, I got plastic urgery to look like him”… Jae, conceited much? Hahaha! Although I wonder how he felt when the person told him why he picked Youngwoong JaeJoong instead of U-Know Yunho. That must have been a blow to Jae especially during that time since he so much cared about what other people thought of him. What’s wrong with choosing JaeJoong as a look-a-like? I mean if I were to chose a guy look-a-like, I’d definitely choose Jae because he has such a gorgeous face. Argh, I want to strangle whoever that person is for saying such things to our dear Joongie.

The Nagoya pair composed of JaeJoong and Yunho appeared on CHUKYO TV as a part of their promotions for their 4th Japanese album “The Secret Code”. This is a rather short interview but it’s kinda funny. Jae and his “Shoyo Koto” gag just got me laughing while watching the clip. His “talking” soy sauce keychain is just the cutest thing! I never knew it talks! Hahaha! I want one! :D Seems like Jae carries it with him all the time, eh? And Jae and Yunho feeling weird because of how close the “interviewers” are plus the shocking “attack” of microphones was equally hilarious. If I were in their place, I would feel weird with A BUNCH OF MICS in front of me, too. LOL.

[Credit: Hikaru1989]

A translation of all the members’ interview in Pati-Pati magazine April issue.

What do they want to do at age 25?

Junsu: “I hope I’m already married.”

Yunho: “I want to travel!”

JaeJoong: “I want to stop aging physically at age 25.”

Changmin: “I’ll probably grow a beard by then.”

Yoochun: “I want to sleep more!”

patipatiaprilint01 patipatiaprilint02

patipatiaprilint03 patipatiaprilint04

patipatiaprilint05 patipatiaprilint06

patipatiaprilint07 patipatiaprilint08

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Longer previews of “FORCE” and “Taxi” which were played in Bigeastation #103.

[Credit: seijitsuHIME]

Ah, I’m really loving “Taxi” now! It’s such a great sad ballad that actually makes me want to cry for no reason when I hear it. That’s how much it can affect the emotions of the listeners. I really can’t wait to hear the full song!

As for ‘FORCE”, I like the verses and the lines towards the chorus but I still don’t like the chorus that much. I need to get used to it first. Hahaha.