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Scans from What’s In magazine April issue:

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LOL at the sparkle effect on the pictures. :D The boys were already featured on this magazine’s January issue. Personally, I like the shots for the April issue than their shots for the January issue. They look better on these pics. =)

Scans from CD Data magazine:

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Yoochun’s long permed hair is seriously disturbing. It looks so messy – and I mean the so-not-cute messy hair unlike Jae’s hairstyle in Survivor MV. I think prefer his Mirotic hairstyle than this one since it looks surprisingly better on him compared to this one. Can someone please replace his hairstylist? Because she often turns Yoochun’s hair into a disaster.

DBSK members are featured on a series of magazines again for the month of April. Of course, them being on a lot of magazines only means a lot of pictures for us! LOL. Scans of their pictures on these magazines will be uploaded on this entry as well as on my succeeding entries so I hope you enjoy the pictures.

No need to ask my permission if you could upload the pics on your own sites. Just please save them on your PCs and upload them anywhere else if you want to. STRICTLY NO HOTLINKING AND PROPER CREDITS SHOULD BE MADE. Thanks!

Scans from C+Plus magazine:

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