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The following pictures are drawn by the boys themselves. Aren’t they cute?! Seems like all five of them does not only have a talent in performing but they’re also good in arts. They’ve done a lot of drawings in the past, too and those aren’t bad either. Heck, they even draw better than me! LOL. Anyway, a summary of what was (I believe) written on the side of the drawings was translated in English (see the text below the drawing).



(Order of pictures: CM-JS-YH-JJ-YC)


This time is Tohoshiki who are releasing their new single and album this march. Tohoshiki are our regulars in this section(laughs). What is it this time?

Changmin, Junsu and Yunho drawings is roughly the same, all expressing that they want to stay with their good friends or those that they have special relationships with.

The simplest drawing we have is from Changmin. It has a road, trees, flowers and butterflies. The door seems to join with the road, from psychological tests , its seems to say about his friends’ trust in him.

Junsu is about the same. With the house door facing out, the only thing that is different is the direction of the road. Which is opposite of Changmin’s. Judging from this point, it seems that Junsu does not have friends that he would turn against, but we can know that from the impression that Junsu gives.

In the road that Yunho has drawn, other than himself and others, it also has some interesting descriptions. This says that Yunho knows how to deal well with important matters with regards to his friends.

Jaejoong doesnt have roads, but it’s been replaced by surrounding rivers. He has also drawn a boat outside, seeming to say that the river is also a road. Usually we would think that a river moves as compared to a road. Psychologically thinking, because of his friendships, he gets affected easily by emotions of those around him(laughs).

In Yoochun’s drawing, the road is empty. Where does it lead to?? (laughs) The road and where he’s drawn him himself aren’t together. This means that Yoochun’s ideals are often very far fetched?, what we know now from this is that his relationships with his friends isn’t exactly perfect.

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I actually do not understand the talk part since I don’t understand nor speak Japanese but I think Junsu’s having his “English-translated-into-Japanese” lessons again just like what he did during their Five in the Black concert. Hahaha. But although I don’t know what they were talking about, I couldn’t care less because I was LOVING what I was seeing on screen while watching the video. I mean, who wouldn’t? Just looking at the boys and their gorgeous selves made me forget that I merely understood what was going on in the video. LOL. Anyway, once the subbed video is out, I’ll change the embedded video. :D

As for their performance, it was good but the one on Music Station was better. I don’t know if it’s just me but I think there’s a problem with their microphones. The background music is overpowering their voices, in my opinion. But still, the performance was nice especially since the cameramen kept on zooming the camera on their arms. Watchig it is just heaven, don’t you think? LOL.

Someone posted this picture at Soompi. I think it’s from a magazine which will feature the boys in their next issue (maybe April or May?). The magazine is called Tarzan magazine (LOL). Check out this “hotter-than-tarzan’s-almost-exposed-body” picture of the boys:


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I’m speechless once again…

JaeJoong and his arms are just major KILLERS…

Dang, where the heck are the other scans from this magazine? Hurry and upload them already so we can see more of those muscles. LOL. :D