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OMG. All the desserts look delicious! Watching the boys eat all of them makes me feel so hungry. The presentation is so beautiful too that I really want to have some! Awww… this is one of the things I envy most about DBSK. They always get to eat delicious food. Man, should I start auditioning to be an artist now? LOL.

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It was in the news a few days ago that DBSK’s Yoochun and Yunho along with fellow SM artist Lee Yeohnee will each take part in singing a song in Super Junior’s new album called 13beyond Imagination.

The song where Yoochun and Yunho where featured is entitled “HeartQuake” (kinda funny title, don’t you think? :D ). They did the rap part for this song. Listen to 2U rap and to the amazing voices of SuJu K.R.Y, too. =)

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Nice rapping by Yoochun and Yunho and also nice song by Super Junior. The part with the “ah~ah~ah~ah” is kinda addicting. Hahaha. I’m having last song syndrome after listening to it. LOL.

DBSK’s 26th single “Survivor” grabbed 3rd place in the Oricon Daily on it’s first day of release yesterday. Info from

TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki has enjoyed first place on the Oricon Charts for their releases over the past year but this wasn’t the case this time. With stiff competition, TVXQ placed 3rd on the Oricion Daily Sales chart. TVXQ’s single “Survivor” had a total sales of 54,243 while KAT-TUN almost tripled this amount for their single “Rescue” with 143,941 sales.

Honestly 3rd place isn’t bad at all considering they’re up against KAT-TUN, one of the most popular and known groups in Japan. Even though the numbers are quite far, I’m still proud of the boys for placing 3rd because selling that number of copies in one day is still amazing especially today where a lot of people prefer to just download songs from the internet instead of buying the original CDs. Besides, I’m happy that DBSK and Avex finally decided to stop avoiding this kind of competition. At least now they know how far DBSK can compete with Japanese groups – well, that is AS OF NOW. This will definitely trigger the boys and their company to work harder (not that they’re not working hard enough) and this will make the boys strive more to capture the hearts of Japanese fans. I’m confident that someday we will really see a head-to-head battle between DBSK and the different famous groups in Japan. Matching them or even surpassing their popularity isn’t an impossible thing since we’re talking about DBSK here, agree? :D

DBSK was down one spot but is still on the top five on Oricon Daily today, placing at number 4.

Congrats to the boys and I hope their sales will even be better in the following days. =)