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[Credit: chunnieface]

In my opinion, this MV is actually a good one. It’s very simple – no special effects, no complicated story line, no drama. If I were to describe it, the MV is a refreshing, carefree and happy one. I like the blue and white background and I love the camera shots of the boys, particularly their solo shots. Their smiles are just so charming, boyish, and natural. Out of the five, JaeJoong and Yoochun’s smiles are my favorite. Jae’s smile just makes me fall for him more – so gentle and subtle but very meaningful. The part where they all jumped was also nice. It made me remember one of their photo shoots before (was it for the World Cup or for Fila?) where they also jumped like the one in the video. LOL at JaeJoong for getting a little off-balance when he was about to land on the floor. :D

Another set of magazine scans of DBSK but this time it’s from Arena 37’C magazine. I think it’s for the April issue, too.

I SOOOO~ LOVE THESE PICTURES! My goodness, ARM MUSCLES OVERLOAD! All the members look so HOT and SEXY (especially my dearest JaeJoongie)! <333 Not to mention there are smiling and dorky pictures of the boys, too. I tell you, these scans are really TO DIE FOR and spazz-worthy. :D

[Credit: as tagged + dnbn]

Pictures of the boys from Pati-Pati magazine April issue. They seem so serious in these pictures. I’m not actually loving this set that much but still, the members look gorgeous. If I’d have to choose, I’d say my favorites would be the “candid”  shots and the group shots with the piano. :D

[Credit: as tagged + dnbn]