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Some screencaps of the off-shot movie (I guess) of “Survivor”. =)









[Credit: ichigojj]

My comments:

* Soulmate tandem are being their dorky selves again. LOL @ Chun’s facial expressions… PRICELESS! :D

* A lot of JaeMin going on in these pictures. Soulfighter’s really my favorite “couple”! <3

* So it was Yunho’s finger that pointed at the screen in the PV? I never knew that!

* LOL. Junsu and Changmin are the ones who shook hands in the PV. I always wondered whose hands are those. All along I thought their JaeJoong and Changmin’s. Anyway, does this symbolizes the “love and peace” between MinSu from now on? Hahaha!

* Yoochun’s hair really reminds me of his OJBH hair style, only it’s shorter this time.

* Why does Junsu looks so scared in the 7th picture? *curious*

* I bet JaeMin had a “subtle” one touch during that brief hug in the 4th picture. What do you think? :D

* Let me guess why Junsu is so FOCUSED on the computer screen. He’s DEFINITELY playing games again. Am I smart or what? Nah, I guess not. I think that’s a no brainer. :)

* Yoochun looks like a gangster ready to kill someone with that look of his on the 6th picture. Scaaaaarrrryyyy!!!!

* I’m loving Jae’s messy hairstyle but I LOVE his arm muscles even more. Wait, let me rephrase that… I love ALL THE MEMBERS’ arm muscles even more. <333


Some nice pictures of the boys wearing their black and white outfit from the Survivor PV. :D


survivor02 survivor03

survivorwhitejj survivorblackjj

survivorwhitecm survivorblackcm

survivorwhitejs survivorblackjs

survivorwhiteyc survivorblackyc


[Credit: as tagged]

I still can’t find the pictures of HoSuChun wearing their black outfits. Will edit this entry and post them once I find them. Already found the pictures of Junsu and Yoochun in their black outfits, thanks to sharingyoochun@wp. Now only Yunho’s pic is missing. Leader-sshi, where are you?! LOL.

By the way, I can’t help but comment on Jae’s solo pic wearing the white outfit. He looks so innocent and angelic with that expression of his. He seriously looks like an angel from heaven on the pic. *sigh, I’m falling in love with Jae even more.*