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Some videos about the recently concluded 3rd Asia Tour – Mirotic in Seoul. :D

SOHU interview

[Credit: mickytohos]

The interview was conducted on the third day of the 3-day Mirotic concert in Seoul. I like this interview better than the previous one they had with Entertainment Relay because they actually talked about the concert instead of talking about other things like Boys Over Flowers, etc. I was laughing so hard when they talked about Junsu’s solo song “Xiahtic”. JaeJoong’s comment on how Junsu should pay him for royalties because of using the same idea in coming up with the title “Xiahtic” as that of Mirotic really just made me die of laughter. He even mentioned giving his account number and all. He’s trying to make Junsu feel guilty! LOL. Jae’s really gonna kill me with his random and quote-worthy comments! Hahaha! As if that’s not enough, the other members even joined Jae in teasing Junsu by saying “He has no originality”. Tsk, I pity our dolphin boy. He’s always the center of jokes. :D I also found Changmin’s comment on how he had to discuss with his parents which solo song to perform at the concert a bit amusing. Why the heck did he need to have “a lot of discussion” with his parents before finalizing the song for his solo performance? LOL. Apart from the boys’  statements, I’d also have to comment on their t-shirts. I LOVE THE MIROTIC T-SHIRTS! I want one! The way it’s designed is just so nice. I also LOVE Jae’s bright yellow watch. I wonder what brand that is? Anyone of you knows? =)

Mirotic Concert performances  (A MUST WATCH!)

[Credit: ichigoKJJ]

OMG. This video only proves that the concert really WAS A BLAST. Watching this made me DESPERATELY WANT TO WATCH THE CONCERT LIVE. Seriously, I need to find a way to go to the remaining concerts NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. Oh God, please let me attend one this time. *prays hard* The 3rd Asia Tour – Mirotic is just AMAZING and it’s something that is really worth watching and attending. Aaaaahhh! I want to watch this concert!