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Finally! One of the most awaited Japanese guestings of DBSK this year was finally aired. This is the one we’ve been waiting for! Watch it here! :D

[Credit: 8200901]

Waaaahhh! The boys are SMOKIN’ HOT and INSANELY SEXY wearing those black outfits! They looked so hot and sexy wearing those in the official MV but dang, they raised their hotness and sexiness to a higher level in this live performance. The performance was actually GREAT. Their voices are in good condition and it was almost perfect. Looking at them perform the choreography of Survivor in a live performance, I honestly think it isn’t as bad as others say. Like what I have said before, it isn’t as strong as Purple Line, Rising Sun, OJBH or Mirotic but it isn’t bad at all. It just looked kinda awkward in the beginning but after replaying the video for a couple of times, I actually got used to seeing them dance the choreography and eventually, it only seemed to me that they were little SEXY kids playing on stage. Hahaha.

By the way, it’s good to see the boys with BoA standing on the same stage again. I really love seeing the six of them together. Although I’d have to say BoA looked like a little girl standing beside Yunho and the other members. Hahaha. But of course, I didn’t say that as a form of bashing BoA. I just really find it cute. :D


[Credit: YunhoLoverXD

The boys (especially JaeJoong) are so hyped up in this video. LOL. Poor Yunho had a hard time opening his “ball”. He was even quite surprised when it actually opened. :D Their “teams” are actually the same as their “teams” during the T album promotions but the only difference is that Junsu is no longer alone. Good thing they decided to only split into two teams because Jusnu was pretty much lonely being all alone back then. But the best part of all of this? Of course it’s the MinSu pairing! LOL. Junsu looks like he really was begging the PD or whoever he is to allow them to switch partners. Hahaha! I’m actually thrilled to know what will happen to those two because as we all know, Changmin and Junsu are the members who “most love” each other right now. :D

It’s one of the songs from the 4th Japanese album “The Secret Code”.

[Credit: seijitsuHIME]

OMG. I LOVE THE SONG! It’s actually my favorite among the unreleased songs of the 4th album as of now. When I first heard the short preview of TAXI a few days ago, I already liked it and now that I listened to the longer preview, I instantly LOVED it. I’m such a sucker for ballads! Hahaha. Listening to the melody of the song, I think it’s really a sad one. I bet the  words and story of the lyrics of this song are equally sad and dramatic. I can’t wait to read the translations and understand the lyrics of this one. It makes me even more excited for the release of “The Secret Code”! :D