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A Korean Cassiopeia wrote an essay about DBSK and Cassiopeia’s relationship 20 years from now. Here’s a translation of the essay:

A Korean Cassiopeia’s Essay – Us 20 Years Later

20 years later. . .
“Mom, what are you crying for? Is the TV showing something really sad? Artists are singing but why is mommy crying?”
“Child you see it’s TVXQ and at their front is Cassiopeia”
“Mommy, what are TVXQ and Cassiopeia?”
“This has to be keep as a secret from daddy, TVXQ was someone I once love more than your father”
“Then what about Cassiopeia?”
“That was once a presence of people who loved TVXQ. . .”
“Are TVXQ incredible singers?”
“Umm, they are not just singers moreover they are the most handsome and the greatest artists”
“Ahh~ Then why is mommy crying? Sad because TVXQ came on?”
“No… Happy… Really happy… In such busy years I have forgotten about them, forgotten about our promise to be together forever…. I feel very sorry… but at the same time i feel happy.. the old days was nice… was once crazy for them… smile for them… when I cried for them… Ah~ I really miss it… really really miss it…”
“Mommy… don’t cry, don’t cry mommy”
“Child, mommy is very happy… thankful that they are still as one, still comply with our promise we made back then…… thankful to them for their effort to sing for us, their living efforts… Now thinking back i feel…. somewhere in the corner of my heart there’s still this warmth flowing inside…”
“Mom, looks like you’re same as me, still just like a child…”
“If I can go back in time… Go back to… let me go back to those unforgettable days…”

Actually, there’s nothing more to say…
Because after that, there will only be “once loved them before, will still continue to love them” these words…
10 years. 20 years. 30 years…
As long as they are still in our world,
TVXQ, and us cassiopeia will be together forever…
Whether I’m a mother, a grandmother…
Cassiopeia and TVXQ will be together for eternity. . .

credit: baidu
translation: crazee@tvxqfever
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

The essay was short but touching. It was simple but it pretty much summed up and described the bond between DBSK and their fans (yes, not only official Cassies).

Personally and honestly speaking, I don’t think I’ll still be this updated and crazed about anything related to DBSK 20 years from now. Most probably I would stop from posting entries about them on this blog because I’ll be busy with my personal life. I guess I won’t be as much of a JaeJoong fan as I am now when that time comes. But even if those changes might happen in the future, one thing will never change and that is my love for DBSK as a group and for the individual members. They will forever hold a special spot in my heart and they will always be a part of my life. I may not be as “hyped up” of a fangirl in the future as I am today but I’ll always be a loyal fan of these boys. I will always treasure and cherish every memory of them because these memories are some of the best I have in my life. I’ve never admired and supported any artist the way I admire and support DBSK. I will forever love them and thank them for being part of the reasons why my life became colorful and meaningful.

I’m also 100% sure that the five Dong Bang boys feel the same way as we are. We, their fans, will always hold a special part in their hearts. Thinking of us – our undying support and unconditional love for them – in the future will bring smiles on their faces just like how they brought smiles to ours. The relationship between DBSK and us, their fans, is something that can never be forgotten because this strong relationship has done a lot of unimaginable things – we made history, broke records, amazed the world with our beautiful images during concerts, did the seemingly impossible things. The world has witnessed how unbreakable our connection is. A lot of people envy this relationship we have but sadly, no matter how they try no one can match the bond between us and our boys. This is something that only DBSK and us, their loving fans, can have.

No matter how many years may pass, DBSK and their fans – Cassiopeia, Bigeast, and International fans – will always be together. =)