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Just want to share these profile pictures of the boys as well as some album pictures from DBSK’s official Japanese website.



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tscyc tscyh


[Credit: Tohoshinki official website + The Secret Code special site ]

And some additional info:

The song 9095, which is included in the 4th Japanese album “The Secret Code”, was composed and arranged by JaeJoong.  This is his second solo Japanese composition, “Wasurenaide (Don’t Forget)” being the first. Unlike his first Japanese song composition “Wasurenaide”, 9095 is not a ballad but a somewhat up tempo song and the Japanese words he used for the lyrics are much deeper this time.

Finally the episode of SMAPxSMAP where the boys appeared in was aired yesterday.  It was rather short but at least it was a good one. The atmosphere wasn’t as awkward as I feared it to be. DBSK and SMAP members seemed to get along well with each other and I’m happy to know that.

Here’s a subbed clip of the talk part of the show and also their joint performance of Purple Line and Doushite.


Poor Junsu. He became the center of jokes again. Even SMAP members made fun of him. (And SMAP members seemed like they extremely enjoyed making fun of him. LOL) :D

Purple Line + Doushite performance

It was a beautiful joint performance although I wished that they performed Purple Line a little bit longer. But though the performance was good, I can’t help but get distracted by the “choreography” when they were singing Doushite. I was trying hard not to laugh with their hand movements but as expected, I failed and ended up lightly laughing in almost the whole performance. I guess I’m just not used to seeing DBSK move like that when singing ballads. I was used to them just standing still on their spots and doing minimal hand movements. Hahaha. Also, I love the first camera shot of JaeJoong during his first part in Doushite. He looked like and angel! LOL. Sorry, you all know I have a personal bias towards Jae so I just had to point that out. =)

[Video credits: yun206 + dreamsxxdbsk]