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An article about Junsu visiting Junho during his CF shooting:

Xiah Junsu visits older brother

DBSK’s Xiah Junsu went to his twin older brother’s CF shooting location, and supported him.

On the eleventh, Xiah Junsu visited his older brother’s CF shooting location. Xiah Junsu put his schedule on hold and went with his mother, proving his support for his brother.

Xiah Junsu is indeed younger than Kim Junho– but debut date-wise, Xiah Junsu the senior. Xiah Junsu looked after and fixed up his brother’s hair, pose, expressions showing a mature sunbae side of him.

Xiah Junsu said, “I was curious so I came and I was surprised at him actually doing it. He looked much manlier than me as he wore a singlet and showcased his healthiness.” On his brother’s first CF, Xiah Junsu commented, “He was very careful. And I was worried that people might not really look at it with kindness.”

Xiah Junsu also said, “But his objectives are good and he’s worked hard for it, so I think he deserves all this. I told him to do it well and enjoy it but then I was curious on whether or not he was doing well and came to see. I’m happy that he’s doing so good.” with a bright smile.

Xiah Junsu continued to say, “They say I’m the sunbae (out of the two of us), but my brother knows about this (industry) as much as I do. He knows well because I talk to him the most about it. But it’s different, hearing the industry from someone else and experiencing it for yourself. I want my brother to talk to me about it like I did to him. And that way I think we’ll be able to go through any difficulty together.”

Xiah Junsu said, “Our field of activity are different, but I’m sure he can pull it off. I trust he can do well because I know him better than anyone else. He took his first step towards the general public today, but I hope he continues and show the general public what he can do.” and shouted “Fighting” for his brother.

On this matter, Kim Junho said, “It was a lot more nerve wrecking than I thought, but my little brother came to support me so that gave me strength. I’m going to try to become a true actor than a fancy star. I will become an actor who can deliver heartfeltness.” showing gratitude towards his brother.

Kim grabbed the viewers’ attention with his good looks and tall height, as he guested in MBC “Star’s Friend” as Xiah Junsu’s friend last November. Kim received continuous love calls from the industry and the CF world as he displayed talent.

translation credits: vaseline.@TVXQaustralia

Awwww… I love the relationship of the Kim twins! They have a very close bond that I really envy so much. It’s so touching how supportive Junsu has been for his twin. It’s now his turn to give support to Junho just like how Junho has supported him through the years. At times like this, I really wish I have a brother or a sister whom I can be close to just like Junsu and Junho.

Edit (01/17/09): Here’s a video of an interview on Junsu and Junho. I don’t know if it’s the same as the translation above but it’s also about Junsu visiting Junho during the CF shooting. No subs yet but hopefully someone will sub it soon. :D Found the video with subs. Thanks to Jeannie for the link. :D

OMG, Junsu “sunbae” is so sweet! He even makes sure Junho’s hair is styled the right way. Awww… they really care for each other so much. =)


[Credit: jaeluvfied]

OMG! BAD BOY JAE IS GORGEOUSLY HOT! He definitely fits the bad boy image/role! OMG! I can’t stop spazzing right now! I got killed by JaeJoong’s MAJOR HOTNESS again! If I were the girl, I won’t even think of cheating. I mean, why would I? I have the MOST PERFECT GUY in the world already so what more can I ask for?! Aaaaahhhhh, JAE!!!! You’re making me go insane! *goes to watch video again*

P.S. I think TaeGoon’s song is actually good. I like it! =) 

[Credit: jaeluvfied]

I love it! I always love listening to DBSK do acappella versions. Since they have such nice voices and great harmonization, they never fail to amaze me whenever they do acappellas. I especially like how Jae’s soft and angelic voice blends so well with the voices of the other four members. I need to convert this to mp3 and make it my ringing tone! LOL. :D

The moment I started my daily internet surfing, I visited and guess what I’ve found – an article about Jae showing-off his tattoo! Here are the pictures:




And here are the phrases/words tattooed on his back…

The Tattoo reads:

The pleasures of the mighty are the tears of the poor
~ Latin proverb

A song will outlive all sermons in the memory.
~ Giles, Henry

Hope to the End
~ Bible quote: I Peter 1:13 [not verified]

The long wait is finally over. The mystery on what really are the words on his tattoo is finally solved. I like the quotes he chose for his tattoo. They actually sound good and they make sense. Most of all, I’m glad there are no spelling mistakes or whatever. At least he won’t suffer of others making fun of a mispelled word that’s imprinted on his body forever, right? :D

But apart from the tattoo, it’s the first time I noticed how thin Jae’s back has been. I always praise and spazz about his muscles and whatnot but looking at the pictures now, I actually think that he needs to eat more in order for him to get more shape. I mean his muscles are firm but his body needs a bit more fat in there so that it will look even better. If Jae’s back is already THIS thin, I can’t imagine how thin Yoochun’s is. OMG, these boys really need to eat more!