Pictures of JaeJoong and Han Hyo Joo at Heaven’s Postman party…




[Credit: dnbn]

I’m officially heartbroken. Dang, seeing these pictures really hurts my fragile heart! Jae… WHY?! Looking at them is a major OUCH for me. T_T

Ahhh… I hate myself. I always tell myself to not be jealous on these kinds of situations because it’s “all business” and that Jae has the right to do whatever he wants (and that includes being “close” to any girl he wants). But the fangirl in me just cannot help but cry at the sight of him with other girls. Argh! What to do?! T_T

Ok, I think I just need to look at the bright side. At least he’s being close to a DECENT girl, right? It’s much better than him having anything to do with THAT SOMEONE who I hate so much (I refuse to use the “s****” word but you guys get it).

But friends, I still need comforting words. Please help mend my broken heart… Put some sense back in this stubborn head of mine, will you? :(

  1. randi=) says:

    aw dont worry, we’re all a little jealous inside.
    shes cute as though :)

  2. Janiie says:

    he can close but I don’t want his hand to do like that

    I know every body really hurts and cry

    but we can not do it more than hurt or cry

    If you can forgot it you must i’m also don’t think about it

    think only “He can choose any girl he want” hahaha

  3. Amanda says:

    Aww man, I feel exactly the same man. It felt worse than your boyfriend betraying you. I feel exactly the same as you man! Seriously, I’m a total Jae fan too. Just like you, I can’t believe that Jae’s so close to her.

    It’s like just taking photos, but is there a need to have arms around her shoulder and waist? OMG, and I can’t stop thinking what will ever happen if they really develop real feelings towards each other.

    To think that HHJ said that she was afraid of Cassies about the kissing scene in Heaven’s Postman. Trust me, I know exactly how I feel. It took me so long to stop suspecting whether he had something on with T*ff**y. Anyway, I dont know if THAT SOMEONE is the same as T*ff**y, so yeah.

    Lastly, my heart is broken too T^T and trust me, your head ain’t stubborn. Its just how we fans feel after seeing such pics. Its a total pain in the heart. Take it easy and try not to think too much about it. If we were too all get so emotional about these pictures, imagine how we would feel if we were to watch the kissing scene. Keep smiling, and cheers! (:

  4. Jeannie says:

    *hugs* It’ll be ok! *trying to cheer you up* lol

    I think they are just good friends and nothing more, I mean dramas usually bring people together and create new relationships… erm I mean friendship kinda relationships *shuts up* I don’t know.

    I thought I’d be a lot more jealous of seeing him with a girl. I actually thought about what I’d think when he finally got a girlfriend who wasn’t me (face it all Jae fans want him for themselves ^^) … But I think these pics are cute and I’m actually happy.

    I think that everyone deserves someone out there and honestly if there was a relationship to happen somewheres in here between them… As long as JaeJoong is happy then I will stand by him and be happy for him <3

  5. Li-chan says:

    Don’t Cry, Baby.
    Jae still dont marry :), dating…

    Fighting, Baby!

  6. JaeLii says:

    Lol, i understand you, because seeing these pictures, i have the same reaction xD ……
    But yeah, just think we are lucky that she’s someone good :/ not a ..x)..
    (After all, we don’t really know T_T)
    JaeJoong we trust you :x you deserve someone special.. (me? xD ahahahah ~ =X)

  7. Elaine says:

    aww man i understand how you feel. i saw this news somewhere and refused to read it lol. but end up seeing it here -.- so.. i confronted my fears and read your post. sighhh. yeahh my two selves are battling right now. the rational vs fangirl. cheerup at least he’ll often be in japan?? haha. if it helps..

  8. Sparky says:

    GAAAAAAA! That’s very interesting……stupid girl…..why her?…..there are a whole lot of people who look way better than her….WHY?!!!! *sob* All well….I guess it doesn’t really matter…If you did meet him…he would not remember you anyway….That is just weird….I thought I was his biggest fan….I got like 286 of his pics hangin in my room…. :P

  9. Rufusssss says:

    wow…. I guess she thinks he’s hot. He is pretty good looking.

  10. trypanophobic says:

    when at first i saw the pics my heart shattered into a million pieces. i was (and still am) so jealous of her. I WANT HIM!! it should be my shoulder he is holding…. but then again that is what everyone else feels too. when i think again, at least she is cute and not a *ehem* unlike *cough* someone *cough* he was rumored with lately. if it was that girl… ill seriously consider breaking her…….. better stop talking now. anyways. i think they would look really good together. so she has my approval stamp. but then again im still majorly pissed its not me (but reality check: ill probably never see him) but i just have to live with it. I want him to marry and make pretty babies. maybe my daughter or son can get a chance and ill be able to snuggle up to the in laws. hahhaa. (i pity my future husband)

  11. Viki says:


  12. i likey says:

    Amanda: “To think that HHJ said that she was afraid of Cassies about the kissing scene in Heaven’s Postman.”
    -I’ve read this somewhere on a site few days ago. She totally lost her mind and forgot about Cassies. Someone’s gonna die~.. These pictures did drive Cassies mad.

    Jeannie: I agree with you that they might be close friends. Having to work together so much gives them a chance to connect more.

    I love all TVXQ members evenly, so I guess I didn’t hurt as much.. but don’t think and worry so much about them getting together if they are or whatever. You guys might not like who he’s with, but we all gotta face the fact that one day, he’s gonna get married. I think we’re all shattered to see this because we now know that all the members can date, right? I don’t think he’s the whatever type who’ll date anyone if he has the chance – even if they seem real close in the pictures.

    Cheer up and put your broken hearts together! The year just started~

  13. Mimi-sshi says:

    T____T i keep seeing these pictures everywhere!
    Argghhhh, their making me so jealous!
    I know how you feel but it’s like don’t get jealous, it’s going to happen anyway. But then again you can’t help it. Lol.
    Argg! If their going to date each other – sniffles – go slowly D:.
    – spazzes –

  14. callisto says:

    The Korean Cassies are actually OKAY with these pictures, but obviously, there are always going to be a couple of crazy ones. Most of them are cool with the pictures though and *gasp* are even calling them cute! There are a lot of comments on DNBN saying HHJ is so cute/pretty/beautiful/etc. and that she matches well with JJ. They understand that they’re just colleagues in the photo and have shown that they’ve matured, so HHJ won’t be murdered anytime soon :D

  15. fara says:

    oh!! i am heartbroken..i am so damn jealous!
    i understand that they might be just friends but i cant stop from this jealousy.. =(

    looks like i have to cheer myself up first b4 mending yours cla..good luck to both of us, and for the rest of jj fans

  16. Xiaoting says:

    OMG I FEEL TOTALLY THE SAME AS YOU ! IM LIKE A SUPER ALL TIME 24 HOURS JAEJOONG FAN ! T.T Seeing these pictures just hurt me so much ):

  17. lovetohateme says:

    @ EVERYONE WHO TRIED TO CHEER ME UP: thanks for the kind words, guys! yeah, i know that most of us feel the same thing. but like what i have said (and most of you guys, too), the reality that Jae and the other members will someday be with someone stays. i know we can’t have them for ourselves. but of course, we just can’t deny the fact that we are still fangirls and whether we like it or not, whether we admit or deny it, we get a little hurt whenever we see things like these. i believe that it’s just a normal thing since we are die-hard fans. it’s ok for us to get jealous once in a while as long as at the end of the day, we all know how to be rational beings again and accept reality, right? :D

  18. Anonymous says:

    @LTHM– RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT! *note the sarcasm* lol

    AWWW Cla! *gives u a hug* No worries! The filming is over anyways and he’s starting the tour for Mirotic soon so there will be little to NO interaction with them anymore. (Unlike my baby Su and Tae who are from the same figgin’ comp. T____T) Anywho, just look at the pics this way…. he’s IGNORING her on the 1st pic. I bet she was gunna give him her number in that lil card, but he didn’t want it!. Jae is like trying to get away in the 3rd pic… notice the head like he’s saying “ewww! get away”. And finally the last pic. the man isn’t even smiling for crying out loud! (yes, he rarely smiles anyways, but when he DOES it’s cuz he’s REALLY having a good time. Apparently he wasn’t lol) And Jae is just putting his hand on her shoulder cuz he has to have some type of control. If she gets too close he’ll just do a killer move on her neck so that she’s paralyzed! LMAO!

    Ok I’ll stop cuz I sound like a mean @$$ person and I’m really not. Hope that helped u dear! ^_^V

  19. SilentPixie says:

    DANG! I forgot to sign in… that was me up there in ANON. lol

  20. Jeannie says:


  21. hanie says:

    huhuhu…i’m feeling what you are feeling right now. when i saw the 1st picture, i still ok but the rest of the pics really kill me…yes, i know, we have to be supportive yada yada yada but the truth is, i felt like crying…i think we need each other, lovetohateme. at least, like you said, he’s not dating that girl-you-and-i-hate.


  22. anona says:

    same feeling here~ but the bad part is everything i try to get over it another thing surfaces TT

    I sorry if this sounds annoying but….whose that “girl”?

  23. Anonymous says:

    are they seriously dating for real? you guys are using the word “dating” too much like it’s official.

  24. meeeh says:

    ahhh~ me too… I feel exactly as you do, im totally a Jaejoongie fan and even Yunjae,so this breaks my heart *sob* but well even I told myself not to be jealous of any girl that gets close to him but i cant help it T.T, but yeah, i will try to look at the bright side huh, like yeah… HAHA i feel exactly the same way as you lol, OMO~ need to get out of this page quick! lol i cant cry~~~ xDD the good thing is that the news of them *dating* are not official right, >”<

  25. oml says:

    omg, i can’t believe it.
    my heart hurts lmaoao

  26. ifa says:

    hahahahhaha!!!!dont ever think about it… free ur mind..

  27. Amanda says:

    AHHH! I’m officially going mad over these peektures! I’m like anti-hyojoong now. ):

  28. lovetohateme says:

    @ SilentPixie: Awww… Emerald, thank you so much for cheering me up even if it means you sounding a bit mean. But don’t worry, I know you ain’t mean at all. :D And yeah, I’m getting better now. It still hurts a bit every time I see the pictures but it’s not as painful as the first time I saw these. Maybe I’m on my way to the “acceptance stage”. Hahaha.

    @ hanie: Right, we really need each other. I hope you’re feeling better now. Cheer-up and let’s just think positive, ok? And yeah, at least he’s not dating the girl we hate the most. *we’re talking about “J”, right? are we on the same page here? just making sure. hahaha*

    @ anona: Awww… let’s just try to forget about these pics, ok? Let’s just be happy for Jae has found another friend. :D I’m not sure if all of us here are talking about the same “girl” but if you’re asking about the one I mentioned on my post, then let’s just say it’s a member of a nine member girl group whose name starts with “J” and that was linked to Jae before. got it? =)

    @ Anonymous: AS FAR AS I KNOW, they are NOT officially dating.

    @ meeeh: Yeah, at least they’re not officially dating and are just friends… well, as far as I know…

    @ ifa: Hahaha. Thanks! I will… uh, try to do that. :D

    @ Amanda: Oh, don’t be. HHJ seems like a good girl and I think they’re still friends… at least as of now.

  29. the awesome one says:

    yayyyy han hyo joo and jaejoong look nice together

  30. i think among all people in here..
    im the one whos crying like a fool…

    since im totally hurt.. T.T
    sorry but i hate her :”, i cnt help it :””””””””””<

    *crying like crazy

  31. yunjae fan says:

    hey yunjae i love two so much I hope you two never break up ok. dont lots any girl came between you two ok.

  32. YUNHO LOVER says:


  33. Nat a.k.a Chungmin and YUNho Lover says:

    I’m deeply saddened even though i’m trying not to be jealous but if this were Chungmin oppa or YUNho i would definitely go CRAZY

  34. Jamie says:

    I know right… I feel the same… But… well… yes… we should be happy for him… Argh my heart really just hurts too… :(

    … I hope Jae’s happy though, if they do get closer… :] :’)

  35. YunHoForever says:

    It’s not gonna last longg…..
    Jaejoong shii said that he would MARRY a FAN~!
    && if he doesn;t keep his promise,
    who knows whats gonna happen next?? *curious*
    Though, if all of them
    *cough* like *cough* Yunho *cough*
    do this kind of CRIME…
    the world will end for me….*CRIES&&DIES*

  36. lovetohateme says:

    @ ijustlovetvxq: Awww… calm down and stop crying. It’s only a drama…

    @ YUNHO LOVER: Well, we can’t help it. Jae and Yunho are pretty close so we can’t do anything about it.

    @ Nat: Hahaha. Lucky you it isn’t Changmin or Yunho. =)

    @ Jamie: Don’t worry Jamie. It’s just for the drama and as far as I know, they’re just friends.

    @ YunHoForever: Hahaha. I love your comment. I also hope Jae would keep his promise but I won’t also be surprised if he won’t.

  37. *Tanny Dang * says:

    SOO CUUTE! I’m in Fangirl mode, even though i love Jaejoong and i don’t want to see him with other girls but i seriously think they should be together…and dating in real life. Han hyo joo is a really nice girl and she’s a really good actress and i think she’s perfect for Jaejoong. For some reason, i don’t feel JEALOUS when i see HER with JAEJOONG! So that’s why i’m happy and like i would LOVE it if they were dating xD
    Nooww, don’t bash on me…just my opinion xD

  38. DBSKJJANG! says:

    yunho shud *censored* HHJ alive:).
    hero shud *censored* Go ara alive:)

    world peace.

  39. DBSKJJANG! says:

    It was skinship and snsd was bashed like **** by soooo many ppl what makes this angel so special that everyone likes her…..=.=

  40. Malfrits says:

    AWWW my han hyo joo oh why oh why man I’ve been watching her ever since spring waltz… all of her movies and now in brilliant legacy (“S.I.”) and I’m a freakin fan of her’s if you girls got heart broken… triple the times for me!!!! geezz why do they have to be so close, and not to mention on a public place like that!! yeah JaeJoong is absolutely gorgeous but man! why thus he have the same taste as I am!!! an angelic sweet innocent smile I’m sure its striking him back and forth, by the looks of it he’s really enjoying him self being accompanied by her, AND THAT’S NOT FAIR AT ALL!, how can he be so close to her… OH GOD its hurts so MUCH, I couldn’t bear it! I wish I have never seen this photos my dreams and aspiration suddenly collapse burnt and turn to dust, man I feel like cryin right now.. forgive me ladies for using such harsh and impolite words… this just how a loving fan reacts when he see’s his beloved idol being taken away…

  41. asdf says:

    get over it.

  42. Anonymous says:

    all the people getting upset over this just becasue your fans YOU HAVE ISSUES
    hahahha seriously how sad

  43. ra' says:

    ya’ll need to get a life.

  44. cutie says:

    i really love shining inheritance than heaven’s postman.. for me, han hyo joo and lee seung gi ia a perfect loveteam.//..

  45. zhieyam says:

    han hyo joo is really beautiful..!she and lee seung gi are really match.

  46. Anonymous says:

    dont worry guys, HHJ is a really sweet down to earth actresses plus shes not really slutty she’s known for her casual cute look rather than the sexy, though she can really pull of any look

    but i dont really think they will be dating both of them have way more to go in their careers and a scandal such as a boyfreind for HHJ will affect her career, which i think is really sad about the asian entertainment buisness

    anyway i think they are just really close friends

  47. gabriela says:

    no entiendooooooo ningun comentario de arriba.!! es que todos estan en inglesssssssss!!
    no entiendoooooo naaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
    pero loq ue puedo decir..!! es que
    esos 2 hacen una pareja estupendaaaaa!!
    los adoroooooooooooooooooo!
    especialmente a kim jaejoong !!!

  48. gabriela says:

    si no entendireron lo que quize decir!!!
    wueno aqui esta.. pero..
    es traductor !!!
    I do not understand any comment above.!! is that all are in English!
    I know nothing
    but what can I say .. q e! is that
    those 2 make a striking couple
    love them!
    especially kim jaejoong!

  49. michelle says:

    i’m feeling same as you. very jealous,hurting aaaa. :'( but this is not true… haha

  50. michelle says:

    this is not true gossip. :p

  51. Anonymous says:

    hi han hyo joo im your fan

  52. nakey1000 says:

    I like her,she is such a sweetheart…compared to the others

  53. Freetyboy18 says:

    Han Hyo joo… Plsss Married me I love you

  54. dnna says:

    Claaa.. i’ve been longing to ask question related to this topic and i just found your post about this.. have you seen the video yet?

  55. dnna says:

    the one shows their closeness in the filming:(
    im still being grateful that its Hyo Joo

  56. dnna says:

    i was soooo shocked. lol
    but i pulled myself together and put in mind that i’m not someone in the right place to protest. haha~

    • lovetohateme says:

      @ dnna: Ouch! Watching the hug broke my fragile heart! T_T But anyway, Hyo Joo seems to be a nice girl so it’s ok. He’s in good hands if ever they decide to date each other one day (though I know they’re just friends now).

  57. Anonymous says:

    yeaa.. i needed to calm down for about two days after seeing the videos. lol. okay that was ridiculous but i did ><
    if it with her then i'll be happy for him :D
    but really, i was shocked!! lol

  58. Leona says:

    omg….so r they going out? ^_^ (reads comment) oh, just friends.
    Han Hyo Joo’s really BEAUTIFUL, huge fan of hers. She has that angelic/breath-taking aura, espicially when acting. She can work any hair style, from long locks to short fringes. I dont feel jealous of her closeness to hero but rather her outshining beauty and smile. And god is JJ Hero gorgeous!

  59. Leona says:

    i totally agree with #37 (*Tanny Dang*)

  60. shella says:

    agree with #37 TOO… why they can’t even must be fun to see them dating.. and han hyo jo look good with jae… >,<

  61. ieda says:

    cheers up ya! i’m a girl and a fan of han hyo joo. i watch her drama n movie a lot. this time i juz want to watch jaejoon acting. well, i like it and they look sweet together. i know hyo joo almost 4 years ago while DBSK i juz know this year. hmm.. i liked it if they r together.
    sorry ya.. :)

  62. ieda says:

    sorry, i made a comment first before read all the comments above. many fans cry out there. so sorry for you all. here i’m telling you, hope u’ll get some relieve becoz hyo joo is a nice girl. juz like anonymous said earlier. she down to earth actress. i never read any news said a bad thing about hyo joo plus she never wear and act like a bitch. but i’m dont really know jae joon. he very handsome but is he nice guy? if yes..then i’ve no problem if they r together. hmmm..i wanna watch more hyo joo drama n movie. love her so much.

  63. saddydaddy says:

    ehem…*telling herself to not to get jealous but can’t help*
    waaaaaaa!!its ok..we really want them to be whatever they are doing..we should support them,right?

  64. cooki~J.j says:

    well, at least its a decent girl.
    i mean, i hate it when people pair him up with Jessica, why?????
    i hate jessica!!
    at least that girl is quite decent.

  65. Castiel says:

    if u really care about him, wish him to be happy if he is happy with her, together, and forever, if u are sensible in your head, instead of being a jealous girl.

  66. Aysheh says:

    Girl…even if it was a guy hugging Jaejoong we’d be a bit jealous becuase hey..its Jaejoong! LOL! i think every girl who is a TVXQ fan is a bit inlove with this sexy-hot-beautifukvoice-didimentionhot guy!

    LOL! *hugzzzz
    It’ll get better! =)

  67. here says:

    When I start your Rss feed it seems to be a ton of junk, is the issue on my side?

  68. Reblogged this on shawolcassievip and commented:
    if it’s true,
    I will be very happy :D
    I like Han Hyo Joo with Jaejoong d(>o<)b
    Hyo Joo is sweet,
    if Jaejoong looking for a girl to marry,
    I will choose her~

  69. bianxil says:

    I just want to say I understand your feeling you’re not alone :( we are the same
    because also like KJJ too, it started when I watched him in Time Slip Dr.Jin you know the feeling everytime you watch his drama trembling my heart and also I see a lot of pictures its super cute. Like his eyes the way he look at and his smiles, specially his voice he totally heart warming when he sang, that was the most attractive to KJJ. I know the feeling when see with someone else specially that girl is also your favorite its really hurt your broken into pieces and also tell his ideal girl which do not fit to you :( .What should I do I’m just a fan that everyone else see but I’m not just a fan I’m women who fell in love with a man waiting him to love her. the truth he will never be mine and I don’t have the right to jealous or hurt some people think you admired him a lot but I ‘m not stalker or whatever.
    I’m just expressing myself and I don’t know what to do all i can do is to cry.
    Sometimes i don’t want to like anymore celebrity because it was hard to reach them all you can do, look, listen that only way your heart be happy and also for him. And cheer up ^_^ for me I will work hard to reach my other dream but still there an emptiness your not like him because he is celebrity but all you looking for is exactly like him. don’t bother your right will come to you someday even he is not KJJ. You will be happy *_* maybe he is an example of Mr. right for you. there is a Mr. right for you cheer up be happy ^_^………

  70. phoenix says:

    bullshit !
    hyo joo is the best and she dates with everyone she wants

  71. SADEGH says:

    WoW I Like Han Hyo Joo.
    She is Beauty.

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