More pictures of DBSK from “Singles” magazine

Posted: December 20, 2008 in TVXQ random posts
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MORE pictures of the boys from Singles magazine were uploaded online. I saw them at On The Road and DNBN when I checked a while ago. I’m so glad I decided to check these sites and found these pictures because they’re as lovely and fun to look at as their most recent calendar pictures.

Some personal comments on the LOADS of pictures you’re about to witness:

– JaeJoong’s pictures where he’s holding a camera are TO DIE FOR. He looks so innocent and delicate… Ah, did I already mention that I LOVE HIM? Yeah, I guess I did. So let me just say “I LOVE HIM MORE” for a change. :D

– JaeJoong’s picture where his undergarment is showing is just pure HOTNESS while his picture with his head inside the dryer (or was it a washing machine?) is just TOO CUTE.

– Yunho’s pictures were oozing with SEXINESS. I bet Yunho’s fangirls will have a serious loss of blood due to nosebleed after looking at those pictures. LOL.

– Changmin is just too adorable and handsome on the pictures where he was listening to his ipod. Now I know why I had a crush on Min when I first saw his picture before I even knew about DBSK.

– LOL at Yoochun and his narcissistic ways. Chunnie, you’re that in love with yourself? And I seriously thought the vain one was Jae! Hahaha!

– The picture where Junsu was lying on the sofa was kinda funny to me. His position looks kinda stiff AND the position of his hands was awkward.  It seemed like he was covering SOMETHING. LOL.

– Too much Soulmate and YunJae on a couple of pictures. Yah, YunJaeChun, why leave MinSu behind?!


* Just click the thumbnails to view the larger versions of the pictures. Also, please NO HOTLINKING of pictures. If you want to upload them somewhere else, just save them on your computer and upload them again wherever you want – with full credits, of course. :D

[Credits : as tagged + ontheroadtvxq + dnbn]

  1. Patti Lopez says:

    oh no! alam mo ba na sobrang gusto ko bumili ng magazine na yan. naghahanap ako ng mga korean bookstores dito pero wala akong mahanap sa internet. :( potek yung isang korean website, $45 nila binibenta yung issue na yan + shipping pa. leche sila!!! pag nakahanap talaga ako mafifeel ko na na it’s christmas!!! hohohoho

    P.S. clari, wrong spelling sexiness mo. haha. napansin ko lang kasi naka bold pa. hahahaha

    • lovetohateme says:

      hay nako, hindi ko na inattempt pang tingnan ung price niyan kasi sure ako na ginto ang presyo nyan. hahaha. bakit naman pag nakahanap ka dun mo lang mafifeel na christmas? hindi mo pa ba feel dahil sa snow jan? hahaha.

      shet, oo nga! anu ba yan?! pati sa spelling nalilito na ako. naku, kailangan ko na bumalik sa school. ang aking skills ay nagdedepreciate habang nagttrabaho ako. LOL. thanks sa pagsabi! :D

  2. SilentPixie says:

    Really nothing to say… *stares at pics… spazzes*

    Some pics are really not so natural tho…O.o Kamsahamnida for sharing! *bows down*

  3. suki says:

    omg, i saw these pics n nearly died, like, i fell off my chair. jaeeeeeeeeee, he loks too damn good. sigh, my heart

  4. Jeannie says:

    My friend showed me the Yunho pics first and I was literally like “OMG” and i screamed it… my step dad came in the room and was like “whats going on?” he thought happened LOL …. I soon passed that pic around to everyone on msn and I got a lot of *Nosebleeds* back HAHAHAHA …. So hot!!! And Joongie wih his shirt up a little and his hand on his stomach and the top of his boxers showing and pants undone *ooooh the thoughts* RAWR

    Thanks for sharing the pics <3

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