DBSK’s Spell-Mirotic Clean Version

Posted: December 10, 2008 in DBSK in Korea
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As I’ve posted before, Korea’s Commission on Youth has restricted DBSK’s song “Mirotic” to people with the age of 19 years and above. They’ve also asked to have the song’s lyrics changed if DBSK still wants to keep performing it on shows, concerts, or radio. SM has taken legal action regarding the matter but the company still complied with the Commission’s request to release a clean version of Mirotic.

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s “Spell-MIROTIC” Modified Version to be Released to the Public

Dong Bang Shin Ki (SM Entertainment) is to release a modified version of “Spell-MIROTIC”.

Dong Bang Shin Ki will be at the Seoul Olympic Park on December 10 for the 2008 Golden Disk Awards to perform the modified version of the title song for the first time on stage.

TVXQ will change the “Spell-MIROTIC” lyrics ,ordered by the Commission on Youth Protection Administration, from “under my skin” to “under my sky”.

Anyways, TVXQ’s 4th album has sold more than 460,000 copies (as of November 30) and then later raised the attention of music fans and is gaining support.

The modified version of “Spell-MIROTIC” will be available on online music sites.

credits: newsen + dnbn + geekazoinks@soompi
translation: tvxqslave@soompi

And if you want to hear the preview of this version, CLICK HERE.

OMG. Am I the only one who finds the new lyrics a bit funny but at the same time cute?  “I got you under my SKY”?! LOL.

But seriously speaking, I wish the lyrics weren’t changed because I think the song practically lost it’s “appeal”. It doesn’t give the same feeling anymore because I really think that the line “I got you under my skin” is really what gives Mirotic that addictive feel. Changing the lyrics of the song makes it different. IT’S NO LONGER MIROTIC. T_T

  1. Nat says:

    i… just watched the Golden Disc Award… and heard the “clean” version… i was like: WTF! seriously! it is so silly! argh. i see nothing wrong with “under my skin” ¬¬~ jeez. T_T~ i miss the original version already! i’m glad i already bought my album.

  2. cynchan says:

    Wow…really??? then wat happened wit the old version-the album??

  3. aznboyzlvr says:

    Wat’s this?
    Such a weird feeling….
    Changing only ONE word looks like they changed it all -.-
    Well at least they can still continue to perform their song xD
    Tht’s the good point…

  4. Viki says:

    Wha? They changed it to “Under my sky”? That’s dumb. What’s wrong with “Under my skin”? Geez…it’s not sexual at all. Where do you listen to the preview?

  5. Jeannie says:

    Yeah I got the original song and the music vid downloaded and I play it loud and proud lol… “I got you under my skin” is what is so addictive about the song… I have friends and even family singing to that ONE LINE… even my three year old cousin was singing that line LOL… oops.

    I don’t think its sexual at all.. I mean if they’re gonna start banning stuff why don’t they look at other Korean artists before pointing the finger at TVXQ. They’re just jealous because TVXQ has the image to go along with those words and the sexiness that no one else has hehe.. <3

  6. lovetohateme says:

    @ cynchan: the “clean” version is only used for performances on TV, concerts, and radio. they’re still selling the cd with the original version.

    @ Viki: just click the link ( the one that says CLICK HERE) and you’ll be automatically redirected to DNBN. there you’ll see something like a small windows media player. you just have to click the play button (the one with teh triangle)

  7. jina says:

    the ‘sky’ part…i think it’s kind of lame….=__=
    and yes, i think that it now lost some of its feelings that DBSK explained in the interview about the original song.

  8. jina says:

    and haha, yeah, i got my whole family addicted to the song mirotic, especially whenever i sing, ‘I got you~~~~’ and then they finish it for me, ‘Under my skin.’ Haha, i’m so proud of myself and my family. XD

  9. lovetohateme says:

    @ jina: hahaha, wow you really got your family addicted to mirotic? nice! yes, you should be proud of yourself for doing that. recruiting more dbsk fans, eh?! :D

  10. DBSKfan4eva says:

    Mirotic now sounds soooo weird, but i’ll still listen to it, but i’ll be singing “i got~~~, under my skin” XD
    When I watched the performance, I saw some of the people stop mouthing it at “under my sky (skin)” part XD ppl have gotten so use to it.

  11. wadul sang yunholic sejati tiada tara says:

    i haven’t listened it yet the clean version, but I have already got the dirty version (ha ha ha LOL) and sing it at my school! Nobody understands about the meaning, because I sing it in Korean language…so, no matter!

  12. wadul sang yunholic sejati tiada tara says:


  13. wadul sang yunholic sejati tiada tara says:


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