JaeJoong @ his BEST and WORST (2008 MKMF)

Posted: November 16, 2008 in Kim Jaejoong, TVXQ random posts
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I was searching up pictures of yesterday’s MKMF and was planning on posting some here but I immediately changed my mind when I saw that most pictures were of Changmin crying on stage and because of this picture of JaeJoong:


[Credit: as tagged + dnbn]

This picture really got me heartbroken in the same level as Changmin’s crying moment last night. I’ve got to say that this is one of the most – if not the most – disturbing (in a bad way) picture of JaeJoong that I’ve ever seen in the recent months. For the first time in the many instances I’ve posted up pictures of JaeJoong form different events, I can’t actually bring myself to praise his beauty. I wasn’t awestruck like what I usually become whenever I see pictures of Jae but rather I was near to closing down my computer because I can’t bear seeing JaeJoong look terrible in a picture. Although my love for JaeJoong is incomparable, I just can’t help but say that he looks like a zombie on that picture. The picture clearly shows how tired JaeJoong, and most probably all the members are. I guess Jae’s was just a bit more obvious than the other members since he’s doing an additional project (the drama he’s filming) as compared to the other four members. Man, these guys seriously need a break. And by that I mean a BREAK where they can actually relax, get enough sleep, and rest without any interruptions whatsoever. I really pity them because they had to work so hard just to make-up for their long absence in Korea. Awww… poor boys. T_T

But to compensate for that forgettable picture of JaeJoong above, here’s a fancam that JaeJoong fangirls like me (or maybe even those who aren’t his fangirls) would LOVE. This fancam is a MUST WATCH.

Just a warning to all the ladies, please prepare a glass of water, an oxygen mask, a tissue in case of nosebleed, or whatever that may be helpful to you in case something happens while you’re watching this video. I also STRONGLY suggest people with heart problems to not watch this because it might actually (knock on wood) kill you. *Just kidding!*


[Credit: myluvforDBSK]

Only five words to describe this: HOT. SEDUCTIVE. SEXY. GORGEOUS. HEAVEN.


  1. min says:

    hahaha…nosebleeding now!!!
    Thank you for sharing — jaejoong he came from japan to go NHK Show …Hard work i hope he will fine soon [lot of love to him] My pretty jaejoong*3*

    In MKMH award changmin cried make me delight and sad in moment [ in my opinion>> i watched NG-TVXQ in Japan /youtube ? not recognize Js say” they work for the day to pass and don’t understand why them must to do that!!!”[1.7 year in japan] so i think changmin & other member try to work so hard that’s would it be worthwhile … But in finally They did!!! it’s Happy tears]

    [sorrry for my bad english]

  2. Viki says:

    I agree with you! I seriously want to SUE SM ENT. for not letting the boys take a week of break or something…they have at least two events per day…it’s just so tiring…they will become grumpy and zombie-like…so I really hope they take a week of break or something…

  3. Raining says:

    damn! just take those jacket off, will you?

  4. floflo says:

    actually i dont really find that pic of jae THAT horrifying but maybe its because of his eyebags.
    he looks really tired. :(
    they all look tired.
    poor dbsk oppas….

  5. fara says:

    n that’s it?
    y didnt he just took off the entire jacket???????
    hhuhu ..emm n those tired eyes..pity him

  6. lovetohateme says:

    @ min: hello! :D

    @ Viki: yes! those boys really need a break. SM should give them that or else their bodies might not handle it anymore. :(

    @ Raining and fara: i was hoping that he would take off that jacket too! LOL.

    @ floflo: yeah, it’s not that bad but i just can’t bear seeing Jae with such tired look. it breaks my heart. :(

  7. SilentPixie says:

    I love Jae’s pic… I like him in good times and bad.. but of course the bad times make me sad and want to hug him.

    OMFG! *nosebleeding and hyperventilating* The way he was fixing his glove was just too FREAKIN HOT! I really thought he was gunna take the whole jacket off… *sigh* He just looks good in anything especially white and black!

  8. lovetohateme says:

    ^^ i love that, too! him biting the gloves was just so SMEXY! LOL. Jae’s definitely killing me!

  9. Anonymous says:

    TT^TT …
    TVXQ is the best! forever + ever!!!!
    He seems so tired.. anyway I have the same feeling as u….

  10. Anonymous says:

    he makes me want to hug him..

  11. jaejaelove says:

    omo. what is the tital of this on youtube?

  12. lovetohateme says:

    @ jaejaelove: uhm, sorry I can’t remember.

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