The full MV of DBSK’s newest single “Wrong Number” from their 4th Korean album “Mirotic” is finally out. Check out this video:

[Credit: farahmicky]

Do I even need to say how AMAZING this MV is?

It practically screams HOTNESS.

Man, I love every bit of the MV. The setting is so COOL while the Dong Bang boys are SMOKIN’ HOT. All the 5 boys did great but because I have my personal bias towards JaeJoong, I’d have to say that his parts were my favorite. His scene lying on the carpeted floor JUST KILLED ME. And gawd, how can he just dump an expensive phone like that in a glass of wine?! That’s a  ANYCALL HAPTIC phone! I’m dying to have that and he just dumps it like that without hesitation?! T_T But seriously, I’m so happy that JaeJoong got his solo dance part on this MV. I’d have to say that his dancing really improved. His rap part was also amazing. He didn’t sound and looked like a first timer. I’m so proud of him! =)

As a closing note, I’d say that I love this MV more than the MV for Mirotic although I still like the song Mirotic than Wrong Number. The dance steps for Wrong Number looks easy but I bet it’s more difficult to learn than Mirotic. Aw, I haven’t even started learning the choreography for Mirotic and now I have to learn the choreography for Wrong Number, too? I guess I really have to find time to learn these steps. *Sigh*

  1. SilentPixie says:

    WOOOOT! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG! they get a 100/10 yo!

    Junsu.. O.O Him + smexy car= HOTNESS OVERLOAD! I wish I were sitting next to him in that car.

    Jae… him+lying on floor+ rap= COOLNESS! and yes.. poor phne.. but he can afford to do that.. we can’t! lol The rap was just awesome!

    Yunho… him+ topless+ rap= OMFG! SMEXYNESS OVERLOAD! I was eating a sandwhich yesterday (when I first saw the MV) and then Yunho oppa comes out with ONLY that towel and I seriously almost choked! It was so unexpected… I had a nosebleed and was spazzing over him yo. lol

    Micky… his hair is actually nice here. It makes him look mysterious… mysterious look+ smexy deep voice= WOW! I think I fel in love with him… ^O^

    Min… I wish I had seen more of him. I do like his outfit and his more mature look. And his voice… jeez! He is improving on controlling his vocal chords! I love him. ^_^

  2. Meimi says:

    aww i <33 dbsk..fighting

  3. Viki says:

    lol it’s the same with me! i just started to get the hand movements for MIROTIC…I am not a dancer at all until MIROTIC but I have been trying to learn how to do the dance.

    Now I wanna learn the Wrong Number dance. It’s smexxy. =D

    I don’t know, I still like the MIROTIC MV more than Wrong Number even though Yunho oppa made me hyperventilate.

    I mean, Jaejae looked so smexy even with his clothes on…but I was suffering from a nosebleed with Yunho’s topless…hotness…teehee. He’s got such a great bod.

  4. fara says:

    i love this mv too but still, for me mirotic is better.
    nway, i like junsu most in it, although i’m a big fan of jaejoong
    but i find that junsu and the car…wow!
    i like the part when he puts his hand at the side of the car while driving..i simply in love with a guy who does that..hahaha

  5. floflo says:

    OMG. jae lying on the floor is so HOT. his rap is sexayy! *screams*

  6. Elaine says:

    gahhhh everybody has said Everything for me!!!!
    love jae’s look when he was rapping.. so.. O.O
    jae doesn’t have to go topless or expose anything to kill fangirls with his looks T.T damn even his backview will kill me if i can JUST see him LIVE.
    and, i love the ending pose. hahaha.

  7. kim says:

    damn,,,look at them just make my body tremble.
    owh owh owh

  8. haneulnophi says:

    yes, the bathtub part… the first time i saw the video, i ran away, cos yunho’s half naked look!!! but then i end up totally addicted to look at him that way, AHAHAHA *total pervert*

  9. lovetohateme says:

    @ SilentPixie: there you go… that should serve a lesson for all of us. NEVER ever eat anything while watching any MVs of DBSK or it might be the cause of our death. LOL.

    @ Viki: yeah, i’m not a dancer too but i like to learn the dance steps for Mirotic and Wrong Number. they look so good (or is it just because it’s DBSK who’s dancing?) hahaha.

    @ fara: hahaha. i love it when guys do that too. it looks so… appealing and charismatic? LOL.

    @ floflo: I AGREE! hahaha!

    @ Elaine: I ALSO AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU SAID! Jae can really kill his fangirls in a lot of different ways. :D

    @ haneulnophi: LOL @ you running away at the sight of Yunho’s half-naked body. hahaha. that’s the effect of the dong bang boys to their fangirls. :D

  10. tvfxqjaejo0ng says:

    Gosh same sentiments.Im also bias towards Jae.I love how he slept on that carpeted ground.Looks so freaking hot.I love his dance & rap.Why did he say he cant rap.Well..Its freaking awesome.Jaejoong…Jaejoong…JAejoong…Jaejoong.Juz cant stop saying his name.Lol.Gotta stop this crazyness bout him.But i juz cant.Which is wad makes Dbsk’s fans special.xD

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