I know these pictures are kinda old already (well, a few days old that is) but I just want to post them up because the car and the place are SERIOUSLY MARVELOUS.

The car – an Aston Martin Vanquish to be specific – and the beautiful hotel called M Boutique Hotel shown in the following pictures were used by DBSK for the shooting of their next music video for the song Wrong Number. I have nothing to say regarding these pictures but LOVELY. The car is so damn hot and the hotel’s design and style is simply fabulous! Father SM is really willing to spend so much for the boys, eh? LOL. :D

[Credit: dnbn + baidu]

The hotel was simple yet it looks so modern and spacious. I guess the combination of colors  and choice of furniture made it look so nice and clean. In fact, it doesn’t even look like a hotel to me. It looks more like a small, modern house. It gives of a very homey and relaxing feeling and I really like it!

About the car… do I even have to say HOW COOL IT IS? I guess the car itself says it all.

Regarding the MV, I really thought the next single they would promote out of the Mirotic album was You Are My Melody or better yet, Crazy Love. Well, at least I hoped it was one of those two. I think I would have preferred them promoting Crazy Love after (Spell) Mirotic since it’s very catchy and the techno beat is just  as addictive as Mirotic’s beat was. But I guess Wrong Number is also a good choice since we’ll get to hear and see JaeJoong’s rap live during their promotional activities. I’m really curious how he will deliver his rap parts once they’re performing the song live. His rap on the album itself was good enough for a first timer like him but of course rapping during a recording is a lot different from rapping on a live performance in front of many eager fans. I just hope his rap would be as good, if not even better, than the one we hear in the album.

I can’t wait to see the MV for Wrong Number! Based from these pictures, the MV screams LUXURY. :D

  1. fara says:

    wow!as for me, i was hoping that either ‘wrong number’ or ‘love in the ice’ or else ‘hey!’ that’ll be the nxt single wif an mv.i’m so excited knowing that wrong number is actually that single.
    i luv dat song
    not to mention jaejoong’s rapping..

    really can’t wait

  2. Viki says:

    I thought it was gonna be “Hey (Don’t Bring Me Down)” and I also like the beats from “Are You a Good Girl.” But “Wrong Number” is awesome, too! Can’t wait to see the video!!! Do you know where the hotel is? Like in what country? It’s so modern and nice!

  3. angelik_sweethart says:

    omg i totally i agree with you i really love crazy love and yes the techno beat is so catchy!! but o well wrng number is good also ^^ as long as its from dbsk iim fine with it i guess we jst have to wait for the concert to see them perform crazy love…

  4. lovetohateme says:

    @ fara: i would have wanted an MV for Hey, too but i guess that won’t happen since they were performing Hey and LITI together with Mirotic. the two songs served like ‘side songs’ for the promotion of Mirotic. if i’m not mistaken, they don’t make MVs for the songs they use as ‘side songs’. but i’m not too sure about that. T_T

    @ Viki: i think the hotel is in Korea. i jst don’t know what part of Korea. :)

    @ angelik_sweetheart: yeah, i guess so too. or maybe they should make crazy love their third single after wrong number? *still hopeful*

  5. Jeannie says:

    Yeah JaeJoong’s rapping I can’t wait for it…. Man that looks like a sweet place to stay at. And I absolutely love Wrong Number.. I freaked when my friend told me they were making an MV for it… <3

    PS. off topic… but this is the first comment I’ve posted… I just want to say that I absolutely love checking in here. Especially since the one doing it is a JaeJoong fan ;) keeps in me in the loop on my fave member as well. THANK!

  6. lovetohateme says:

    ^^ yup, the place really looks so nice. =) thanks for being here, too! :D

  7. dbskfangirl says:

    Aww the place is sooo pretty…i’ll die to live in a place like that!
    LOL at the car…its license plate is TVXQ! =)
    I actually really like the MV…it had an better impression on me than Mirotic…but i guess….maybe its cuz i watched Mirotic too much…..
    The dong bang boys are just so smexy!! ^ ^
    Keep up he good work!

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