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Here’s an article where Yoochun, Junsu, and Changmin revealed their first kiss after debuting as members of DBSK. I think they talked about this on a TV show  (is it Come to Play?) which will be aired this coming week. It’s actually quite a shocking revelation by the three members, if you ask me…

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*Looking at the article again, the source of the news was not included in the template so I have no idea if this is credible enough but I’ll comment on it anyway.*

My INITIAL reaction after reading this one was that I was shocked and somehow disappointed. Questions like, “Whatever happened to them claiming they never had girlfriends after debut whenever they’re asked before?” and “I thought Changmin never kissed a girl before?” immediately crossed my mind. I somehow felt a bit sad because all along, they’ve been lying about these things to their fans although I also never believed it whenever they said that they never had girlfriends after debut because after all, they are human beings who are bound to fall in love at some point.

BUT when I eventually calmed down and my RATIONAL self took over, I realized that I shouldn’t be disappointed of what they did because they have their reasons for not revealing their relationship status after debut. As we all know, their popularity is slowly growing that time and their fan base is also beginning to get larger by the day. We can’t deny the fact that during the early days of their career as DBSK, fans are more concerned with their appearance and are crazier and obsessed than ever. Revealing their relationships that time won’t do them any good since it may be the cause for a lot of fans’ heartbreak and they might have even gone berserk and hostile in dealing with the situation. That scenario will not only be a threat to DBSK’s career but also to their THEN girlfriends because you’ll never know how some stalker-ish and over obsessive fangirls can do.

I’m still a bit sad but I’m no longer disappointed of what the boys did since I understand why they HAD to keep their relationships from their fans. Looking at the situation they were in during that time, I have to say that it was the best thing to do for them to avoid any more complications. Besides, celebrities are really bound to hide some aspects of their life from the public from time to time. It’s not like they’re the only ones who did that. Everything is part of being a celebrity. Moreover, even if DBSK members are public figures, they are NOT REQUIRED to let us know everything about them. They have the right to keep private the things that they think should to be kept private.

I’m just glad that little by little, the boys are opening up these hidden chapters of their lives and letting us, their fans, into the more personal side of their lives. I think they’re starting to reveal these things because their position in the entertainment insudtry is more established now and most importantly because fans are HOPEFULLY more mature in dealing with these kinds of issues. For us fans, occasional “outbursts” and jealousy are ok (we’re fangirls after all) but UNDERSTANDING and RATIONAL thinking should always prevail whenever the boys expose these kinds of secrets.

Looking on the bright side, let’s all be happy because the Dong Bang boys “Want ordinary girls to be their girlfriends” (quoting from the article). It’s something to be glad about, right? It might give us false hope but at least we know that ordinary girls like us does stand a chance to be with them (although we would need something close to a miracle to do that). :D

I’m finally back after 3 straight days of not posting. I’ve been busy with work and I’ve almost got no energy to do anything once I reach home that’s why I haven’t updated for a few days. Not only did I fail to update this blog for days but I also had to backtrack (actually, I’m still backtracking up to now) 20+ pages at Soompi. I’m actually not late in terms of news but it’s just that I can’t find time to make entries for them anymore. :(

Anyway, I know my next posts may be a couple of days old but I still want to make entries for them so that I can always read them again anytime I want (yes, sometimes I go back to my previous posts and read them again especially if they have some connection to present news) and also because I know some people are also not that up to date on news. Hahaha.

So, let me start with JaeJoong’s new drama. Finally his co-star and leading lady was already announced and she’s none other than Han Hyo Joo, who was the female lead for the Korean drama “Spring Waltz”. Someone posted a Korean article at Soompi and cartoongirl7 was nice enough to translate it. :D

Han Hyo Joo and Kim Jaejoong are confirmed to be co-stars in their upcoming drama.
Jae will act as a messenger between the dead (who are in heaven) and their family and friends (who are still living). His character is very deep and mysterious.
Han Hyo Joo will act as a pure and innocent girl who lost her loved one but cannot forget him. However, after working with Jaejoong at the same job, she slowly falls in love with him.
This episode of the mini-series is 120 minutes long, and the entire plot is a love story.
About the kiss scene, the director says that in the drama “the two (Jae and HHJ) have mutual feelings for each other. During a beautiful sunset, one of them (not specified) says ‘I want to kiss you’, followed by a very touching kiss scene.” They have rehearsed the drama seven times already, and Jaejoong’s acting has improved significantly.
They will start filming next month, which will be adjusted into Jaejoong’s schedule.
The drama is due to be aired May, 2009 on SBS.

Credit: cartoongirl7@soompi

JaeJoong’s character in this story, I think, is a very interesting one. His “extraordinary” role as a messenger between the living and the dead is indeed challenging especially for an unexperienced actor like him. I’m really excited to see how JaeJoong will go about this role and if he’ll be able to give justice to it. Regarding the kissing scene, I am SURPRISINGLY  not jealous at all. Well, it’s more like I envy Han Hyo Joo for having such an intimate scene with JaeJoong. I mean, isn’t it every girl’s dream to be kissed by their loved one during sunset? That’s probably one of the most romantic things that can ever happen to a girl. I’m looking forward to seeing this great scene and of course if JaeJoong will be able to make this scene extra romantic.

Here’s another news translation that is in connection to this new drama:

Han Hyo Joo Interview: “JaeJoong Is Still Very Unnatural”

Actress Han Hyo Joo delivered her promise to do her best in the upcoming Japanese-Korean collaboration drama, “Heaven’s Postman.”

On the 22nd, Han Hyo Joo revealed through a phone interview that she liked the script ever since she saw it, and made the decision to accept the role. Also, the director was someone she’d worked with before in “Spring Waltz,” adding to her confidence.

About her role this time, Han Hyo Joo said, “In the past I had roles in history dramas or roles that weren’t compatible with my real age, but this time my role is just right for my age, so I believe I can show everyone my best.” She also expressed her anticipation for “Heaven’s Postman.”

The thing she’s spent the most time on for this drama is acting. She said, “We went through the script for the first time on the 21st, and interaction with the other actors is very important, but because this time we are working with many very famous people, we will focus on the quality of acting.”

Han Hyo Joo, who will be working with TVXQ’s Jaejoong, said,” We met for the first time when we were going through the script, and since we aren’t close regularly, it was kind of unnatural.” She also stated,” Youngwoong Jaejoong attends activities with the identity of a singer, and I believe we can work together well this time to show everyone our best side.”

Also, “Heaven’s Postman” will begin filming in early November. Release is set for May of 2009 in Korea.

Translation: jae!fany @ Shinki! Forums (
Source: Sports Seoul + Mr. TVXQ + Together TVXQ

I think the the title is a bit misleading as it gives us an idea that Han Hyo Joo thinks that JaeJoong’s acting is unnatural whereas from the way I understand the news, BOTH THEIR ACTING seems unnatural because they are not really close and it’s their first time working with each other. Those are two different things, don’t you think? Anyway, I hope that after rehearsing it for seven times, their acting is more natural now and I hope they’ve gotten close and comfortable with each other (but of course the closeness NEEDS TO HAVE A LIMITATION. lol) so as for them to be able to act good on screen.

I can’t wait for May 2009! :D

[Credit: YunhoLoverXD]

I can’t wait to watch this show! This was filmed a couple of weeks ago and finally it will be aired just in a few days! Looks like it was a fun talk between the boys and the MCs and other guests. It seems like an interesting one to watch. I bet there were a lot of confessions from the Dong Bang boys again. LOL. :D

A WONDERFUL news from Allkpop:

TVXQ sets a new Oricon Chart record!

TVXQ has set a new record on the Japanese Oricon charts, beating out top J-Pop groups, Arashi, Smap and NewS.

TVXQ just took the no. 1 spot on the Oricon weekly charts with their Japanese release of MIROTIC, making it their 4th song to snatch the no.1 spot this year.

In retrospect, Arashi, Smap and NewS have only achieved the no.1 spots with 3 different tracks in any given year.

TVXQ has come a long way and is now considered the best group out of Asia, congrats!

Yay!!!! :D

This is indeed another remarkable achievement by DBSK! The year 2008 has been a very wonderful and fruitful year for them and also, they’re popularity in Japan is steadily growing. I can’t say anything more except that I’m extremely happy for all the achievements the boys have done this year. These awards are evidences of their hardwork and these are the fuits of their labor. I’m truly proud of the boys. No band or artist can really compare to them and to what they have done. They are UNDOUBTEDLY THE BEST ARTIST IN ASIA today.

Again, congratulations to our dear Dong Bang boys! Just a few more daesangs in the coming months and this year will be perfect. :D

Got this piece of news from Soompi:


A popular United States Social Networking Service (SNS) FACEBOOK has added music to its features. CEO Yoon said “It might be up next year. Famous composers to sell their music or to sell songs from popular singers is our concept in this new business model” and “Eric Clapton is also composing a song (t/n: not sure what this meant really…) for Xiah Junsu of Dong Bang Shin Ki” he said.

translation: elune@soompi


I don’t know up to what extent this news is true but more than the fact that he MIGHT sing a song for Facebook, what I’m anticipating more is Eric Clapton composing a song for Junsu. I mean, I’m sure it’s going to be a great song because he sings and composes very nice songs (well, at l;east to m,e they’re nice).

I bet if ever this info is true, a GAZILLION fans will sign up on Facebook just to hear Junsu sing. LOL. I already have a Facebook account so no problem for me. I guess I’ll constantly check Facebook and just wait and see if this whole thing is true or not. :D

Finally, the second part of the boys’ guesting was shown today (although I didn’t watch it since I had my laptop re-formatted while my PC is so damn slow for me to watch on TVants. T_T) Thank god for YouTube and to those fast uploaders I got to watch the show. I just hope someone would sub it just like the first one. Anyway, here are some cuts from Family Outing Episode 18.

HoSu dancing to Sexyback

Yunho and Junsu are so cute dancing the steps for Mirotic with Sexyback playing on the background. In fairness, the steps did fit the song. Hahaha. Oh, and the MCs plus Daesung were hella funny! Seeing those MCs imitate DBSK’s dancing every time just really cracks me up! LOL.

HoSu does some “tricks” before sleeping

[Credit: farahmicky]

Junsu making a headstand (or should I say, headWALK) was WOW. Darn, how can he possess so much sense of balance? LOL. And their little “trick” was AWESOME! Man, I swear my jaw dropped for a moment there. I got a bit worried of Yunho that he might have hurt his back but looks like he did not so it’s ok. I guess they’re used to doing that? Maybe that’s one of the hobbies of the Dong Bang boys. :D

The whole episode is already up on YouTube but it doesn’t include subs. Here are the links:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

And as a bonus to all Junsu fans, here is a picture of how “interesting” Junsu’s sleeping position is. LOL. 

[Credit: dnbn]

He’s a bit messy when asleep! Hahaha. He looks like he’s stretching while sleeping. Good thing that all the DBSK members has their own beds in their house because for sure no one would want to sleep with him if ever they are to share beds, unless the other boys are as messy as him when they sleep. Hahaha. Junsu is such a kiddie – a dolphin kid, at that. LOL.

Yay! They got the mutizen award on SBS Inkigayo for the second consecutive week! This week has been a great one for the boys. After making it to the top spot of the Oricon Daily Charts in two consecutive days with their 24th Japanese single “Mirotic” that was released last October 15 and after getting A BUNCH of nominations for the 2008 MKMF (and they’re leading in terms of votes as of the last time I’ve checked, if ever you’re wondering), here they are again back in Korea after their recent fanmeeting in Japan last October 16 and attending a couple of concerts, winning another mutizen award on Inkigayo. Truly, this week has been a blessed week for the boys. I just hope this good fortune would continue in the following weeks to come, in fact I hope things will get even better than this. =)

Witness the boys’ winning moment a while ago at Inkigayo. :D

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