JaeJoong is DBSK’s stalker photographer

Posted: October 28, 2008 in Kim Jaejoong, TVXQ random posts
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Kim Jaejoong the Stalker Picture Taker

In today’s new episode of Come To Play, Kim Jaejoong was labeled by the DBSK members as the person who takes stalker pictures.
All the members protest that Hero Jaejoong only takes pictures that the members do not want captured such as when showering or only wearing
boxers. U-know Yunho stated that sometimes when the members are in the restroom, Hero Jaejoong would stick his hand (with his cellphone)
in and take pictures. If Hero Jaejoong’s cellphone, with the secret pictures that he took, was lost. Then that would be bad.

Hero Jaejoong explains that he does this only because the members are very important to him so he wants to capture the moments
(of the members) that only he sees, as a way to treasure the memories.

credit: HB允浩家族
english translation: exotsiax13@soompi

Seriously, can he get any more crazier than he already is?

He’s definitely “one-of-a-kind” and that’s also the same reason why I love him so much. :D

P.S. I want to have his phone so I could see the “interesting” pictures of the other members! Hahaha. LOL.

  1. rainyunho says:

    haha…i’ve saw some of the pics he captured…it’s really funny.
    that’s the special thing about him, makes people love him more…
    i love him more nom…he’s too cute…he’s 3.5 dimension too…n_n

  2. Elaine says:

    for some reason, this reminds me of their drama, dangerous love! haha. he took a photo of yunho yawning which ultimately led to a ridiculous misunderstanding.. :D maybe that drama was based on this?? hahahha.

  3. fara says:

    hahaha..ya this is soooo like the dangerous love drama..
    omg the fact that jaejoong treasures the moments with his fellow dbsk members..i’m so touched (^-^)

  4. Viki says:

    lmao…that’s he’s excuse? and they are saying how we fangirls are taking the stalker pix…grrr…luvluv jaejoongiee!

  5. sCloVer says:

    He reminds me of my friend AHHAHA
    its kinda cute tho ^^

  6. lovetohateme says:

    @ rainyunho: yeah, he really is a special one with a special personality. hahaha.

    @ Elaine: i remember that too! yeah, i guess the drama was a bit based on this attitude of jae. hahaha!

    @ fara: i agree! even though jae does a lot of weird things, his reasons of doing these are always touching. :D

    @ Viki: hahaha! i guess the members stalking each other is allowed. LOL.

    @ sClover: LOL @ your friend. i guess if i have a friend like jae who does that, i might have thrown her phone in the sea a long time ago. :D

  7. Viki says:

    @lovetohateme Re sClover: seriously, if a friend of my takes pic of me in the bathroom, i would have freaked out and perhaps called the police…it’s just weird.

    I think the only person allowed to take these stalker pics is JaeJoong. I mean, if a member of…say, Backstreet Boys, takes these pix of the members, you would think, “Dang, this guy is crazy!”

  8. SilentPixie says:

    LOL Jae is the stalker! Haha.. I can just imagine him sneaking around and taking candid pics! AWWWW! ^O^/

  9. lovetohateme says:

    @ Viki: LOL @ you calling a police. but yeah, i agree that for someone to do that kind of “stalking” is just plain weird. hahaha.

    @ SilentPixie: hahaha! yeah, he is a stalker. i guess his “stalking” is giving the other members a great headache. LOL.

  10. SilentPixie says:

    lol Maybe he learned from all the fans, ne? Aha! Since everyone takes pix of them… he decided to start his own lil business of stalking! OMG! I hope he doesn’t lose that phone! I think ALLL Cassies will be on a scavenger hunt! lol

  11. lovetohateme says:

    ^^ that’s exactly the same thing on my mind. it would be a total chaos if ever he lose his phone! that phone is more important than gold… LOL.

  12. hana says:

    i watch the episode and it was so damn FUNNY!!!
    jae took pic of junsu un boxer..!!LOL..!!!
    but it was sweet of him to say that he did it becoz he want to have sweet memory of the member,,,,
    ah~ i wonder wat else he store in his ceelphine..
    hehe..*evil me*
    lovetohateme- I LOVE UR BLOG!!
    awesome.. fighting..!!

  13. lovetohateme says:

    ^^ thank you so much for that. i really appreciate your kind words. =)

  14. Anonymous says:

    remained me of someone… the one who i love so much

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