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Got this piece of news from Soompi:


A popular United States Social Networking Service (SNS) FACEBOOK has added music to its features. CEO Yoon said “It might be up next year. Famous composers to sell their music or to sell songs from popular singers is our concept in this new business model” and “Eric Clapton is also composing a song (t/n: not sure what this meant really…) for Xiah Junsu of Dong Bang Shin Ki” he said.

translation: elune@soompi


I don’t know up to what extent this news is true but more than the fact that he MIGHT sing a song for Facebook, what I’m anticipating more is Eric Clapton composing a song for Junsu. I mean, I’m sure it’s going to be a great song because he sings and composes very nice songs (well, at l;east to m,e they’re nice).

I bet if ever this info is true, a GAZILLION fans will sign up on Facebook just to hear Junsu sing. LOL. I already have a Facebook account so no problem for me. I guess I’ll constantly check Facebook and just wait and see if this whole thing is true or not. :D