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JaeJoong and Yoochun posted Iple messages afte they won the mutizen award at SBS Inkigayo and their fanmeeting/fansigning event. Here are the translated Iple messages of DBSK’s Soulmate.

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Awww… JaeJoong is SO SWEET. If you check his actual message on Iple, you’ll see that he really listed a lot of the names of the fans there. Man, how can he remember ALL of those? And to think he even says he forgot some of them! Darn, how sharp is his memory? He also said sorry too those whose namees he forgot. Now, how sweet is that? He really loves his fans so dearly and that’s also the reason why we love him so much. JaeJoong is <333. I swear if only JaeJoong would also remember my name and include it on his Iple message, I can say that I’ll DIE HAPPY. Hahaha.

LOL at Yoochun’s addiction to games! Really, Junsu and him are just so into games. Wait, scratch that. ALL of them are into games EXCEPT for JaeJoong. Hahaha. And as usual, he’s still the same old emotional Park Yoochun that we’ve always known. Honestly, I was expecting him to cry when they recieved their awards at M!Countdown and SBS Inkigayo but I guess he’s saving it for the daesang awards at the end of the year.  :D