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The first of two episodes of SBS Family Outing wherein DBSK’s Yunho and Junsu appeared as guests. As usual the video below isn’t subbed yet but I’m sure our dear subbers will work on it pretty soon. =)

Part 1

Part 2

[Credits: stberry21]

*As of the time I’m making this entry, stberry21 only managed to upload the first two parts. To check on the uploaded parts, visit stberry21’s channel.

The second video was hilarious particularly towards the end. I was laughing so hard when Junsu fell in the water and did a little swimming. LOL. Clumsy duckbutt! :D

Just judging from these videos and the couple of screencaps I saw at DNBN, it looks like the two episodes with DBSK in it are fun and hilarious. It seems like the Yunho and Junsu had fun shooting this program and doing all the work/activities they were asked to do. Also based from other people’s stories (thosw who were lucky enough to watch it a while ago) said that Daesung had some fun moments with Junsu and Yunho. It’s fun to see Daesung of Big Bang and the two DBSK boys joke around each other. At least there were no awkward moments. :D

Here’s a gif that Junsu fans MIGHT want to see. *wink*

[Credit: DNBN]

Looks like a mother giving her son a bath or better yet, a girlfriend helping his boyfriend to clean-up. Hahaha. *peace*

Anyway, I just want to add that I like Junsu’s outfit when they arrived at the place. It certainly looks good on him. =)

Episode 18 will be aired next week, October 19.

Yahoo! The boys did it again! After winning first at M! Countdown, here they are again winning the mutizen award on SBS Inkigayo. Even if music show awards like these are not that important in determining the popularity of an artist in Korea but rather total album sales (someone from Soompi explained this already), I still think winning awards like these adds to the confidence of the boys. I hope they’ll also grab the top spot on the other music shows. :D

[Credit: stberry21]

Looks like Cassiopeia decided to obey JaeJoong’s request to cheer for them during performances. I guess the boys were so used to Cassies cheering and singing along with them while they’re performing that when Cassies decided to use the “silent-listening” method, they boys began to miss all the chanting. I know that before using that new method, Cassiopeia asked the boys’ opinons and they said that they would like it if they would be a little silent when they’re performing so as the other audience could also focus on their performance. But I guess the boys didn’t expect it to be THAT silent and maybe they just really missed all the cheering and chanting since after all, those cheers and chants just make the performance more energetic.  Just recently, JaeJoong asked them to cheer again and I think Cassiopeia had to decide if they’ll continue with the “slient-listening” method or give in to JaeJoong’s request. Basing from this video, it looks like they have decided to follow JaeJoong’s words, although I think their cheering and chanting still isn’t as loud and “hardcore” as before.

Anybody knows if JaeJoong is still sick? I don’t know if my hearing is already impaired or what but I’m sure I heard his voice crack at the beginning of the performance. Am I the only one who heard it?

Wait… am I seeing things or what? Was that JUNSU with RED HAIR?! *goes back to watch the video again* Whoa! He really dyed his hair RED? And when I mean red, it’s not the kind of red that JaeJoong used to have but rather a more obvious red. Oh, dolphinnie’s experimenting on his hair, eh? I wonder if this is for their upcoming 24th Japanese single promotions?

I don’t like the way Yoochun’s hair was styled on this one… AGAIN. T_T

Another question… why do these boys complain about their fans “sexually harassing” them when they choose to keep wearing THOSE KINDS OF CLOTHES??? Man, how can fangirls resist touching them if they display their chest JUST LIKE THAT?! *raises eyebrows*

And lastly, I seriously think SHINee is DBSK’s lucky charm. They’ve been present and were always behind DBSK when DBSK wins awards. Hahaha. I love seeing how happy SHINee is to see their sunbaes win the awards and it seems like it’s been reflex for the DBSK members to hug SHINee every time they’re announced as winners. See what JaeJoong, Changmin, and Junsu AUTOMATICALLY did after they were announced as the winner? They immediately hugged all the SHINee members behind them! LOL. DBSK and SHINee are slowly getting closer to each other. They may not be as “tight” as DBSK and SuJu but still, I think they’re getting there. Jonghyun even spilled on his last Iple message that JaeJoong CRIED (and I mean literally cry and not  just “crying from the heart” like what he used to say) after they got the number one spot at M! Countdown just a few days ago. Hahaha. Exposing their sunbaes secrets, huh? What will these kids spill next? LOL.

The following are pictures included in the DBSK/Tohoshinki’s 24th Japanese single also entitled MIROTIC. I think I’ve uploaded some of them before but I uploaded them again since these are HQ versions.

And these are JaeJoong’s and Changmin’s postcard pictures.

[Credits: as tagged + lolly88@soompi]

Although I’m still not a fan of their concept for this Japanese single, I have to say that I love the first group picture. They look so HOT looking sideways. <3

I don’t like their solo booklet pictures especially Junsu’s. He looks like he’s sleeping, or drunk, or something. It’s quite an awkward pose. Maybe if I were to choose the nicest among all their solo pictures, I would probably choose Yoochun’s. His picture seems normal to me.

Even though I don’t like JaeJoong’s hair in these pictures, I’d have to say that I LOVE his postcard shot His hair doesn’t look good (at least for me) when I look at it’s front view but he does look hot with it if I look at it a different angle. He looks like a gangester. To be more precise, he’s the first ever “angelic-looking gangster” I’ve seen in my 20 years of existence. Hahaha. =)

During DBSK’s recent guesting on the show Happy Together season 3, JaeJoong mentioned something about fans’ “touching” that is bordering on sexual harassment. Here’s the actual article from dnbn.

[뉴스엔 이미혜 기자]

동방신기 영웅재중이 “가끔 팬들이 집요하게 멤버들의 몸을 만진다”며 고충을 털어놨다.

영웅재중은 9일 방송된 KBS 2TV ‘해피투게더 시즌3’에서 “동방신기 팬 규모가 80만명이다”며 “거대한 팬클럽으로 기네스북에도 올랐다”고 팬클럽 규모를 자랑했다.

이 어 영웅재중은 “공항 같은 데서 수많은 팬들을 뚫고 지나가면 사람과 사람 사이로 손만 들어와서 자꾸 신체 부위를 만지곤 한다”며 “누구 손인지 확인할 길은 없지만 시아준수는 주로 엉덩이, 나는 팔이랑 가슴을 만지곤 한다”며 인기가 많아 힘든 고충을 깜짝 고백했다.

영웅재중은 “너무 집요하게 만져 손을 떼어내도 다시 또 와서 만진다”며 “엉덩이를 만지면 손만 대고 있는 것이 아니라 주물럭 주물럭한다”고 심각성을 설명했다. 이를 듣고 있는 출연자들이 “거의 성희롱 수준이다”고 놀라움을 표했을 정도.

유노윤호 또한 팬들의 과도한 스킨십에 깜짝 놀랐던 경험을 밝혔다. 유노윤호는 “나이가 있는 팬 분이 얼굴을 주물럭 주물럭한 적이 있었다”며 “그 분은 계속 ‘아이고, 예뻐’라고 말씀하면서 만지지만 당하는 사람은 기분이 별로다”고 솔직하게 고백했다.


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I actually used google translator to translte it but the whole article is still not that clear. Originally, I was planning to just post a rough summary of the content (since I can’t translate it word for word) but luckily, POPSEOUL made an article about it. Here’s the article:

Dong Bang Shin Ki wants fans to stop sexual harassment

During the KBS2TV program, “Happy together season 3″ on October 9th, Yong-woong-jae-joong of Dong-bang-shin-ki confessed that there have been times when fans have gone too far with the body contact, “At crowded places like airports where screaming fangirls and hands are everywhere trying to cop a feel, you don’t know  whose hand belongs to who.” Generally, those random hands are feeling up Yong-woong’s chest or arms but for Junsu, it’s usually the butt.

Yong-woong added, “Even if one hand has finished molesting, another hand will take it’s place. And it’s not like the hand just rests on the butt-it actually massaging it!….this verges on sexual harassment!”

Yoo-no-yoon-ho also confirmed the extreme skinship that fans will go to if they get the chance-”there was an older fan who can kept massaging my face and kept saying, “aigo, so pretty” but the person who is the victim doesn’t feel so hot”.

As the world record holder of having the largest fan club with 800 thousand strong, that’s alot of horny hands who want a piece of the boys.

I’m actually not surprised of this news. I knew for a fact that something like this happens to the boys since, after all, most of their fans -whether official fanclub members or not – are teenage girls with, if I may say so, raging hornones. Funny as it may sound, but that’s reality. I pity the boys because they had to go through those kinds of situations. I mean, even though they are artists and are considered “public property” most of the time, it’s not part of their work to let people “violate” them. Despite being celebrities and public figures, they are still people who deserves RESPECT. Just because the are TRYING to tolerate and understand the fans, it doesn’t mean that THEY DON’T MIND fans doing these kinds of things to them.

On the other hand, I also understand the fans. Most of us (yes, US) want to have a piece of our idols. We want to get a hold of them and be able to boast that we were able to “touch” and “feel” them. It’s a whole different feeling from just looking at them and taking pictures because by touching them, we feel a different kind of “connection”. And like what I have pointed out, most of DBSK’s fans are teenage girls who are at the stage of their lives where the “attraction” to gorgeous guys like DBSK is so strong. I’ve been on that stage before so I should know. But fans should also know when things are getting out of hand. We should know when we’re getting overboard. In this case, the boys are really getting uncomfortable because of SOME fans’ gestures and behavior. I mean, holding someone’s chest, arms, and BUTT without their consent or against their will IS qualified as sexual harassment. Fans may not know this and see their actions as “normal” but really to the DBSK members, that is a pure display of disrespect.

I’m actually glad that JaeJoong and Yunho voiced out their thoughts about this matter. I’m sure it took them a lot of courage to do this because they certainly do not want their fans to feel guilty or whatnot. But the mere fact that they tackled this topic on a TV show says a lot. It only means that fans are doing it way TOO MUCH that they just can’t tolerate it anymore. This only sends a clear message to the fans that DBSK IS UNCOMFORTABLE OF BEING TOUCHED THAT WAY. I hope that the fans would understand where these guys are coming from and to stop “sexually harassing” them. I’m sure it’s ok for the boys if fans touch their hands but certainly not the parts that are quite sensitive. I hope fans would just put their selves on the shoes of the boys. I’m sure they – and anyone for that matter – wouldn’t be too happy either if random people would just feel their chest and arms, cup their faces, and worse, massage their butts, right?

I hope this serves as a lesson and a wake-up call to all of us fans (even to non DBSK fans) to maintain a certain degree of personal space from our idols and to be watchful of our actions. Fans are existing to support and to protect their idols, not to violate them, right? =)