JaeJoong @ 2008 Asia Song Festival

Posted: October 6, 2008 in Kim Jaejoong, TVXQ random posts
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As promised, here I am with a bunch of JaeJoong pictures. I’m back to my old ways again – always making separate posts for JaeJoong since I almost always get lots of pictures of him. Again, forgive my bias towards JaeJoong. I just can’t help it… I love him. :D And besides it’s my birthday today (awww… starting today I’m not a teen anymore. T_T) so just let me enjoy the sight of the most gorgeous man in Asia. Hahaha. =)

OMG. JaeJoong is out to KILL ME AGAIN. Why did he even wear that outfit? It’s causing me to hyperventilate for the nth time already! I may sound pervy but please allow me even for just once since my birthday’s about to end in a few minutes anyway… JaeJoong’s chest looks sooo GREAT. It’s so flawless! Hahaha. I like clean-chested guys (wow, does such term even exist?) than guys with hairy chests. It looks so neat and pleasing to STARE at than their opposites. LOL. Me and my weird self again. But I would also like to add that JaeJoong was so pretty that night. Yes, I’m using PRETTY. Hahaha. He really looks so delicate and gentle but still manages  to maintain his manly image. Ah, KIM JAEJOONG is driving me insane! :D

And to end this entry, I would like to present (LOL) my favorite pictures of JaeJoong during the 2008 Asia Song Festival. Each of these pictures, I think, displays the different sides of JaeJoong. =)


I know. His position is a bit awkward, right? But admit it. He’s SMOKIN’ HOT.


Look at his pose…it’s WONDERFUL. I love it! He looks like a movie actor filming a scene in the movie. Hahaha.


Some people don’t look too good when they have serious expressions on their faces. But how does JaeJoong manage to still look ATTRACTIVE even when he wears that serious look on his face? JaeJoong is truly a genius in his craft. :D


Jae, are those flowers for me? LOL. Wait, scratch that. I guess I have to rephrase it since two girls might kill me if I don’t share Jae with them again. So let me change the question: Jae, are those flowers for me, Elaine, and timenagain? =) LOL.

On a more serious note, I really adore JaeJoong’s smile. It’s so “natural” and simple yet it can give a person a very warm feeling. I hope we’ll see more of JaeJoong’s smile in the future. :D

And these are my favorite of all the pictures at ASF…


JaeJoong oppa ~~ your lips looks mighty fine. Makes me want to go there and kiss them! LOL.


Look at his eyes… they’re so mesmerizing and at the same time “tempting”. Every time I look at this picture,  I get shivers down my spine because it feels like he’s really looking at me with those deep and shining eyes of his. His stare is the kind that would melt any girl’s heart. Ah, Kim JaeJoong – please allow me to borrow a line from Picture of You – Please be mine... <333

[Photo Credits: as tagged + baidu + dnbn]

  1. Elaine says:

    ah.. the last picture absolutely killed me.. if he looked at me in real life like that i’d die smiling..
    his pout killed me too..
    hahaha as for the chest thing, i thought everybody likes a.. clean-chest?? haha and thanks for sharing the flowers :D

  2. lovetohateme says:

    ^^ really? i think some people prefer hairy-chested guys since for them that looks “sexy” but for me it screams “ewww”. LOL.
    as for the flowers, you’re welcome. :D

  3. timeneagain says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

    I love you~

    I love your blog~

    I love Jaejoong~

    May you be happy always.

  4. lovetohateme says:

    ^^ thank you!!! :D

    and yeah, i love you, too! <3

    thanks for always being here! ;)

  5. floflo says:

    hey, can you put yr photos in an album somewhere?
    Cause its kinda hard to save. :x

    Anyways, thanks for the photos!
    Jaejoong is addiction. (:

  6. XiahKi says:

    OMG!!! LOVE IT!

    I agree he is so cute i first saw him on star king and thought im in love! dont get me wrong i love all the members (JUNSU!) but JeaJoongs charisma just makes him shine! they all have thier qualities. and the clean-chest im right thier with you when i first saw previews of mirotic my jaw dropped lol!
    Then when i saw them at the Korean Music Festival i almost DIED!
    Junsu nearly killed me ive never seen him show that much skin before and his performance on Purple line WOW!

    LOL sorry i guess i like JUNSU the way you like jeajoong but can you blame a girl lol.
    DBSK사랑 <3

  7. lovetohateme says:

    @ floflo: uhm, i’m using wordpress to upload my files. i don’t really like using photo hosting sites because once people hotlink, i’m pretty sure my bandwidth will exceed and my account would be dead. =(

    @ XiahKi: hahaha… it’s pretty obvious you like Junsu based on your username. but that’s ok. we all love DBSK but of course we have our favorites. mine happens to be JaeJoong and yours is Junsu. =)

  8. Vivian-Misaki Yukako says:

    OMFG, thanks yo for these charismatic pictures of Jae. He is damn-Hawt I admit .

  9. jelly says:

    dang he is so fin3 i love his lips? he is hella hawt on every of those pichas

  10. loveJaeJae says:

    JJ is the hottest man in the world!!!

  11. LoveJ says:

    Damn…I’m trying so hard not to be some crazy fan-girl (no offense) but I AM. I just love your blog …thanks for sharing such HOT pics of jae. I love Jae as well. I’m really into DBSK aka Tohoshinki (especially jaejoongie). That’s one of the main reason, i like to visit your blog.

  12. lovetohateme says:

    @ LoveJ: Thank you for taking time to visit my blog, too! =)

  13. arigatoJEJUNG says:


  14. yippeesg says:

    jae is heartbreakingly beautiful ^^

  15. Joongieluv says:

    It kills me . Mad*

  16. I think I’m turning gay, I’m a guy and I keep looking at Jaejoong pictures.. x.x… LOL JK, I don’t think I’m turning gay. But I do look at his pictures… he’s the only badass looking guy from a kids point of view here.

  17. FANN LU says:

    te quiero muchos

    te amor

    jaeoong sexy

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