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The “misunderstanding” between SM and MBC is finally over and DBSK will appear on MBC’s Come To Play show.

MBC vs SM feud Over, TVXQ To Appear On MBC

MBC and SM Entertainment have dramatically reconciled. On the 26th at the MBC Dreamcenter in Ilsan, the PD of the show “Come To Play” revealed that the conflict between MBC and SM Entertainment is over and therefore Dong Bang Shin Gi will be appearing on Come To Play.”

Because of the conflict, extreme measures were taken where SM Entertainment singers were prohibited from appearing or participating on any of the network’s programs. The PD stated, “The argument between MBC and SM was a result of a misunderstanding” and also, “SM cleared the misunderstanding and discussed Dong Bang Shin Gi’s appearance. And in the future, SM artists will be able to appear and perform on music programs.”

Futhermore, Dong Bang Shin Gi’s ‘Come To Play’ segment recording will take place on October 1st.

Source: Newsen

I don’t really know what exactly happened between MBC and SM but I did hear about their conflict before which led to MBC’s banning of SM artists on any of its shows. But I am glad that the conflict is finally over. At least we’ll get to see SM artists on MBC shows from now on. I also personally think that DBSK served as an instrument for these two parties to reconcile. Maybe MBC really wants to guest DBSK on one of their shows since they’ve been away for a long time and their comeback is probably one of the hottest things in Korean entertainment right now. There’s no other way to make the boys appear on MBC shows than to reconcile with SM, right? So I guess that was one of the reasons why they decided to end the conflict between them. Yay for world peace! ;p

I posted JaeJoong and Yunho’s solo pictures on THIS POST . This time, I’m going to post the pictures of the other members. =)




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Changmin!!! O.O OMG, what are you doing to me?! Changmin’s been getting my attention lately, I noticed. I guess this is due to the pictures floating around nowadays. Gah, my eyes are supposed to be reserved for Jae! LOL. But it’s not bad to look at others once in a while, right? :D

I guess this is a cut from the DVD that’s included in version B of the album. It’s a video of Yunho interviewing Changmin. The other members’ interviews are not available yet (at this moment) on YouTube. I’ll just post them up once I find the other interviews. By the way, this doesn’t include english subtitles. Hopefully someone would sub it soon, too. :D

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Changmin looks so handsome on this one. I like his hair on this video!  He’s so serious, too but then his facial expressions were somewhat funny and cute. Hahaha. And it’s also funny how he keeps on moving his hands and arms. Looks like he can’t stay still. LOL.

EDIT: Here are screen caps of Yoochun from his interview in the DVD.

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Unlike Changmin’s somewhat “serious” interview, it seems like Yoochun’s was the complete opposite. Yah, Yoochun what the heck are you doing? What’s with all those hand gestures??? LOL. He’s really one dorky guy!

These are pictures of the fans lining up at different record stores to buy DBSK’s new album, MIROTIC.

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Gawd, so many fans are lining up to get the album! This is the first time I’ve seen people lining up like THAT just to get a copy of an album. I hope all those fans got a copy of it so that their effort in lining up was not put to waste. Hopefully SM produced an ample amount of copies of the album to be able to cater to the high demand for it.

This is the video shown during the mini concert. It’s the individual interview of the boys while doing the Mirotic MV. The video is not subbed. T_T I hope someone will sub it soon. I want to know what they’re saying!

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Jaejoong will really be the ONLY cause of my death…

Oh my goodness! Total HOTNESS! *wow, that rhymes. lol*


And of course MR. HOTNESS himself, KIM JAEJOONG *dies*

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OMG. The first picture of JaeJoong got me screaming at 5am in the morning! I’m lucky my parents didn’t wake up because of it or else I am dead meat. But as if that makes any difference since I’m gonna be dead anyway if pictures like THAT comes out again. Waaaaahhhh! Why does he keep on doing this to me? JaeJoong, why are you so… YUMMY?! Gosh, I think I’m becoming a perv because of him. NOOOOOO! *shakes head relentlessly* But seriously, WHY IS KIM JAEJOONG SO HOT???

I want my copy NOW! I can’t wait any longer! Yesasia, can’t you be a little faster?! T_T

Just a mix of different things/info related to the 4th Korean album “MIROTIC”.

** The English subbed version of the making of Mirotic MV and the album cover photoshoot aired on MNet:

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I finally can understand everything! Yay! =)

** English subbed version of the press conference and some parts of the mini concert/showcase. The video is LQ but at least it’s subbed, right? LOL.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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** Here’s a video of a sample of all the songs from the 4th album (except Mirotic, Love in the Ice, and Hey). You can hear a 45 secs. preview of each song from the album. This is just to give you guys an idea of what the songs are like. :D

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I love all the songs! They all sound so good! The songs You’re My Song, Crazy Love, Forgotten Season (Jae’s solo), and Look at the Sunset/Afterglow are my favorites! I can’t wait for my copy!

** For the romanized + translated lyrics of the songs from the 4th album, visit DBSKarchives. Almost all the lyrics of DBSK’s songs are there.