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Here are the CD jackets for the Tohoshinki’s 24th Japanese single also entitled “Mirotic”.

Jacket A (CD + DVD)

Jacket B (CD only)

[Credit: mu-mo + blaze@soompi]

Uhm, I’d have to say that I like the Korean album covers more than these. I don’t like the hair of all the members except for Yunho’s. His still seems a bit normal. I don’t know how to describe it but it’s just not my taste. They look A WHOLE LOT older on these photos. But to be fair, I must say that I like the black outfit. It gives them a “rocker” type of look and their stares are so freakin’ intense. And although I’m not really a fan of the book Twilight (and the books after that), doesn’t their theme on these pictures seem to be influenced by it? Hahaha. They, especially JaeJoong, seem to fit the book’s description of Edward Cullen, don’t you think? :D (Hahaha. I remember the other members calling Jae as “dracula/vampire”. LOL)

EDIT: Here’s a bonus picture. =)

[Credit: Baidu]

This news is still questionable since nobody confirmed it yet. But I’m going to post it anyway.

The lower part of the news says:

C Ver-Includes Showcase
D Ver – the songs the members composed
E Ver -Special Version

[Credit: as tagged +tvxqfamily +lolly88@ soompi]

If ever this is true, dam* LSM! Why does he keep on releasing so many versions?! He’s seriously trying to increase the poverty rate of the world because of his money-making tactics. If this news happens to be true, then I think I will buy version C or D instead of version B (which was my original plan) because I think I prefer the DVD of the showcase than the DVD that includes interviews of the boys. I already bought version A and I was going to buy version B but I changed my mind when I saw this news. In as much as I want to buy all the versions, I think having five copies of one album with the same songs isn’t that reasonable anymore even if it’s DBSK. But I want the five versions! WHAT TO DO?! T_T

This is what the boys’ have to say regarding BoA’s upcoming US debut:

TVXQ, “We’re watching over BoA’s Entry…”

Group TVXQ revealed they they will be rooting together for BoA’s advancement into the American market in an interview held on the 24th at Seoul Apgujong.

“What will the result be,” pondered the five members, but they were all in agreement that she “will come out of it successful” conveying what they thought of their fellow colleague.

“We are cheering for her,” said Xiah Junsu. And regarding her future he added, “I hope that it sends her status soaring.” Young Woong Jae Joong also stating, “I hope to find my way onto the same road that Sunbae (Senior) is taking.”

U-Know Yunho pointed out that, “BoA is a very hardworking singer, didn’t she overcome her difficulties and win over Japan,” and that it will be a good influence for BoA when she enters America.

Choi Kang Chang Min, “We may not know the American Music Market that well but with BoA’s hard work she can do it.”

Although, the group had reservations themselves when asked, “Doesn’t Dong Bang Shin Gi also wish to advance to America?” With a flat out denial, Xiah Junsu said, “We’re not thinking of something like that right now,” as well as U-Know Yunho, “I’ve missed Korea very much and because of that wish to stay active here.”

Source: My Daily

The Dong Bang boys are really very supportive of their fellow SM artists. Whether its their sunbaes or their hoobaes, they always look out for them and support them all the way. This not only proves the friendship and closeness among SM artists but also the fact that DBSK members are good-natured people. =)

Regarding the topic on their own US debut, although I don’t quite believe them when they said that they’re not totally thinking about it, I’m happy to know that they’re really concentrating on their comeback in Korea. I guess somehow the US debut thing does cross their minds once in a while since they’ll surely be the next to have a US debut if BoA really do become successful in breaking through the American music industry, but I’m glad that they’re not making a big fuss out of it. It is really better for them to focus on their activities in Korea than think of “uncertain” things like that especially since Korea missed them so much. Besides, the time will surely come when they’ll be “ripe” and “ready” to conquer the American market.  They just have to wait for it to come naturally than to try to force it. For now, the boys should conentrate on their “territory” first and solidify their hold here in Asia (although I think they’ve already done that).

P.S. It’s already the 26th of September here and also in Korea so that only means one thing: DBSK’s 4th Korean album “MIROTIC” is finally out! Yay! The long wait is OVER! :D