JaeJoong @ Mini Concert/Showcase

Posted: September 25, 2008 in Kim Jaejoong
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I know this is pretty late and this is not even an “official” DBSK news but rather just one of my JaeJoong fangirling moments. I just felt like doing this post since: 1) I love JaeJoong; 2) I love his “look” during the Mini Concert (except for that outfit he wore for the press conference and the Mirotic performance); 3) I don’t have anything better to do tonight; and 4) I miss posting up pictures of JaeJoong separately from the rest and commenting on them one by one. :D

These are the pictures of JaeJoong from DBSK’s mini concert/showcase last September 21, 2008 at Seoul City Plaza. I’ve been looking up for his pictures for a while now and so far, these are some of the ones I have collected. =) And like what I always do, I’m going to post them up simply because I love Jae so much. Hahaha. I’ll do it by sets again and I’ll give a title/theme for each set.


Of course whenever I post pictures of Jae, it’s impossible for me not to comment on and admire his pretty face. I will always praise his beauty and the fangirl in me will always label Jae as the most gorgeous creature here on earth. Heck, maybe he’s not even an earthling! His looks and features are too heavenly to be considered as a human being. Hahaha.

I love his eyes with eyeliners on them. The black and somewhat thick eyeliner outlines and makes his already lovely pair of eyes more appealing. It also adds to Jae’s sexiness and charisma. I wish Jae could look at me with those beautiful and meaningful eyes of his. Maybe if that’ll happen, I’ll be the happiest woman on earth and I couldn’t ask for anything more. <3


These set of pictures (I think) were taken during their Mirotic performance. He wore ONLY a vest/coat again just like during the SMTOWN concert in Seoul and in the Mirotic MV. Of course needless to say, this sight of Jae almost half-naked sent fangirls like me going crazy again. I swear this trick of his never fails. :) I have one question, though. Will this be the same outfit that he will be wearing every time they perform Mirotic? If that would be the case, I guess I have to ready myself and make sure that I’ll get used to it soon so as not to spazz too much and to avoid the loss of blood due to excessive nosebleed. LOL.


Hahaha. I, myself, was laughing at the title I gave for this set of pictures. But darn it, Jae looks so hot even when he’s just drinking! And please take note that he’s FULLY COVERED at that. Why does he need to be such a tease? WHY?!


He isn’t really praying (I guess) here but Jae, with his eyes closed and arms spread wide, looks like someone who’s praying to the One above for a miracle to happen. What are you praying for, gorgeous angel? Praying to meet your “special girl”? You don’t have to pray that hard. Just tell me and I’ll be there to introduce myself. LOL. *hides from Jae’s fangirls*  =)


Want to learn fight moves? Then learn it from the master himself, Youngwoong JaeJoong! LOL.

Jae: ” Always start with the “What?! You’re looking for a fight?” expression …

… Then, do the “bring it on!” stance. And yes, it should be done with the same exact expression as this …

… Next, show them the dragon ball-like moves and killer attacks just like these…

… After the final kick, give your beaten opponents “THE STARE DOWN” and also, please do it in a very angsty manner. Make it seem like you’re looking down at them and mocking them for being weak just like this  one (please take note of my eyes and my legs’ position)…

… And finally for the finishing touch, keep the fierce and confident expression on your face and then do the “Who wants to be the next victim?” stare to give off a strong vibe and to bring about fear to your possible opponents.

… And that, my friends, is the end of our fighting lessons. Just keep all of these in mind and for sure you’re going to be a victor in any fight. Bow'”

LOL. It’s fun making fun of JaeJoong once in a while. Hahaha. But more than the pictures above, I’m laughing at myself more because of my silliness. How could I possibly think of these kinds of things? Ah, my lack of sleep and insomnia is really getting into me. I’m beginning to get weirder by the day! And unfortunately, DBSK and their current image isn’t helping either. Hahaha.


I bet all the Cassies who went to the showcase went crazy when Jae lifted his shirt. Man, why wasn’t I part of the crowd? Loser me. =( By the way, did you notice that Jae’s undergarment is the same with the one he’s wearing during the SMTOWN concert in Seoul? I remember that because I was STARING at the pictures for one whole week what he was wearing that time also says “SKINS”. Oh, how perfect can that be? “SKINS” says it all. :D

But looks like we’re not the only ones who love Jae’s chest. Even the boys are drawn to it. Check this out:

Awww… poor Jae. He’s being “abused” by his own friends and in front of the public at that. Yah! Chun, Boom and Teukie, get your hands off Jae, will you?! Leave the “touching” to me us. LOL.


Jae HAPPILY STARING at Yunho’s abs when the latter lifted his shirt up. Tsk. Jae, you perv! :D

And as if exposure to Yunnie’s abs isn’t enough, our naughty boy started to bully Changmin and attempted to unbutton his top and strip him off his polo. Fortunately, he did not continue with what he was doing. I bet he got scared of Min’s DEATHLY GLARE. His way of looking at JaeJoong says it all: “Hyung, if you continue what you’re doing I swear you’re gonna be dead meat even before we reach home.” Who wouldn’t be scared of THAT especially if it’s CHANGMIN who gives you that glare?

Check this fancam to see Soulfighter in action.

Ok, that’s it for now. I’ll just continue my “JaeJoong Addiction” next time when new sets of pictures are available and next time they do an event. :D

[Photo credits: as tagged + baidu + dnbn]

  1. SilentPixie says:

    O.O LMAO! YO! There are a BIZILLION pics on here! All I got to say is… HOLY MOTHER… to the ones where he’s half naked!!! And LMAO! At the “Fighting Lessons” OMG! I can’t stop laughing! LOL The “Bring it on” face! LOL and the “Stare them down” face… lol Man… *tries to breathe…. not working* LMAO!

    OMG! Naughty JAe! staring at Yunho! Then trying to get poor “innocent” Min to show his! LMAO! I love Jae.. he’s hilarious!

  2. lovetohateme says:

    ^^ Hahaha. Well those pictures are part of my “JaeJoong Collection” now that’s why I’ve got a lot of pictures. :D Believe it or not, I’m also laughing at those pictures and at myself as well when I was writing this post. His poses are just too funny! LOL.

  3. Elaine says:

    yes omg i noticed how smoulderingly sexy his eyes look with eyeliner!! i saved a few of these photos myself :D

  4. lovetohateme says:

    ^^ His eyes seem to become more expressive because of the eyeliner. I actually got some more pictures of him during the showcase but I didn’t upload them anymore since this post is already filled with pictures. Hahaha. But yeah, IT IS A MUST to save these pictures. =)

  5. SilentPixie says:

    lol YAY! We all have “fave” collections! Mine is a Junu collection.. of course.. lol

    I love Jae’s eyes. Whoever said asians had small eyes had never met Jae! lol I feel in love with his eyes, especially in the O-JBH MV! OMG! I loved that!

    Thanx a billion for these pix! ^.^V

  6. lovetohateme says:

    ^^ You’re always welcome! =)

  7. Anonymous says:

    the undergarment jaejoongs wearing are called ‘skins’ a sports aparel

  8. lovetohateme says:

    ^^ yeah, i know that. i was just saying that the word “skins” fits his current concept so much. :D

  9. ^_^ says:

    Jaejoong’s underwear says “skins” ………
    I keep thinking of Mirotic: “I got yoooou~under my…..”

    Sorry, that sounds pervy!

  10. lovetohateme says:

    @ ^_^: LOL. When it comes to JaeJoong, being pervy is forgivable. Hahaha. :D

  11. yuffi says:

    Can I post a comment too?

    well, there’s no point saying no
    I`ve already written

    Jae Joong is so hot! Yummy too! haha
    He must be a god who went down here on earth to sweep us mere mortals off our feet…
    what could a girl give just to be with that gorgeous man?

  12. lovetohateme says:

    @ yuffi: Hahaha, sure you can post anytime. No need to ask for permission. :D And yes, JaeJoong is a god from heaven. He’s too perfect for words. :D

  13. Joyce says:

    OMG thanks for posting this… He is the hottest of hot.. next to him is Yunho oppa ofcourse (= the fighting lessons was hilarious, really made me laugh.. HAHAHA…. love the way he looked at Yunho’s abs, so cute!! lol and I share the insomnia problem, its all DBSK’s fault… gah too damn sexy and addicting.. XD

  14. jaeno.1 says:

    love jae so much

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