Teukie’s Cyworld Entry about DBSK

Posted: September 21, 2008 in DBSK in Korea, k-pop love, TVXQ random posts
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Aww… he’s such a sweet hyung to his dongsaengs. DBSJ love is very evident these days, eh? From the SMTOWN concerts to their cyworld entries. Ah, I just love the closeness of Dong Bang Shin Ki and Super Junior! It’s so touching to know that they support each other just like true brothers would. Keep up the very strong friendship, boys! We’ll support both of you! :D

Eeteuk’s Cyworld Entry 2008.09.20

..Dong Bang Shin Ki’s new album name has been revealed…^^
Their main song and lyrics are incredible..
Apparently, Yunho’s very cute in the photo book this time …^^

Recently, Jaejoong has been saying ..Hyung, you’re so irresponsible.. how can you act coquettishly..
Ya~~You’re always acting coquettishly towards Hyung…Hush~~!!Hyung’s only doing it this time..ㅋㅋ

Junsu, on the other hand, has been staring with bright eyes!!!Why are you like that~~!!!You really make people embarrassed..ㅋㅋ
You, Hyung looks very good right?ㅋㅋ

Yoochunie..I often admire you..Are you satisfied now..^^

Changmin-ah..~~~You’re so manly now…^^Handsome..!!

5 Handsome Dongsaengs!!!!As the status of a sunbae, (you’re) a group that has learnt a lot…^^
Please give lots of love…Because we’re also preparing for our 3Jib now…
Please support it lots once it’s released..ㅋㅋ!
This time, please give lots of support to Dong Bang Shin Ki..!!!(E.L.F, understand?^^)
Hyung will also give them encouragement!!!!Dong Bang Shin Ki KingWangJjang!!!
Us!!!!!!sm’s children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We will overcome all difficulties, and because everyone thinks this way, we will all be very blessed..^^

Credits; OnlySJ13, ilovejr@superduperlove.wordpress.com

  1. Sweetshu says:

    Ah!!!! Gotta love them to death!!!!!!!! He’s such a sweet Hyung ^.^
    SM-kajogi Fighting!!!!!

  2. lovetohateme says:

    ^^ Yeah, Teukie is really a sweet one. Fit to be called an “angel”? Hahaha.

  3. Elaine says:

    ahha! one of my fav in super junior <3
    think i have a fetish for skinny boys lol.

  4. lovetohateme says:

    ^^ hahaha, you like teukie? he’s a funny guy. actually i love it when kangin teases him. hehehe. so cute. =)

    yes, i think you have a thing for skinny guys. LOL.

  5. Elaine says:

    yeahh he is super funny. i watch alot of suju variety shows. he stands out the most. next guy i like is heechul lol. dunno which i prefer more. they are damn witty haha.
    jae’s above all, of course, hahaha.

  6. SilentPixie says:

    AHA! His.. “…Ya~~You’re always acting coquettishly towards Hyung…Hush~~!!Hyung’s only doing it this time..ㅋㅋ…’
    LMAO! I love his “HUSH!” haha…

    what does that mmean? Was Teukie flirting with Jae??? lol
    I love their frindship bonds. They alwasy support and encourage each other. I hope they stay ever lasting friends! .. no pun intended!

  7. lovetohateme says:

    @ Elaine: Yeah, he and Heechul definitely stand out among all the suju members because of their craziness. Hahaha. of course, Jae should always top our list. =)

    @ SilentPixie: Hahaha. Maybe he is flirting with Jae??? I’m not sure. Looks like they are flirting with each other… I’m jealous! LOL. Yeah, the DBSK and SuJu boys are really close since most of them trained together for so many years. I’m glad they’re keeping and taking care of their friendship even if they’re a bunch of superstars now. Hahaha.

  8. hana kya! says:

    so sweet…
    its nice to know dat they supprt each other (thy r rili close)
    it make me jealous how close thay r 2 each othr..

    TVXQ N SUJU FIGHTING…!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. lovetohateme says:

    ^^ Yes, I also envy their closeness and friendship. :D

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