I’ve been surfing some websites tonight (actually it’s technically morning already since it’s already 4am here) since I have an insomnia attack again and I found an article at Allkpop about the latest news on the Korean version of the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango. The part of the news talking about the casting of the Korean drama somehow caught my attention since the drama will already air this coming December and yet the lead casts are not yet decided. Here’s a part of the article: (I won’t post the whole article but only the part about the casting)

The Latest on Korea’s “Flower Before Boys”

…What everyone is dying to know is the casting – and it seems that KBS is gearing up for an all-star cast of members from famous boy bands. At this point, the biggest front runner for the lead is SS501‘s Kim Hyun-Joong, although sources have yet to confirm this. Another likely candidate is Super Junior‘s Kim Ki Bum (Personally I’m crossing my fingers for this!), especially since he starred in previous Sharp dramas. A few people have mentioned T.O.P. from Big Bang and Jae Joong from DBSK (I think he could play the female lead, too…), but with fan groups spamming message boards declaring that ‘their’ idol will be cast, it’s hard to know which sources are reliable and which are products of crazy stalkers’ devoted fans’ hopeful imaginations.

One thing for sure is that Korea’s casting of “Flowers Before Boys” will be explosive, since the Hallyu wave has made boy bands in particular extremely popular with girls all over Asia. In fact, people in China, Japan, and other parts of East Asia are also eagerly anticipating the casting of the Korean version. After all, Korea is known for its beautiful boys. The collaboration of members from ‘rival’ boy bands is definitely worth watching, and this drama will no doubt propel them to even bigger stardom…

If you want to read the whole article, CLICK HERE.

Before anything else, isn’t “Boys before Flowers/Boys over Flowers” the English translation/title of Hana Yori Dango? I don’t know if the writer made a mistake or there’s a hidden meaning behind her title that I can’t seem to get. But well, nevermind that.

Anyway, KBS wants the lead casts to come from different boybands? Wow, that would really be a good marketing ploy since Korean boybands nowadays are a hit not only in Korea but also in other Asian countries. Ratings will surely be high up there. Aside from this, like what the writer had mentioned, boyband members who will be casted for the lead roles will also benefit from it since Hana Yori Dango is pretty much a popular drama and the manga plus the two versions already aired (Japanese and Taiwanese versions) were huge hits. Being part of the Korean version would increase their popularity and would make them more familiar to a wide range of audiences. But although both sides would benefit from this plan, the main question is this: Can a boyband member who is more of a “singer” rather than an “actor” be able to deliver and give justice to the character that he’ll have to portray? Well for the Japanese and the Taiwanese versions, not all of the lead characters are singers. For the Japanese version, I think only Matsumoto Jun is a singer and the rest are already real actors. For the Taiwanese version, although the lead casts are all singers and are the members of the boyband F4 now, I think they only became a singing group during/after Meteor Garden since they gained vast popularity by starring on the drama. And besides, no offense to F4 fans, I’m more convinced that they are better of as actors rather than as singers. =) So my main concern regarding KBS’ plan of casting boyband members is their delivery and acting skills. Would it be better to cast popular boyband members who are amateur actors or would it be safer to choose veteran and capable actors for such a big drama? I know. Tough, right?

On with my opinion on the casting. Well, I read before that they’re contemplating on giving the role of Rui/Lei to HyunJoong of SS501. I really can’t say if he fits the role since I’m not that familiar with SS501 members (I only listen to their songs but I have little knowledge about the members’ personalities). But regarding KiBum, I think he doesn’t fit the role of any of the four male lead casts. I just can’t picture KiBum playing the role of the stubborn and hot-headed Domyuji/Dao Ming Si or the role of the very quiet but mysterious Rui/Lei or the playboys Sojiro/Xi Men and Akira/Mei Zuo. Although his looks certainly fits a rich kid role, I think he’s a little “stiff” to play a lead character for the drama. TOP of Big Bang could play the role of Domyuji/Dao Ming Si since his looks is that of a rebel guy although he might need to attend a lot of acting workshops since that role is most certainly a very hard and challenging one. As for JaeJoong, I think he will be the perfect person to play the role of Rui/Lei because of his quiet and mysterious looks. But even if he’ll be chosen, I highly doubt that he can do it because DBSK’s schedule is already packed with a lot of activities that I’m sure he won’t have any time to film anymore.

And so with only condsidering their personalities and disregarding their inexperience in acting, who are my choices (coming from boybands) for the lead roles?

Domyuji/Dao Ming Si:

Choi SiWon (Super Junior) – I think he can be suitable for the role since SiWon can play characters with different personalities. He can play the good boy role and he can also be the rebel guy. I also think SiWon is good at portraying the roles assigned to him and he has the ability to change his personality, behavior, and attitude depending on the role he’s playing and on what the story needs.


Kim JaeJoong (DBSK) – Ok I know this is quite impossible, if not totally impossible. But who says I can’t have wishful thinking? I just think he’ll be the perfect person for this role. I believe that playing this character will ALMOST be as natural as breathing for him. No sweat. (Of course that is if he receives acting workshops beforehand since as I have mentioned, he is a singer not an actor.) :

Sojiro/Xi Men:

Park Yoochun (DBSK) – Yoochun has always been associated with the word “girls” and is often described as a “playboy”, although I think he’s not really one. It’s just that he somehow gave that kind of impression to people, maybe because of his cool and dandy exterior. And just because of that, I think he will be a good choice to play this character. It would not be so hard to build a playboy impression to make the character more realistic to the viewers since he already has it. LOL.

Akira/Mei Zuo:

Lee Minwoo (Shinhwa) – I don’t know. I just thought of him when I had to choose for a person to play this character. Although he might be a little old for the role I just think he’ll be good enough since I see Vaness Wu (F4 member who played as Mei Zuo in the Taiwanese version) in him. They’re both good rappers and dancers. Plus Mei Zuo has the most cheerful personality (well, that is if you compare all the four male lead characters) among all the members, which is somewhat like Minwoo’s. Hahaha.

Anyway, I’ll just wait for the official announcement from KBS and the directors and producers of the drama. I just wish the Korean version will be as good or even better than the previous two versions.

  1. ELAINE says:

    HAHAHA. yes i heard abt this korean HYD too. but jaejoong and/or yoochun in it?? only happens in fangirls’ wildest dreams ):
    but i totally agree with your choices!! except for minwoo he’s too old. you can try to be a casting director, i’ll watch all your shows :D
    i think heechul can be one of they playboy inside la. maybe Ximen (:

  2. lovetohateme says:

    ^^ Yeah, it is indeed impossible for JaeJoong and Yoochun to be part of it. They’re too busy to accept another project. And yes, I know Minwoo is old to be part of it but I can’t think of a suitable boyband member for that role. Hahaha. Thanks but I guess I can’t be a casting director because I might just give JaeJoong the lead role all the time. LOL. :D Heechul? Possible as long as he “behaves”. Hahaha.

  3. LISE says:


  4. i want the title of hana yori dango korean ver. but i cant find it pls. find it for me my email:jaja_kawaii@rocketmail.com pls..^_________^

  5. lovetohateme says:

    @ jared selah a gatdula: it’s called Boys Over Flowers or Boys Before Flowers. i just don’t know the exact Korean title.

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