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Seoulbeats and Allkpop are having contests wherein the prize would be a copy of the DBSK’s 4th Korean album. Some of you might be interested in joining so I’m posting up the details posted on those sites.

For Seoulbeats’ contest:

Seoulbeats’ DBSK Contest!

In anticipation for The Gods of the East’s return home after more than a year and a half, we bring you our second Seoulbeats contest. Just like our premier contest, we want to see the fans’ dedication. Come up with some way to tell us how much you love the boys of Dong Bang Shin Ki.

Use whatever medium of your choosing: Sing your favorite DBSK song or sketch out the five at their latest Nevada camping stint. You are not required to show your face if you don’t wish to do so — take a picture of all your DBSK merchandise (we know you have a lot!) or whatever you think shows that you are a true DBSK fan. The possibilities are endless.

Now onto the prizes, what you’re really here for:
First prize: 4th Korean album and 3rd Live Tour 2008 ~T~ DVD
Second prize: 4th Korean album and 24th Japanese single “Mirotic”
Third prize: 4th Korean album

So…what are you waiting for? Send your entries (one per person) to by September 26th. We will announce our winners on September 29th and your entry will be featured on Seoulbeats. If you have any questions about the contest, you can email either or leave a comment in the comment section below.

Good luck and have fun!

Visit THIS to see the original article.

For Allkpop’s contest:

Allkpop Giveaway: TVXQ (DBSK) 4th Album!

In celebration of TVXQ’s return to Korea after their 1 year 7 month hiatus, Allkpop will be giving away 3 copies of TVXQ’s highly anticipated 4th album!

As much as we love giving away things to our loyal readers, we also love being entertained. That’s right, earn it! We want to see some crazed obsessive fan girling, how you do it is completely up to you (of course recording highly embarrassing videos of yourself singing and dancing along to your favorite TVXQ tunes would be ideal). But whatever you decide to do, just show your love for TVXQ. And remember to spread the word!

The 3 winners will be selected on the 24th (you need to be a registered member).

Thanks again for being loyal readers of Allkpop and we hope to see some real interesting embarrassing entries soon!

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I want the 4th Korean album of DBSK but I guess I don’t have the guts to embarass myself so nevermind. Maybe I’ll just wait for it to be available and buy it online. Hahaha. But for you guys who feels you can do  all of these (referring to the contests above) then I suggest you join in! It’ll be fun for sure plus you’ll have a chance of winning DBSK’s 4th Korean album or even more (that’s for those who would join Seoulbeats’contest)! :D

If you have questions, I suggest you go to their sites and ask them since I only posted the info I got from their sites and I have nothing to do with the contest whatsoever. =)