Knowing that the SMTWON concert in Shanghai had already ended, I checked DNBN and JaeJoong’s Baidu bar to check if pictures are already uploaded. Well, there were a couple of pictures already uploaded but not so many as I have expected. I wonder what happened to those fans who upload so fast? Were they THAT exhausted from the long concert? Hahaha. I’m not actually complaining. I’m just wondering since last time around during DBSK’s concert in Shanghai early this year, by the time the concert ended, there were already a bunch of pictures available at Baidu and DNBN. I also checked the other member’s Baidu bars but I can’t find pictures. It’s either I’m going dizzy since I have a lot of tabs and windows open or I’m just too sleepy to check thoroughly for pictures.  I bet it’s the latter. Anyway, I’ll just check again later when I wake up (since it’s already 1:00am here) but for now, here are the pictures I got. They are all pictures of JaeJoong. (Not that I am biased – ok, I AM BIASED towards JaeJoong – but I did not intentionally search for just pictures of him. It just so happens that the pictures uploaded so far are those of JaeJoong. ü)


^^ LOL at the last picture. JaeJoong never fails to amaze me – or should I say his outfits never fail to amaze me. Hahaha.

HUG PERFORMANCE ( at least I believe these are during the HUG performance)

Well judging from these first set of pictures (the HUG performance), it looks like the artists used the same outfit they wore during the SMTWON concert in Korea. So does this mean we’re going to see an almost half-naked JaeJoong again? Hahaha. Oh, that goes for Yunho and Yoochun, too. =p They did not use the exact same costumes as the ones they wore during the SMTWON concert in Seoul. I think the HUG unifrom is the only exact same costume that they wore for both concerts.

EDIT: I’m finally back with A LOT of pictures from yesterday’s concert. Here are the pictures I got SO FAR (yes, I’m sure a lot more will be uploaded later):


What else can I say? Yunho is just oozing with manly aura. Looks like he’s enjoying the SMTOWN concerts very much. And I know you’re looking for THOSE pictures during his dance battle. Am I right? Well, I’ll just post them separately like what I did with Jaejoong’s pictures before as a treat to Yunho fans. :D


I love JaeJoong’s blue shirt although I really don’t know the meaning of the words/phrase/sentence written in front of it. Hahaha. I just love that shade of blue matched with white pants. =) And notice JaeJoong’s tattoo on the first and second picture of the third row? I guess that’s a confirmation that he had his old “TVfXQ SOUL” tattoo extended. But the design of the new tattoo is still not clear to me. Is that a musical symbol or something? But I have to say that JaeJoong is a no fun in this concert. I was a bit disappointed. JAEJOONG, WHY ARE YOU FULLY CLOTHED?! =( Because of this, I think SMTWON LIVE ’08 in Seoul is a hundred times better than this one. *peace Chinese fans!* LOL.


Yoochun, like Yunho, is one of the people who are really having THE GREATEST FUN during SMTOWN concerts. Most of the pictures I saw from this concert are his pictures. I guess Yoochun fans are fast in uploading. Hahaha. But I have to say that I’m still a bit bothered by his hair. I just wish he would wear a beanie all the time. Could you please do something to that hair of yours, Yoochun? :D


Junsu’s pictures are dark. I can’t find clear pictures with good lighting. =( But gotta love the HyukSu performance of the song ONE LOVE. I love seeing them perform a song together.


I personally do not like Changminie’s pictures. Why is it that in most pictures he has that angry look on his face? Min, please smile! =)

DBSK (group/semi-group pictures)

The 3rd picture on the first row cracked me up! Look at JaeJoong’s expression! JaeJoong, are you having evil thoughts towards Yunho? It seems like he’s going to “EAT yunho UP”. Ok, so much for BoA’s song title. Hahaha. I’m not into couplings but that expression screams JaeHo-ness, don’t you think? LOL.


Awww… SMTWON is really pure <3. It is such a pleasure seeing all of them enjoy and interact with each other especially DBSK and Super Junior. Every time the Dong Bang boys meet with the SuJu boys, everything seems to be in total chaos. Hahaha. These pictures shows a lot of DBSJ love. :D

Anyway, I’m done posting the pictures. I’ll be making another post for the fancams since this post is already heavy and loaded with pictures. I’ll just watch the rest of the fancams before posting them since I’ve only watched a couple. =)

[Photo Credits: as tagged + baidu + dnbn + dbskthread@ soompi]

* For fancams, click HERE.

  1. SilentPixie says:

    WOOOT! 1st.. I think.

    I do have to say that in the first set of pictures, he looks tired. The last pic in that set was HILARIOUS! I was like, O.o but it’s Jae were talking about so no worries. Changmin looked more tan… maybe Jae is too ligh?

    In the 2nd set of pics, I loved the outfit. And yes! If they’re using the same outfits… Jae, Yunho, and Micky will probably be half naked.. again! *has pervy thoughts of Jae* O.O lol Sadly I can not attend.. FANCAMS! Pleassseeeeeee!?!?!?! ^_^

  2. lovetohateme says:

    ^^ Yes, he looks so tired. His eyes are enough evidence for me to conclude that he’s stressed. =( And yes again… Changmin looks a bit darker than usual these days. I bet that’s because of their A-nation tour where they performed under the sun. Actually all of them except for Jae looked a bit darker. I guess Jae is just too pale to begin with so even if he gets exposed under the sun, it’s a bit unnoticable if his skin gets darker.

    Unfortunately, they only used the same outfit for the HUG performance but for the rest of the concert, they used a new set of clothes. So that meant goodbye to Jae’s body. T_T

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