DBSK/THSK’s New Single

Posted: May 25, 2008 in Tohoshinki in Japan
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Just now while lurking at DBSK’s thread at Soompi, I found out that DBSK’s next Japanese single was out on the internet already although it will be officially released on the 23rd day of July this year. I’m too lazy to actually look for the song in mp3 format so I just downloaded the one and only video (I think) of the song that is now uploaded in YouTube and then I just converted it in mp3 format using my converter (thank god for converters! ;p).

Here’s the video of their newest single (fanvid):

Japanese title: Doushite kimi o suki ni natteshimattandarou?

English title: Why have I fallen in love with you?

OMG. The song was über nice! I loved it! The very first time I heard it, I was like WOW! I mean, I love most of DBSK’s songs and most of the songs on my ‘favorite’ list are actually their Japanese singles (don’t get me wrong. I DO love their Korean songs, too) but this one is different from the rest. With their other singles, I had to listen to them at least thrice (especially in singles where the boys decide to ‘play’ ‘experiment’ with their voices just like what they did to Purple Line) before I really come to like them but with this one, I loved it the instant it reached my ear and my brain was able to process the melodic voices of the five members.

My favorite parts in this song are JaeJoong and Changmin’s parts. No, I’m not saying this because JaeJoong is my favorite member and that Changmin comes in second but simply because I really like the way they sang their parts. I’m no musical genius and I’m not also good at describing things/people in a musical aspect using all those musical terms but with no knowledge my limited knowledge and depending only on my natural love for good music, I really think they did great. As usual, JaeJoong has that soft, soulful, and calming voice, which in my opinion, is very fit for that RnB vibe the song is giving off. He also never fails to amaze me on how he manages to hit those seemingly high but soft notes (meaning not the powerful, Whitney Houston kind of high notes) without breaking a single sweat and his voice not hinting any kind of difficulty whatsoever. I think among all the members of DBSK, JaeJoong is the one who has the most control on his voice and this is really something that makes his singing even more beautiful. Changmin on the other hand, surprised me with the way he sang his parts. Contrary to JaeJoong, he didn’t make use of his usual high-pitched voice but rather sang his parts in a relatively low tone (at least lower than usual). It’s actually fun to hear Changmin do away with his screaming high-pitched singing once in a while and show the world that he can also sing in a very mild way just like the others. And seemingly, the group’s magnae is slowly improving on his voice control. Yay! =)

Of course, Junsu, Yunho, and Yoochun also did great on their parts. Junsu is his usual self – singing the song beautifully with that unique voice of his. As for Yunho and Yoochun, it’s a pity that they only sang a few parts of the song as compared to the other three members. I even expected Yoochun to sing a lot of parts because I always associated his type of voice with RnB even though I’m jumping for joy since JaeJoong has the most parts. But ANYWAY, all in all the song was GREAT. As usual, the perfect blending and harmonization that DBSK is known for is once again showcased in this song. These guys are really improving by the day and I’m so proud of them. I hope their Korean album will also include great songs such as this. =)

Credit: tokutokuhada@YouTube

  1. they_can_laugh says:

    OMG their voices are so heavenly and they are so goregeous~

  2. bo-bae says:

    this song is sooo beautiful!!! i absolutely ADORE it! can’t wait till it comes out <3 its so catchy :D

  3. lovetohateme says:

    they_can_laugh >>> yup, they have such great voices!

    bo-bae >>> I can’t wait for it to come out, too!

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