TaeSu “couple” @ L.A. street

Posted: May 21, 2008 in TVXQ random posts, Xiah Junsu
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Aside from the debate on where on earth DBSK is nowadays, the other hot topic right after HB is the RUMORED romantic relationship between DBSK’s Xiah Junsu and SNSD’s leader Taeyon. It’s actually all over the internet nowadays and is one of the hottest topics being discussed in many forums nowadays. I should know because lurking at different forums has been my hobby these past few weeks. Apparently, some fans who attended the recently held KMF saw some TaeSu moments and even had a chance to capture them on camera. Other fans even said that they were spotted having some “couple moments” (a.k.a hugging and pinching the cheeks thingy) at some place (at A&F,Ii think). As soon as this topic was brought up together with the pictures (that were supposed to serve as “evidences”), many netizens – especially Junsu’s fans – can’t get enough of it. They had different reactions to the news – some were happy because according to them Junsu and Taeyon make-up a cute couple; some, on the other hand just shrugged the news off; some offered possible explanations for the said scenes; some are still in denial; and many hearts were broken upon hearing this news, my friend’s included.

My friend asked me to tell her once I find the pictures of Junsu and Taeyon’s “sweet” moments at A&F, which according to her were posted on one blog that she apparently cannot find. It’s not like I’m good at looking up and searching for things in the internet, but let’s just say browsing different websites has been my pastime since our summer vacation started (and which will end in a few days T_T). I obliged to her request and just after searching for a few minutes, I stumbled upon a multiply site where some “interesting” photos of Junsu  and Taeyon where posted. These are of course different from the ones that are usually posted nowadays (talking about the holding hands/low five pictures at HB). These pictures I believe were taken while they were walking at LA street. I don’t know if these are the A&F pictures but nevertheless, I figured my friend (and some other people engrossed on this topic) would want to see.

Here’s what the “witness” (and I guess the owner of these pictures?) has to say:

“I don’t think it’s dating….YET.

But, it’s definitely NOT a rumor that they have feelings for each other – I think we are all open-minded enough to recognize the truth when we see it (*cough* I was also a witness…but since I don’t have proof, I won’t spread what I saw – which was obviously a “couple moment” between the two [with another male companion walking ahead of them–me: she’s absolutely talking about these pics] – AND it was in broad daylight…they must have really thought no one would have noticed them, but then again, we were all the way across the bridge at the grove…so they prolly thought they were “safe” from ppl’s view – awww…the innocence of first love – kyaaa! I hope it does end up being true because they are really a cute couple!! ) and for some fans – it sucks for you guys, but then again, stop living a fantasy and just be happy for the both of them. I believe they were prolly just “testing the waters” here in L.A. to see what would happen…now, we will just have to wait and see if the korean netizens are as open-minded as us (the international fans).”

Credit: raynebeauty@crunchyroll

And here are the pictures I’m talking about:

So what do you think?

Honestly by looking at the pictures, I really can’t make up my mind if the guy was Junsu or not. Apart from having a poor eyesight, I’m also not too familiar with his body features (as in the detailed ones) or whatsoever for me to know that he actually is the guy in the pictures above. But basing from his height. built, and duckbutt and also from the confirmations of his fans, maybe he is the guy. Moreover, the “witness” already said she saw them with her own eyes, I guess it really is Junsu.

Anyway, I’m not affected with the rumor since Junsu’s not my love among the DBSK members. I’m not heartbroken unlike many girls are right now but I have to admit that I was a bit shocked when I first heard the rumor. Maybe it’s because it’s quite hard for me to imagine the supposed “innocent” one among the five dongbang boys actually doing such bold actions for a girl AND in public.  I think among all the members, having a rumor with some girls has been JaeJoong (to my dismay T_T) and Yoochun’s forté. Junsu along with Changmin have been the ones who are usually spared from these kinds of rumors. And having said this, it’s really a bit shocking for the dolphin boy to actually be involved in a big and controversial one. Wait, aren’t all news of girls with DBSK always big?

My opinion on this rumor? Well, let’s just give Junsu and Taeyon a break. There’s no confirmation of their true relationship so I would give them the benefit of the doubt. As they say, anyone is innocent until proven guilty. There are so many possible reasons for such actions of Junsu and Taeyon. Its possible that they are just really close friends, oppa-dongsaeng kind of relationship, getting-to-know-you stage, or it may be true that they are together. No one really knows what kind of relationship they have but them and no one will know until anyone of them decides to talk about it. So until then, these will remain as RUMORS.

But if they truly are together, shouldn’t fans be happy for them and respect their decision to be together? Believe me when I say I know the feeling of hurting because of stuff like this because I am after all, a fan myself. I know I sound weird after stating that first sentence because everytime I hear JaeJoong having a rumored relationship with another girl, I ALWAYS feak-out and wants to strangle the girl mercilessly. But isn’t that what most of us, fans, feel everytime we are caught in a situation like this? We can’t actually avoid that since maybe we’re too caught up, obsessed, infatuated – whatever you want to call it – with our idols that we tend to think irrationally and illogically at times. It’s actually ok to feel that way as long as at the end of the day, we keep in mind that these celebrities are also human. And by that I mean they also NEED someone to be with them and they HAVE THE RIGHT to be with anyone they like. As hard as it is to accept, these celebrities won’t stay single forever – well, at least most of them. And so we, the fans, should learn to accept the bitter reality that even if we want them badly for ourselves by declaring ourselves their girlfriends, some things can’t go the way we want them to be. Although some are lucky enough to be noticed and end up with their idols, not everyone can have the same luck. The only way then is to support them in their decisons and be happy for them, just like what a true fan should be. And for those who claim that they love DBSK that’s why they refuse to accept whatever relationship the boys have with other girls (whether friendly or romantic, true or not), I have one question for you: Isn’t it when you love/like someone you should be happy on what makes him happy? I am also guilty of this so I’m also directing that simple thought to myself.  My point is, go cry and freak-out all you want, that’s NORMAL and ACCEPTABLE. We, girls, have fragile hearts that can easily be shattered by a simple thing. But after those seemingly endless ranting and cussing, let’s be sane again, be rational about things, and begin that painful process called “acceptance”. Besides, them being single or not doesn’t change the fact that they are talented, amazing, and gorgeous, right? =D

Woah, that was quite a long realization that hopefully I can also keep in mind when JaeJoong is caught in a similar situation. I hope I can be calm and composed like this when that time comes (although I wouldn’t want that happening anytime soon). Hahaha.

*** If you want to read the entry where I got the pictures and the quoted text, click HERE.

*** LOL. My friend (cough*Patti*cough) is bugging me to post this entry already. She’s dying to see the pictures now. XD Sorry for the long wait, Pats! But you should thank me because I spared your eyes from looking oh so puffy in the morning. At least you have all day tomorrow to cry your heart out. Hahahaha ~

Credits: on pic + crunchyroll + DBSG &Fei Lun Hai@multiply + shintalita@multiply

  1. Patti Lopez says:

    WAH! Clari Unni, nabasa ko na ngayon. Thanks for posting it early. :D Talagang hindi ako matutulog hangga’t hindi ko nababasa at nakikita yung pictures. My reaction: okay lang. Ang weird kasi kanina pati nung unang beses kong mabasa ang TaeSu nag-fi-freak out pa ako. Ngayon, wala na. Malapit na ako makapag-move on.

    I have a new-found-boyfriend. hahaha! Ang tagal mo kasi mag-post kaya nagsearch nalang ako ng videos ni Kim Hyung Jun (SS501) at na-in love naman ako sakanya. Hahaha! Bat ba lahat nalang ng crush ko ay Kim ang last name??? Speaking of the last name Kim, hindi ba incest yang kay Junsu at Tae Yeon dahil pareho silang Kim. Wahahaha! Naisip ko lang.

    I agree sa sinabi mo. We, fans, should just learn to accept the mere fact that these boys are growing up at may pa-girlfriend-girlfriend ng nalalaman. Over na ako, I think. :D Pero syempre hindi ko parin i-gi-give up si Junsu hangga’t hindi pa siya kasal may pag-asa pa! :D

  2. lovetohateme says:

    Welcome. =D

    Hahaha. I knew it! Sabi ko n nga ba hindi ka matatahimik hanggat hindi mo nababasa eh. LOL. Ganun talaga, at first shocking and heartbreaking but after a while masasanay ka na din. :)

    Hay naku, I need to check out the guys of SS501asap. Naiintriga na ako dahil syo. Hahanap ako baka may pwedeng substitute si JaeJoong oppa just in case (although I doubt may makakapantay sa kanya). XD Buti na lang hindi mo sinama sa listahan ng “KIMs” mo si JaeJoong oppa kundi mag-aaway tayo. Hahaha. Joke. ;P Alam mo, isa ang Kim sa pinaka common na surname sa Korea kaya wag ka na umasa na incest un. At least hindi magpapalit si Taeyon ng surname pag nagkataon. *wink*

    Oo nga, hindi na totoy ang mga ‘to. Wala ng gatas sa labi. ROFL. XD Hindi ba nila alam na istorbo ang love sa buhay?! Hahaha! Lakas ng fighting spirit mo, magnae! Dyan naman ako bilib syo eh! =)

  3. Patti Lopez says:

    hahaha! hayaan mo at hindi mapapasama si jaejoong sa aking listahan. Han naman kai ang totoo niyang pangalan. :D napanood mo ba yung video ng SHINee? yung bagong boyband ng SME. hahaha. May nahanap kaagad akong isa pang substitute. Panoorin mo yung video ng “Noona is Very Pretty” tapos siya yung guy na naka-red cap. Onyu yung name niya pero Lee Jin Ki totoo niyang pangalan. Lee naman ang mga biktima ko after ng Kims. Mas bata nga lang siya ng iloang months pero pwede na rin. Hahaha! excited na ako sa kanila. May bago nanaman akong makacrushan. :D

  4. lovetohateme says:

    mabuti naman at hindi masasama si JaeJoong sa listahan mo. hahaha. SHINEE? nakita ko pic nila tska promotional video(?) nila. wala kayang gwapo (at least as of now). mukha silang mga gay! ^^ or baka sa make-up lang. hehehe. pero as of now wala pa akong nagugustuhan sa kanila kasi sobrang bata nila eh… child abuse! =P pero malay natin sa katagalan eh may mapagtripan din ako sa kanila. hahaha.

    btw, mejo cute na sa paningin ko si henry ng SJ-M. hahaha. pero hindi ko pa siya crush… baka malapit na. XD

  5. Patti Lopez says:

    hahaha…henry lau? mukha siyang dumpling. pero crush ko ang pag-viviolin niya. Panoorin mo kasi yung video nila talaga. nasa youtube na. Hahaha! may nahanap ka na sa SS501? nakakatuwa din sila panuorin. parang DBSK din pero syempre mas magaling DBSK.:D

  6. lovetohateme says:

    oo nga ang sarap kurutin ng mukha ni henry. hahaha. hindi ko pa napapanood ung video ng shinee. ano bang title? =) naghanap na ako ng pics ng SS501. wala pa akong magustuhan sa ngyon kc hindi ko talaga ma-match ang mukha nila sa mga pangalan nila. halos magkakamukha sila eh! LOL.

  7. Patti Lopez says:

    Noona is Very Pretty yung title ng song ng SHINee. Hahaha! Gusto ko na sila agad. Ang galing nila kasi yung debut nila sa M.Net kumanta sila ng live. NAg galing din nila sumayaw. Hahaha! :D
    Tatlo palang ang memorize ko sa mga members ng SS501. Medyo marami narin akong na-download na videos nila. :D
    Good luck sa pag-crush mo kay henry. hahahaha!

  8. lovetohateme says:

    Napanood ko na ung sa shinee. Ok naman ung video. Impressive para sa isang newcomer. Hahaha. Pero parang naalala ko ang BigBang sa get-up nila. Hehehe. Gwapo ung may red na hanky/scarf sa neck dun sa MV… ung may pinakamagandang boses sa kanila. Jonghyun nga ba pangalan nya? Hahaha. Hindi ko pa talaga napapanood ang SS501. Nahihilo kasi talaga ako hindi ko mahulaan kung sino sila. LOL. Hahaha, maghahanap nga ako ng videos ng SJM sa China para makita ko nama si DongHae, Siwon, KyuHyun at pati na si Henry. Hala! puro taga SJM ang crush ko sa SuJu! LOL. =D

  9. angel says:

    i seriously think that, that guy’s butt is way too big to be junsu. always have this impression that he is petit. lolx.

  10. michelle says:

    uhmmmmmmmmmm hindi ku parin matangap yung news naiinis ako kasi si xiah ang first love ko sana kung totoo man ito makapag move on ako tatangapin ko kung mag girlfriend man sya pero ayoko si tae yon para sakanya mas gusto ko si Boa. Tae yon is not deserving to be xiah junsu’s special girl

  11. michelle says:

    i hope that man is not xiah
    tae Yon is not deserving to be xiah’s specia girl

  12. lovetohateme says:

    @ michelle: You’re not alone. Madami ding hindi matanggap ang news na yan nung lumabas. Hahaha.

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