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Posted: May 16, 2008 in Kim Jaejoong
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I found another set of interesting facts only this time they’re of JaeJoong oppa alone. I’m just really fond of these things at present because some of the facts/information are new to me. Some of the things here were already mentioned on my last post but nevertheless, I opted not to delete them anymore. Again the ones enclosed in [ ] are my own comments.

Interesting Facts about Youngwoong JaeJoong

– won “best face” category in the first SM competition. [well, nobody can complain about this. his face, afterall, is the BEST.]
– is interested in people’s relationships & likes to love. [ahem! =)]
– has had many part-time jobs in the past, including working at a convenience store, delivering chicken, newspaper delivery, & manual labor. [wow, JaeJoong oppa really had gone through a lot…]
– when he was young, his dream was to be a supermarket owner because “you can eat a lot of cookies all you want.” [hahaha! silly JaeJoong oppa!]
– parents own a restaurant in ChoongNam KwangJoo. [that explains why he’s good at cooking]
– used to be tone deaf when he was younger & his friends made fun of him ’cause he didn’t sing well (from an interview). [well, he’s a GREAT singer now…]
– failed his first audition, so he then joined a band and practiced hard to audition again (one of his biggest influences was H.O.T) [yeah! try and try until you succeed!]
– likes a variety of music, from r&b and jazz to modern rock & rock ballads.
– states that his ideal girlfriend (‘Miss Right’) is someone who wouldn’t change from the moment he sees her until the moment they get older together. [isn’t change the only permanent thing in this world? so that would be close to impossible. but i get what JaeJoong oppa means. =)]
– almost all the girls in the neighborhood proposed to him and he rejected all of them; instead, he proposed to a girl who ignored his handsomeness, & that was his mother. [commented on this already on my last post]
– once acted as an extra (Chinese Soldier) in the movie ‘Taeguki wa Hweenalli myuh’.
– has 8 sisters. [thus explains the feminine aura]
– girls often see Jaejoong as a sex symbol and his fans would give him T-Back as gifts.
– fears coackroaches. [
– is the “mother” of DBSK because he loves to cook and he always nags the other members to pick up and clean their stuff. He hates litters!
– even though he is the oldest in the group, he tends to act childish to brighten the atmosphere. [yeah, while Changmin is the most mature among them]
– once had the same color toothbrush as Junsu; both ended up using the other’s toothbrush.
– most confident sport is.. running away. [hahahaha! this one cracked me up!]
– wants to go to Han Gang and hold his girlfriend’s hand, when he gets one. [i hope to be that girl. *wishful thinking*]
– when he sweats, he still manages to look beautiful. [agree!]
– once had a huge fist fight with someone who swore about H.O.T. [that’s what you call a devoted fan]
– can’t wink. [same here! hahaha]
– many guys have mistaken him for a girl. [who wouldn’t? he’s too “pretty”]
– many girls have ALSO mistaken him for a girl. [again, i can’t blame them..’.]
– the guys who have mistaken him for a girl have called him “hot”. [at least they didn’t call him “pretty”]
– when he gets embarrassed, even slightly, he’ll laugh & bring his hand up to cover his nose/area in front of his mouth & face. [this is one of his trademarks along with his “tounge-displaying” habit]
– his waist is only 24 inches [OMG. o_0]
– doesn’t like to be called “pretty” or “feminine;” prefers being complimented as “handsome” or “suave” — it would please him more. [how about “HOT”? would it also please him more? =)]
– doesn’t like to drink Coke because he once fainted from drinking it. [should i give him Pepsi then? lol]
– doesn’t like to wink since he can’t wink. [duh. of course! why would you want to wink if you can’t do it?]
– doesn’t like a messy or cluttered & disorderly space because if he sees it, he would immediately go clean up and organize things. [JaeJoongie oppa is such a neat freak]
– doesn’t like anyone to embrace his waist or hip. [why? is it because it’s thin?]
– has a total of 11 piercings & 1 tattoo on his upper back, under his neck, which reads “TVFXQ SOUL”. [where the hell are all those piercings?! and the tattoo looks good on him. =D]
– favorite colors are black & red. [colors of the vampire, black and red. hahaha]

Credit: sarangjae@YWF

  1. O_o_O says:

    i love jaejoong^^
    and can i add one of my own??
    i think he’s the one with the best personality out of the members

  2. lovetohateme says:

    Each of the members has his own unique personality, but yes I have to agree with you that I like JaeJoong’s personality the most.

  3. Anonymous says:

    yeah.. i was thinking the same thing about jaejoong… btw, he’s a hot gorgeous person ever!

  4. lovetohateme says:

    ^^ totally agree with you. in fact, he’s way beyond “hot”. i don’t even know what word to use to describe him. PERFECT, maybe? =)

  5. Oana says:

    yeah,he really is….so PERFECT<3
    oh,btw the piercings he has….5 in the right year,4 in the left,one in his nipple and one in his belly button…
    and i love the tattoo too(lol,sounds like echo)

  6. lovetohateme says:

    ^^ does he still have all those piercings now? i don’t remember seeing 9 piercings on his ears anymore and also the one on his nipple and belly button. or maybe my eyes are just deceiving me. hahaha. yeah, the tatoo looks nice but just recently, looks like he added more to it. i’m just not sure if tha’s permanent or not but i hope it isn’t. it doesn’t look too good on him. the old one is enough.

  7. Gaosheng says:

    Wow. :]

    I love Jaejoong Oppa! ^_____________^

  8. ahahahha. this is really interesting!
    I love jaejoong more.
    he’s so pret… i mean handsome… lol

    please support their new album “mirotic” (jaejoong came up with the title) theyre really hot!

  9. miumiu099 says:

    omigosh..where are all that piercings on his body? hahahaha.
    his waist is 24? seriously! man..its gonna be hard to be his girl~

  10. lovetohateme says:

    ^^ i think he used to have a lot of piercings on both his ears and then on his bellybutton and nipple? hahaha. but i don’t think he still has those now. :D

  11. Jeannie says:

    …. I know I’m a bit late but he did have a percing somewhere’s else ladies… below the belt and NO I’m not just saying that to be stupid but in an interview they talked about how they played a game and the consequence was that the member had to literally strip off all of his clothes and model or dance and they told on JaeJoong about his piercing ….

  12. Jeannie says:

    most confident sport is.. running away ***LOL*** He’s such a dork… but he’s so cute. *sigh* he’s too perfect

    *looks at room* it was clean yesterday I guess I should clean up before Jae comes over ((haha very wishful thinking))

    He doesn’t like his waist touched because he is ticklish… Well it’s not confirmed but he laughed when Yunho grabbed his waist in ‘Dangerous Love’ so thats my personal take

  13. lovetohateme says:

    @ Jeannie; seriously?! ooohhh… i didn’t know that! lol. i wonder if that piercing is still there? hahaha!

  14. kaythee says:

    he has a new tattoo on his back now (:
    its a treble clef that looks like wings, can’t really explain it, BUT it looks so hot on him~!

  15. lovetohateme says:

    @ kaythee: Yup, he got his tattoo extended. We actually figured out what was written on it a few days ago. Pictures of it were shown. :D

  16. kaythee says:

    hahas! yeah thats it, ‘extended’ was the word. yea the word sounded quite nice, luckily there wasn’t any spelling mistake

  17. Is is random to just write that this freakin’ cracked me up, not the facts but the comments you made on the side . . My kind of humor exactly. :3 U-Go-Girl ^^

  18. nihaokeisha says:

    Doesn’t he have his nipple pierced? XD

  19. lovetohateme says:

    @ iRapeHellokitty: LOL. Thanks! :D

    @ nihaokeisha: He USED to have it pierced but he already had it removed.

  20. nihaokeisha says:

    lovetohateme ooh ok! I didn’t know he had it removed!

  21. Stephany says:

    Oh my god. he is basically me. i love him. i’m learning french and i believe it’s j’aime hero beacoup ( i love hero a lot)

  22. jaejoong121 says:

    his also the cause of global warming xP

  23. tialovesjaejoong says:

    haha at the he is the cause of global warming comment =P but seriously, he is the sexiest thing i’ve ever seen. and for some reason knowing that he has 11 piercings makes him even sexier to me. gosh…i really want to marry him. wish he didn’t have them removed. it’s sexy as hell JaeJoong.

    Saranghaeyo baby haha =P

  24. addictedtochangmin says:

    JJ oppa I think u were born to be a singer!
    I really really love your voice.I want nobody nobody but JJ opa!!!!

  25. erica says:

    i am just curious..where did you get all of those??
    you’re awesome!.:)
    jaejoongie loves<33

  26. lovetohateme says:

    @ erica: From various interviews and websites. :)

  27. rhaez17 says:

    hahaha hes really damn hot and handsome to the max.

  28. the weird piece of poo says:

    i miss them



  31. kpop14344 tvxq5 says:

    where the hell is that below the belt piercing he have? hahaha i wonder if its still there. i remember him answering in some interviews that he is removing all the piercings one by one because he got that from past emotions he have for him not the be pressured. so he inked and got piercings.

  32. xtinalovestaemin says:

    i love jaejoong the most out of tvxq though i think i like junsus and maxs personality more they re funnier and more childish more my type though jaejoong is kinda perfectionist and i dont think he would ever like someone like me im rlly messy and childish we wouldnt go very well :P

  33. Anonymous says:

    Jaejoong is so Hansome!!!!! I wish I was older cause then I might Acctualy be able to go out with him…. He’s can be a (^^^) when he is angry though.

  34. fafemac says:

    Reblogged this on BoyBand.Couple~ and commented:
    repost by : Chaos Under Control

  35. fågelfenix says:

    11 piercings?? ok lemme imagine where they are located *pervy fangirl*

  36. Anonymous says:

    I Love you so so so so.. MUCH hero jaejoong oppa ^_^

  37. xxXxAaMizlhynxXxx says:

    I Love very much.. jaejoong oppa! ^__^

  38. Xee Thao says:

    Hmm…I find it interesting that he doesn’t like to be hugged on the waist but never complains when Yunho does it.

  39. Reblogged this on lamarsha3000 and commented:
    My bias of JYJ!

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