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TVXQ #1 on Billboard Charts Japan!

Although TVXQ has returned as a duo, they’re proving that they’ve still got the skills and charisma that originally made them so popular in Japan.  Now seasoned industry veterans, they’re leading the wave of Korean idol groups that are debuting in Japan this year, and the two sure have made a solid start!

They’ve just topped Billboard Japan’s Hot 100 chart, a huge accomplishment by any standards!  In addition, it’s been also recently revealed that TVXQ has had the highest sales for any artist in Japan thus far in 2011. Congratulations to the duo.

Source: Billboard Japan
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ZE:A’s Kwanghee fanboys over TVXQ

A video of ZE:A’s Kwanghee caught in a fanboy moment over meeting his seniors, TVXQ, has been circulating amongst fans and netizens.

The two guested on the February 1st broadcast of MBC’s radio program, “Shindong, Park Gyuri’s Shimshimtapa,” and were featured in their ‘Midnight Invitation’ segment.

Clearly too shy to be close to them, Kwanghee stands a fair distance away and bows about seven times with his hands collected in front of him.

On the broadcast, Kwanghee was unable to contain his excitement and revealed, “I was so surprised but also really excited when I saw the TVXQ seniors. We even took a picture together!” When asked which TVXQ member was his favorite, he replied, “I like Yunho, he’s so cool.”

Netizens commented, “He looks like a female fan who came to visit the radio program,” and “He must really be a fan, he can’t take his eyes off of them.”

Source: Xportsnews via Nate
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Here’s the short clip:

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110201 Tohoshinki’s First Comeback Single Surpasses Previous Works For 1st Week Sales – 1st Place With 230,000 Copies Sold

■Monopolizing both 1st and 2nd place for top selling foreign artists in singles weekly sales history

Tohoshinki, the Korean popular group, has restarted their activities as a duo with Yunho (24) and Changmin (22). Their first comeback single 「Why?(Keep Your Head Down)」 (released 26 January 2011) has sold more than 231,000 copies in its first week of release and made its entry into the first place of the 7 February singles weekly charts.

Before their hiatus last January, the 5-member Tohoshinki released their 29th single 「BREAK OUT!」 which sold more than 256,000 in its first week, and this single (Why?) ranks in second place after that for best first week sales in the entire history of foreign artists.

This single follows 10 months after their previous single 「時ヲ止メテ」 (195,000 sold in the first week), which was released in March after the release of their best album 『BEST SELECTION 2010』. In April last year, it was announced that group activities with all 5 members would be suspended and in January this year they have restarted their activities again as a duo. Despite this, their popularity can be felt as their first week sales exceeded that of the previous single by more than 36,000 copies.

Since Oricon first began its singles ranking chart in January 1968, the first foreign artist’s single to break through the 200,000 copies mark was Tohoshinki’s previous single 「BREAK OUT!」 and following that, their current new single. Once again, they successfully broke their own record as foreign artists to achieve first place in the 「Singles sales ranking」 and with the past 3 singles consecutively achieving first place, this is their 9th single to top the charts.

On the release date of this single on the 26th last month, Tohoshinki, together with BoA, SNSD and popular artists from their Korean management company SM Entertainment, performed at the live concert 『SMTOWN LIVE』 (Tokyo, National Yoyogi Stadium), marking their first comeback stage in Japan in 1 year and 1 month. Their song 「Why?~」 is also the OST song for Yukie Nakama’s drama 『Beautiful Neighbour』 (Kansai TV, FujiTV) which is currently airing and they sang a total of 5 songs including this song during the live concert.

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110131 TVXQ Ranks #1 On Inkigayo For 3 Weeks

Dong Bang Shin Gi has topped on SBS Inkigayo 3 continuous weeks.

Dong Bang Shin Gi’s title track “Why” that was performed on SBS Inkigayo on January 30th became number 1 and won the Mutizen award.

Dong Bang Shin Gi received awards on January 16th and 23rd too, on SBS Inkigayo. They expressed their feelings when receiving the award, “Thank you to all the dancers from our SM family and the fans that are always giving us their love. Thank you for always giving us your support. Thank you to all our seniors and juniors who watch over us. And to our soon to be married manager, congratulations!”

Dong Bang Shin Gi has also been calling great response with their performances on KBS Music Bank, as they have also ranked number 1 for three weeks.

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110131 Tohoshinki, SNSD & KARA Top Japan ITunes Singles Chart

The 3 national representatives of our music industry (Korea) have topped the charts of Japan iTunes.

According to the Japan iTunes chart on the 30th, in first place was Tohoshinki and if we include SNSD and KARA, Korean idol groups have dominated the Top 5.

Tohoshinki’s new song “Why (Keep Your Head Down)” was released on the 26th and after achieving #1 on the Oricon charts on the same day, they also achieved top spot in the iTunes chart.

The 9-member female group SNSD was awarded second place with the Japanese version of “Run Devil Run” and their hit song from last year, “Gee”, came in at 9th place.

Girl group KARA was awarded 4th and 5th place with “Mister” and “Jumping” respectively.

Representative idol groups Tohoshinki, SNSD and KARA are ahead of popular Japanese groups like AKB48 on the same chart, once again proving their popularity in Japan.

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TVXQ performs on ‘Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate’

On January 30th, TVXQ delivered powerful performances for SBS’s ‘Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate‘.

On this episode, they performed 4 songs: ‘Maximum‘, ‘How Can I‘, ’Why (Keep Your Head Down)‘, and a TVXQ medley.

During their interview, Kim Jung Eun asked, “How did it feel when you had your first comeback performance?”

Responding in third person, Yunho answered, “Well for Yunho, he was very nervous and anxious because it’s been 2 years and 3 months since he was last on stage.” He explained that he speaks in third person just in case people don’t know his name. Changmin brought much laughter to the audience by copying Yunho and starting his answer with “As for Changmin…” He went on to explain that the first comeback stage was more fun and exciting than nerve-wracking.

The two also revealed that when they have to stare at each other during performances, they avoid eye contact. Yunho said, “I look at his chin or his nose because if I look at his eyes, it’s really funny.” Changmin added, “I just don’t look at him!”

Changmin brought more laughter to the audience when revealing, “Because Yunho-hyung is really popular, I witnessed many cases where girls approach him first. *sigh* There are SO many of those cases…”

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