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120511-120515 Post of JYJ Tweets

You’re so lame XD
(Yoochun, 12:31pm KST, 120511)
She is the one I love… I’ll visit often..^^
(Tae Sung, 12:51pm KST, 120511) @6002theMicky That’s a bit of a stretch….
(Yoochun, 1:12pm KST, 120511) @TAE_SAMA Dong Taemu…. Where’s Park Ha????

Does this mean I should start visiting often?
(Bum, 4:05pm KST, 120511) @6002theMicky Hey~ Business partner Boss Park!! You should pay more attention to our place too, eh?! Our Bum’s story too!! ㅎ.ㅅ
(Yoochun, 4:07pm KST, 120511) @bums1313 When I’m done with the drama, I’ll go live there~^^♥
(Bum, 6:55pm KST, 120511) @6002theMicky Aigoo!! I suddenly feel so full of strength that my shoulders are shaking from energy~~ lol That’s right!! You haven’t been here often because you’ve been so busy these days, our youngest Yoohwan’s been taking care of me! keke I miss you~~ ^.^
(Yoochun, 7:05pm KST, 120511) @bums1313 It’s our place~^^ I’ll take better care of it~^^

Nawww :(
(Yoochun, 11:58pm KST, 120511) F*** I miss you…. like crazy

(Yoochun, 11:59pm KST, 120511) Father…

These are beautiful♥
(Junsu, 2:29am KST, 120512)

(Junsu, 2:42am KST, 120512)

(Junsu, 2:42am KST, 120512)

(Junsu, 2:43am KST, 120512) When the sky meets the earth..

(Junsu, 2:45am KST, 120512) I will go back there one day.. with the person I’ll be in love with.. One day… It’s a dream I’ve had for a while.. Bora Bora~

He’s addicted to this :P
(Yoochun, 2:35pm KST, 120512)

Poor Junsu :( Hardened by time and pain..
(Junsu, 2:41pm KST, 120512) You don’t have to keep streaming or whatever it is~ Just the fact that I can sing great music and great songs.. and the fact that you’re all there to hear my music make me happy.. Because fairness is already a concept so far from us… It doesn’t matter because I won’t tire..^^

lolol Kim Junsu XD Your thought process!
(Junsu, 3:41pm KST, 120512) I want to go here~
(Young Pil, 3:49pm KST, 120512) @1215thexiahtic Me too, me too~~~~ㅠㅠ It just sucks that I don’t have a girlfriend to go there with… Let’s just go the two of us~~~~^^
(Junsu, 3:51pm KST, 120512) @youngfeel Ha-ack! That’s sly..
(Young Pil, 3:53pm KST, 120512) @1215thexiahtic No but… see here… You’re not my style… I don’t like guys…
(Junsu, 3:53pm KST, 120512) @youngfeel kekeke

(Jaejoong, 12:45am KST, 120513)When my body and heart are weary, music is what tires and torments my mind and music is what heals my soul that gets smaller as it is worn down.. I could never give it up or turn my back on it.. It’s proven by the fact that I’m writing a song right now though I’ll probably only get a few hours of sleep.. What should I say..

awwww Uncle Yoochun<3
(Yoochun, 12:07am KST, 120514) @wowkimsohyun So Hyun~~~ Our birthday’s coming up soon~^^ haha
(Jae Eun, 12:10am KST, 120514) @6002theMicky @wowkimsohyun I think I saw an ad to celebrate Yoochun’s birthday in the subway? on a bus? haha It was really great +_+
(Yoochun, 12:10am KST, 120514) @beyondmonica hahahaha~^^ Really??
(So Hyun, 3:40pm KST, 120514) @6002theMicky haha This girl is extremely blessed to share her birthday with your Highness^^~ But this girl said she would post her report card today but it didn’t come out today so I think I’ve become a liar through no fault of my ownㅠㅠ These days, you must be so tired from filming but don’t forget to always smile^^♥
(Yoochun, 4:15pm KST, 120514) @wowkimsohyun hahaha~^^ I smile because of you~^^!!!
(Yoochun, 4:19pm KST, 120514) @wowkimsohyun ♥♥I’m giving you two hearts twa~~ah!!!
(So Hyun, 6:04pm KST, 120514) @6002theMicky Uncle Yoochun~~~~ kekeke^^~ But my own uncle is 40 years old….. so I think it’s right for me to call you Yoochun oppa…..^^~♥
(Yoochun, 6:21pm KST, 120514) @wowkimsohyun Eh~~~~ Then you should call me oppaㅠ What do you mean ‘uncle’~~!!!!!!!^^

My favorite is No Gain too!!
(Junsu, 4:25am KST, 120514, English tweet) Me too~!!
(Jaejoong, 10:38pm KST, 120514) @1215thexiahtic Junsu, your music video is so amazing ㅠㅠ Let’s film a music video for no gain too!
(Junsu, 12:08pm KST, 120515) @mjjeje keke Thanks~
(Jaejoong, 2:46pm KST, 120515) @1215thexiahtic I like “A Tree that Bears Dew”~
(Junsu, 3:50pm KST, 120515) @mjjeje No Gain for me~! haha
(Jaejoong, 4:53pm KST, 120515) @1215thexiahtic haha You honor me.. Hwaiting on rehearsing for your concert, Junsu^^

(Sung Kwang, 8:40am KST, 120514) Junsu has become competition for me kekeke I’ll promote yours if you promote mine keke XIA’s first solo album TARANTALLEGRA’s music video is released early @1215thexiahtic
(Junsu, 1:25pm KST, 120514) @skpark81 Hyung, when’s your movie coming out??
(Sung Kwang, 4:03pm KST, 120514) @1215thexiahtic kekeke Why?? So you could appear in my music video? keke Anyway, did you receive my kimchi?
(Junsu, 4:32pm KST, 120514) @skpark81 The kimchi was really tasty! Respect^^

Wait… wha….?
(Ryan, 8:55am KST, 120514, English tweet) Tarantallegra! @1215thexiahtic @slaughteration @paulmorente @moslaughter @nathantrasoras @NickLanzisera @cRyanChandler
(Junsu, 1:24pm KST, 120514, English tweet) @cRyanChandler Yo~~pink boy!!!
(Ryan, 3:17pm KST, 120514, English tweet) @1215thexiahtic Yo! cloud-hentai hahaha
(Junsu, 3:19pm KST, 120514, English tweet) @cRyanChandler oh my god!!!!!!!!!!

Interesting :D
(Hye-Jin, 4:21pm KST, 120514, RTed by Junsu) ID Myo_JYJ special lesson ★ We’re taking applications from today!! Go to our Cyworld club!

Can’t wait!!!
(Jaejoong, 1:04am KST, 120515) Done mixing the Dr.JIN ost!

D’awwww :)
(Junsu, 2:04am KST, 120515) Goodnight~ my babies..^^

(Junsu, 2:19am KST, 120515) I’ll give you my arm to rest on..^^ Goodnight

(Junsu, 2:35am KST, 120515) The stars shine in the night sky and this night is so peaceful..

Seriously, what is up with these sites.
(Junsu, 10:27am KST, 120515) Mel… and M.. You’re absolutely incredible till the very end

(Junsu, 10:32am KST, 120515) Bora Bora~~

Woah O__O
(Junsu, 11:20am KST, 120515, English tweet) Ho~~
(Young Seok, 11:28am KST, 120515) @1215thexiahtic You’re… pre~tty~~~^^ haha
(Junsu, 11:35am KST, 120515) @yoonphantom Hyung, I miss you~ㅜ

(Joo Hyun, 11:22am KST, 120515) @1215thexiahtic Junsuk unnie..!!
(Junsu, 11:44am KST, 120515) @joohyunieee Noona~!!!!!!!!!!!! haha
(Joo Hyun, 3:52pm KST, 120515) @1215thexiahtic I think you’d fit in perfectly if you entered a Tim Burton movie
(Junsu, 3:53pm KST, 120515) @joohyunieee Eek!

(Junsu, 11:22am KST, 120515) For those of you who were curious of this look because it only came out for a short moment during the music video.~^^

Can’t wait!! \o/
(Ashlee, 11:42am KST, 120515, English tweet) Korea Rehearsals Day… ummm. I dont even know what day it is anymore… working our butts off! But having a blast!
(Junsu, 1:06pm KST, 120515, English tweet) @AshleeNino See you soon~!!

(Ucheong, 11:52am KST, 120515) @1215thexiahtic I listened to all our songs on my way back from my morning lesson!!! It’s amazing!!! Awesome!!! Great! Our awesome XiahTod!!!! Your songs are amazing! Really! Hwaiting!!
(Junsu, 12:19pm KST, 120515) @ucheonglee Hyung~ I miss you

 (Junsu, 12:22pm KST, 120515) @gentlechan Hyun~! lol You’re doing well, right?

(Hyun Sook, 12:54pm KST, 120515) @1215thexiahtic Wow~~~~~^^ Junsu~~~~! You look~~~~~ pretty~~~!!^^
(Junsu, 1:07pm KST, 120515) @ssoogilove Ha-ack!

Woohoo~ :)
(Junho, 12:58pm KST, 120515, RTed by Junsu) Tomorrow is the release of my third single ‘Everything’! I’m happy! I’m excited!! \(^o^)/
(Junsu, 1:09pm KST, 120515) @JUNO_Japan Let’s keep working hard!!~^^

It’s nice to see them support each other :)
(Sung Kwang, 3:54pm KST, 120515) Junsu, I’m keke sending you a photo of proof kekeke @1215thexiahtic
(Junsu, 4:16pm KST, 120515) @skpark81 This is my reply~!^^

(Young Ki, 4:02pm KST, 120515) @1215thexiahtic Junsu!! Preparations are going well, right??
(Junsu, 4:16pm KST, 120515) @poimin73 Yes hyung~^^ I miss you

Get excited y’all~
(Junsu, 6:12pm KST, 120515) See you this weekend..^^

(Ashlee, 8:35pm KST, 120515, English tweet) @1215thexiahtic good job today!!
(Junsu, 9:07pm KST, 120515, English tweet) @AshleeNino You too~~!!!

Woah O________O
(Junsu, 9:17pm KST, 120515) Thank you all~ always^^

(Hrisio, 11:53pm KST, 120515, English tweet) Wow, Junsu’s video over million views in 24h! Just wanna say JYJ fans are one big army! #power
(Junsu, 2:35am KST, 120516, English tweet) @hrisio Thank you~^^good night!!!

Looking handsome kid<3
(Jaejoong, 2:20am KST, 120516) The topknot is tight… It feels as though my forehead is being pushed in

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120510 Post of JYJ Tweets

Seems Yoochun congratulated Jung Juna on his upcoming marriage :)
(Juna, 12:31am KST) @6002theMicky Thank you~~~ You must be so busy…. Hwaiting till the very end (of your drama)!!!
(Yoochun, 6:46am KST) @Juna0465 ~^^ No problem at all?? haha I should be the one saying thank you~^^

The Kim brothers both have OST songs out? :D
(Junsu, 3:52pm KST) @JUNO_Japan Oh~ Hyung, I like your OST song! Great job on it..^^

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120509 Post of JYJ Tweets

(Junsu, 5:09pm KST)

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120508 Post of JYJ Tweets

You are one poetic child, kiddo :P
(Yoochun, 11:44am KST) Grains of sand that are made of water-drop-shaped diamonds~^^

She’s right Yoochun, you have to eat well!
(Yoochun, 3:45pm KST) @Hyun31222 ~^^ Noona~ It’s Yoochun~ I trust you’re doing well??
(Oh Seung Hyun, 4:19pm KST) @6002theMicky Yes~^^ You’re making sure to eat well as you film, right? You have to eat well~
(Yoochun, 9:00pm KST) @Hyun31222 haha Kind of^^ We should meet up again^^

*imagines the Angels of Death swooping around*
(Junsu, 5:17pm KST)
(Kim Hyun Sook, 5:48pm KST) @1215thexiahtic Wow~~~ That looks amazing^^ It looks like a place that XiahTod would appear in keke
(Junsu, 5:52pm KST) @ssoogilove Noona, I trust you’re doing well these days..??^^

Sexy~~~~~ XD
(Jaejoong, 9:42pm KST) Cool Jjunsseo~

(Yoochun, 12:46am KST) Of the many ingredients that fill up my basket, the one I love most is my mother’s love…

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120505-120507 Post of JYJ Tweets

Awww, at least he can rest easy knowing this :’)
(Yoochun, 5:40pm KST, 120505) On my way back from visiting my father… I saw traces that indicated that many fans had visited him too to keep him from feeling lonely and I want to sincerely thank you all for that..^^ Thank you
(Gun Young, 6:15pm KST, 120505) @6002theMicky Hey!! Good luck filming for your drama and take care of your health
(Yoochun, 6:18pm KST, 120505) @zerotic0124 Twa-ah~~~~~~

This child is addicted to twa~ah~ now :P
(Yoochun, 11:31am KST, 120506) Ah~~ The weather’s greatwa~ah~~~~~!!!!

Um……. why is it that the more he tweets, the more I feel like he’s dating someone?
(Yoochun, 11:43am KST, 120506) I give you two countrified t-shirts and some pretty sneakers, an amazing world and the power to see the wind, which travels the world more freely than anything else~ I miss you~ (It’s possible) because I have superpowers.
(Hyejin, 11:48am KST, 120506) @6002theMicky I want to put Mr. Choi Baek Ho’s ‘Wanderer’ as your BGM~ keke
(Yoochun, 11:49am KST, 120506) @PR_babe hahaha^^ How are you??

Oooo great song :D
(Yoochun, 11:51am KST, 120506) Ah! And the music I listen to everyday these days is To No-one Else But You – Jang Jae In♪^^ It’s greatwa~ah~~

omg such glorious photos ;A;
(Yoochun, 1:14pm KST, 120506) Promise!!!

(Yoochun, 2:23pm KST, 120506) ^^ I’m happy twa~ah~~~

(Yoochun, 2:23pm KST, 120506) It’s the adorable~ Seok Jun twa~ah~~~

You’re just like two peas in a pod, ain’t ya?
(So Hyun, 3:19pm KST, 120506) Here in Bu-Ahn, Jeolla North Province to film ‘I am the King’ and here’s the first friend I’ve made in days^^~ She’s so cute♥
(Yoochun, 3:24pm KST, 120506) @wowkimsohyun You’re in a similar situation to me~^^

Seriously.. unless he’s saying this to his fans… then, nawwwww♥
(Yoochun, 6:57pm KST, 120507)
No matter how high or how far, I’ll always be able to get to you… So don’t worry…^^

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120428-120504 Post of JYJ Tweets

(Yoochun, 12:59am KST, 120428) This is what I’m feeling right now…^^ I feel excited and nervous and lonely. So I’m happy.. It feels like I’m living life passionately so I gain strength from the anticipation that I might be able to meet you if I reach the destination that takes at least a couple of hours by car to reach..

(Yoochun, 12:59am KST, 120428) I’ll visit often to tell you about how my life is going… Because my eyes have opened more to the fact that responsibility and the weight of life is the happiest gift any man could receive…^^ Every minute of every day feels so warm^^

(Jaejoong, 1:14am KST, 120428) You snooze, you lose!

(Junsu, 3:03pm KST, 120428) Now! FC MEN, let’s do our best today~ Aja aja Hwaiting!!

(Jaejoong, 3:31pm KST, 120428) It’s been 2 years, Musashi hyung

(Yoochun, 3:43pm KST, 120428) In Jeolla North Province~^^ The weather’s great~

(Yoochun, 4:03pm KST, 120428) March 28th, 2012, spring, the day I embraced you…

(Yoochun, 4:11pm KST, 120428) .. It’s this photo^^♥

(Jaejoong, 5:06pm KST, 120428) The three flower-boy brothers

(Yoochun, 8:30pm KST, 120428) Spring rain…The day the sky’s blanket slowly approaches mem, because it has time to spare…

(Junsu, 10:05pm KST, 120428) The 40789 that came up on the electronic scoreboard….. that number….. I was moved by it~ I want to sincerely thank all the Japanese fans who came to support us today.. We were able to win thanks to your support~ Once again, thank you and I promise to come visit you again soon. Have a nice evening^^
(Ji Hwan, 10:14pm KST, 120428) @1215thexiahtic You were great today!! I’m sorry for making so many mistakes todayㅠㅠ I’ll do better next time!! I LOVE YOU Bro~ haha
(Junsu, 10:16pm KST, 120428) @JiHwan_Sim No, you did so well today, Ji hwan~^^ You were awesome!

(Young Ki, 10:31pm KST, 120428) @1215thexiahtic By the King’s order, you were victorious!!!! You were the victors, you won, start the celebrations^^
(Junsu, 11:22pm KST, 120428) @poimin73 See you tomorrow, hyung^^

(Jung Jin, 11:19pm KST, 120428) @1215thexiahtic Great job today, Captain :-):-):-):-):-)
(Junsu, 11:22pm KST, 120428) @duduubub kekeke Ah, I was so nervous
(Junsu, 11:23pm KST, 120428) @duduubub But I was confident^^

(Young Pil, 1:00pm KST, 120429) My whole body’s aching, it must be because I can finally relax… ㅠㅠUgh~~~~~~ Yesterday was truly an unforgettable day~~^^
(Junsu, 3:30pm KST, 120429) @youngfeel Hyung, how could you be aching when you didn’t do anything….????? kekekeke
(Young Pil, 3:57pm KST, 120429) @1215thexiahtic Hey~~~~ Do you know how hard it’s been getting ready for this match~~~~ It’s because I can suddenly start relaxing~~ What!!! ㅡㅡKim Junsu is my enemy… I’m not going to play with you when I get back to Korea!!!
(Junsu, 4:10pm KST, 120429) @youngfeel lol Sorry, hyung

(Yoochun, 1:03pm KST, 120429) You… and I are blessed right now…

(Junsu, 3:31pm KST, 120429) I’m currently performing in a daze……. Ha-ack!

(Jaejoong, 5:16pm KST, 120429) Thailand’s elephants are in danger of extinction?? No………… My elephants

(Junsu, 6:51pm KST, 120429, English tweet) I love peru~~~~^^

(Yoochun, 7:08pm KST, 120429) The world’s most expensive.. and cheapest picture…
(Junsu, 7:28pm KST, 120429) @6002theMicky Be strong! Yoochun~ I’ll see you tomorrow
(Junsu, 7:28pm KST, 120429) @mjjeje Hyung~ See you tomorrow^^
(Jaejoong, 7:48pm KST, 120429) @1215thexiahtic @6002theMicky See you tomorrow~^^

(Junho, 7:25pm KST, 120429, RTed by Junsu) I’m watching ‘A Stroke of Luck’ right now and it’s so funny!!^^ haha Everyone in Korea, please change the channel to Channel 19 JoseonTV and watch it^^

(Junsu, 10:21pm KST, 120429) @mjjeje Is that an ID photo??
(Jaejoong, 7:33am KST, 120430) @1215thexiahtic It’s just a photo~ See you later on today~^^

(Yoochun, 7:12pm KST, 120430) It’s so much fun that I can’t stop!!!^^ It hasn’t changed a bit~~^^

(Junsu, 7:17pm KST, 120430) haha Does speeding have a limit..??^^ I have a need for speed!

(Jaejoong, 7:20pm KST, 120430) It seems I’ll be addicted to this again for the first time in a while..ㅜ My skills have gotten rusty..

(Yoochun, 1:02pm KST, 120501) I’m going to tell you off if you get sick!!!!

(Yoochun, 1:17pm KST, 120501) The secret door of the heart, something everyone has at least one of…

(So Hyun, 10:00pm KST, 120501) @6002theMicky Thank you^^ I’m all~ better now!! You’re so kind to be taking care of me, even when you’re so busy^^~ Your Highness
(Yoochun, 11:09pm KST, 120501) @wowkimsohyun That’s a relief..^^ Silly…. Don’t be sick ㅡㅡ;;
(Jae Eun, 11:16pm KST, 120501) @6002theMicky Wow…… So corny………. Seriously….. Wow….. Later, if you ever have a daughter, you won’t be a daughter-babo, you’ll be a daughter-sunflower….;;;;;
(Yoochun, 11:54pm KST, 120501) @beyondmonica Silly… Don’t be like that…

(Junsu, 11:24pm KST, 120501) The end.. has come upon me…^^;;

(Junsu, 12:13am KST, 120502) Thank you for gifting my mother with pretty clothes~^^ The Honey Sisters~ I hope you hit it big haha

(Junsu, 12:13pm KST, 120502) I want to go out beyond this window…;;

(Junsu, 12:15pm KST, 120502) Ah~~~~~

(Junsu, 12:19pm KST, 120502) Palm trees and the sunset, two of my favorite things together in one photo haha

(Junsu, 1:37pm KST, 120502) On the way to my last performance as Death…. The weather’s great today, regardless of how I’m feeling right now..^^;;
(Young Seok, 1:40pm KST, 120502) @1215thexiahtic You’ve done such an amazing job… Light the stage on fire till the very end!! Fire~~!!^^
(Junsu, 2:19pm KST, 120502) @yoonphantom Hyung, I really liked being able to stand on the same stage as youㅜ

(Moon Jung, 2:24pm KST, 120502) @1215thexiahtic You’re having your final performance way too early!! What shall we do!!ㅠㅠ Great job. I’m going to miss you..ㅠㅠ
(Junsu, 3:01pm KST, 120502) @mjkim8200 Director.. I hope we can bring it to a successful conclusion haha Hwaiting

(Yoochun, 2:44pm KST, 120502, English Tweet) Hello… Hello

(Jaejoong, 3:56pm KST, 120502) Dr. Jin hwaiting!

(Jaejoong, 4:14pm KST, 120502) Oh, and if I have 100 pieces of fruit in Rule the Sky.. I get all 100 of them stolen from me…ㅠ
(Jaejoong, 4:23pm KST, 120502) But (it’s okay), take as many as you want~~

(Yoochun, 4:33pm KST, 120502) Person, person, love

(Yoochun, 4:34pm KST, 120502) Heart… East and west…

(Joo Hyun, 11:56pm KST, 120502) There has been a great number of people who asked why I was crying so much though it wasn’t my last performance in Seoul… Though it’s true that I’m easily moved to tears,, Today’s matinée was a time when I felt myself filled with so many emotions.. To tell you the truth, I usually change my mind about choosing a production if there’s at least one celebrity chosen as a cast member.. Because,, I worry that the production will be looked down upon for celebrity marketing,, Of course, this is solely based on my personal opinion..^^ But because two people who are former idols^^,, were chosen for such a great production as this one,, I’m sure the two of us went into preparations for this production with a heavier heart than usual.. I once talked about this with Junsu..
We have to do really well. You’re right, noon, let’s do our best..!
Since opening the curtains for the first time till now, there were countless moments when we’d discuss our concerns and thoughts about various scenes, and these moments make me feel so proud and reassured.
Right before today’s performance, I received a message from Tod that said Hwaiting and -Idols Forever- that left me with a myriad of emotions..
So,, the tears and emotions on stage today were from the bittersweet gratitude I felt as XiahTod and OkElly, as a senior and junior idol member performing in a musical together for the last time..^^
As every greeting comes with a farewell,, I find myself waiting for the next time that we meet…
Idols Forever..
(Junsu, 12:28am KST, 120503) @joohyunieee Idols Forever~~~ Hahaha!

(Junsu, 12:22am KST, 120503) Elisabeth… When I first got the offer to play the role of Death.. I was filled with hesitation.. Though I knew better than anyone else that it was such a great production and such a great role… I wondered if it would be the right fit for me… But now, at this moment, having finished my last performance, I set aside the thought of whether I did well or not-
(Junsu, 12:26am KST, 120503) -and I think of how this gave me the opportunity to learn so much as a musical actor.. To all the actors in Elisabeth who gave me strength from the beginning till the end… I gained so much strength from being with you and I’ve really enjoyed it.. Thank you so much and I also want to sincerely thank the audience who laughed and cried with us

(Junsu, 12:36am KST, 120503) I tried not to cry… But as soon as I saw Seon Young noona in the scene with the veil. A myriad of emotions hit me as I realized that this was really my last performance, so I ended up crying.. Death shouldn’t do that……. Thank you so much to the two Ellys who cried with me, Seon Young noona and Joo Hyun noona.

(Junsu, 12:37am KST, 120503) Don’t cry, we’ve just left for the peace and freedom of eternity….^^

(Junsu, 12:45am KST, 120503) And Young Ki hyung, who has an amazing voice and always lives such a youthful life, Eun Tae hyung, my musical master, Seung Dae hyung, who gave birth to the new word XiahSeung.. Jung Hwa noona and her cool hand gestures, Tae Won noona, our school professor, Soo Young hyung and his crazy high notes, extremely handsome Min Chul hyung, Pringles YoonJeffㅠ Awesome Jung Han hyung, Chang Ui hyung and Jung Yeol hyung who did the judge’s voice
(Junsu, 12:47am KST, 120503) And the best ensemble ever.. Kim Moon Jung noona with her perfect pitch, In Seon hyung who was in charge of casting.. Our beloved EMK family.. and every other staff member involved, thank you everyone.. Ah! And our six Angles of Death… Thank you

(Gun Hyung, 12:49am KST, 120503) @1215thexiahtic Oh!! I’m sorry I couldn’t come and watch you.. I couldn’t get tickets for your performances.. ㅠㅠ
(Junsu, 12:52am KST, 120503) @gunboy77 It’s okay, hyung~^^ We’ll see each other on the soccer field haha

(Junsu, 12:52am KST, 120503) Oh, and to Dong Seok, who is honestly more like an older brother than me.. haha and to Seung Hyun, who was performing in a musical for the first time, thank you so much~~^^
(Jaejoong, 1:18am KST, 120503) @1215thexiahtic My awesome brother~ Junsu^^
(Junsu, 1:56am KST, 120503) @mjjeje Your work has finally begun too~~ Hwaiting!!^^

(Seung Dae, 1:39am KST, 120503) @1215thexiahtic I won’t forget you either!!! I’ve learned so much from you, and the chemistry we had on stage… will stay in my memories for a long time~ I hope you see you soon with another great production and set of people! We’ll see each other soon~^^ Great job~ XiahTod!!!^^
(Junsu, 1:52am KST, 120503) @seungdaeK I’m reminded of you in the dressing room saying that people have been telling you that they’re seeing you in a new light for years now.. Hyung, no one can deny that you’re an amazing musical actor anymore..^^ Though I’m not in the position to critique anyone.. When I saw the audience crying because of your acting and singing-
(Junsu, 1:54am KST, 120503) -That’s when I felt that you are an amazing actor… Even I, Death, would come out in tears from your mirror song~ I’m so happy that we were able to work together^^

(Min Chul, 5:33am KST, 120503) @1215thexiahtic I’ve finally laid down to sleep in the early hours of the morning but sleep isn’t coming to me~^^ The detailed expressiveness and strong and passionate emotions you showed on stage gave us all a big push to do better, thank you so much~ Even though you’re busy, come to the theater from time to time~ I’ll treat you to something delicious~^^ You were awesome today!!
(Junsu, 7:49am KST, 120503) @jekyll8749 I, too, was so happy to be able to stand on one stage with you~^^ Thank you so much… I’ll keep in touch!!!!!!!
(Junsu, 8:26am KST, 120503) @jekyll And the fact that you went wilder on your ad-libs because it was my last performance.. That was such a big gift for me~^^ I realized that Death doesn’t have many chances to ad-lib..ㅜ And even if there were, it could have ruined the performance.. haha Thank you so much for making the performance so fun and enjoyableㅠ

(Junsu, 8:00am KST, 120503) The weather’s great today..^^

(Jae Eun, 8:33am KST, 120503) I have an appointment with Seok Jun’s homeroom teacher. Nothing scares me more than talking with teachers because I haven’t done anything for Seok Jun except give him my ‘tall height’ gene that gave six-year-old Seok Jun the height of a seven-year-old. I’m nervous, nervous, nervous!!!! I’m shaking in my boots…;;;;
(Junsu, 10:36am KST, 120503) @beyondmonica keke Seok Jun, come to me

(Yoochun, 5:07pm KST, 120503) ^________________________^ Now~ now~ Smile~

(Yoochun, 5:23pm KST, 120503) ㅡㅡ;; I said smile, not cry!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Yoochun, 11:55pm KST, 120503) Twa-ah~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (T/N: This was in response to a Yoochun fansite asking people to write what they think of when they see the letters ㅌㅇ)

(Junsu, 1:56am KST, 120504)

(Junsu, 1:56am KST, 120504)

(Sung Kwang, 3:34pm KST, 120504) @1215thexiahtic Junsu, I’ll send you some kimchi, try it!
(Junsu, 7:13pm KST, 120504) @skpark81 Oh, oh~ Don’t let this be just words and no action~~~

(Junho,9:48pm KST, 120504) Junsu’s album will be released on the 15th of May! JUNO’s single will be released on the 16th! Even I find myself getting excited!! We’ll do our best! (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)
(Junsu, 10:01pm KST, 120504) @JUNO_Japan Hwaiting!!!^^
(Gun Hyung, 11:06pm KST, 120504) @1215thexiahtic @JUNO_Japan The brothers were brave!!^^
(Junsu, 11:46pm KST, 120504) @gunboy77 hahaha!!! !>•<

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