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JAEJOONG: The Ideal Ladies’ Man

Jae is GORGEOUS. Jae is ADORABLE. Jae is PERFECT. Jae is LOVE.

Need I say more? :D

I’m officially under his spell. <333

Desk calendar pictures…


jjdeskcalendar02 jjdeskcalendar03 jjdeskcalendar04

jjdeskcalendar05 jjdeskcalendar06 jjdeskcalendar07

jjdeskcalendar08 jjdeskcalendar09 jjdeskcalendar10

jjdeskcalendar11 jjdeskcalendar12

Wall calendar pictures…




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JUNSU: The Irresistibly Cute Dolphin Boy

On one of my previous posts, I described Junsu as a “born singer”. I guess apart from being a born singer, he’s also born with a lot of cuteness in him. I seriously believe that Junsu was at the right place at the right time when God showered the world with cuteness because he’s overflowing with cuteness no matter what he does! LOL. :D

Desk calendar pictures…


jsdeskcalendar09 jsdeskcalendar07 jsdeskcalendar06

jsdeskcalendar01 jsdeskcalendar02 jsdeskcalendar03 jsdeskcalendar04 jsdeskcalendar05

Wall calendar picture…


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YOOCHUN: The Adorable Dandy Boy

Honestly, if you would ask me who among the five members has the most adorable poses on these calendar pictures, I would definitely say it’s Yoochun (I love you, but sorry Jae! I’d have to give it to Yoochun this time. :D). I mean, just look at his pictures! These are enough evidence to back-up my claim, right? :) Awww, I want to pinch his cheeks! Hahaha!

Desk calendar pictures…


ycdeskcalendar01 ycdeskcalendar02 ycdeskcalendar03

Wall calendar picture…


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YUNHO: The Dorky Small-faced Shin Ki

Seriously, Yunho should stop being bothered of having a small face because I think it’s one of his assets. Just look at how cute his pictures turned out to be! His small face is what makes him even more charming and appealing, don’t you agree? :D

Desk calendar pictures…


yhdeskcalendar01 yhdeskcalendar03 yhdeskcalendar02

Wall calendar pictures…



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Some more picture scans of DBSK from their 2009 calendar! I’ll be doing one entry per member since the pictures are quite many and it might be too slow for the page to load if I only post them up on one entry.

Ready to die of these goregous guys’ cuteness and adorkable-ness (is that even a word?! I’m making-up words again??? LOL)? Let’s begin! :D

CHANGMIN: The Princely School Boy

Although I’m not much of a fan of Changmin’s hair being styled this way (as in his bangs being brushed down), his big-smiling-mismatched eyes never fail to make me smile. He looks like an adorable school boy with his outfit and his facial expressions. :D

Desk calendar pictures…


cmdeskcalendar02 cmdeskcalendar03 cmdeskcalendar04

cmdeskcalendar05 cmdeskcalendar06

Wall calendar pictures…


cmwallcalendar02 cmwallcalendar03 cmwallcalendar04

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As requested by Suki, here are some pictures from the 16th Korean Entertainment Awards. I don’t have much pictures of the boys from this event since I got so hpyed up looking for their calendar pictures that’s why I almost forgot that they even attended this event. *sorry!*

Anyway, DBSK won the New Generation Artist award. Now, don’t ask me what that is because I also don’t know. But it does sound nice, right? LOL. And again, JaeJoong is nowhere to be found again. Only the four members attended this event wearing pink and white/off-white suits with white bowties. They look so adorable! :D












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